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  1. In an hour here I report to work, first day new job--maybe I'm a tad tense.  Mind going a hundred miles an hour.  Random story chosen to channel my energy--

    So in Austin I was a college kid walking the nude beach (yup, literally miles of beach in the heart of Texas.  Hippie Hollow).  I was passing a cluster of camped-out folks.

    Some bubba in a power boat zoomed closer for a look--and his engine stalled--with him drifting broadside fast toward our promontory.  He could get beached, or his hull could take an unforgiving poke from the terrain.

    Guess what made me grin at this memory is--awww, all us naked people scrambled to the edge of the knee-high cliff to help, humanly buffering the gap and giving a shove so he wouldn't end up with his favorite toy scuffed.  

    Well, he'd wanted a look !

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    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      If my work machine had a webcam, I would’ve been hauled into HR ages ago.

    3. Rick_Andrew


      Oh I know !  Them and their—clothes.   Sheesh.  

    4. Rick_Andrew


      Oh no, going back from break, gotta go on-cam—must stop giggling.

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