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  1. Maxsteele1986

    Review responses for "Multiversity" [Gravity Falls]

    So we might see a sequel eventually then?
  2. Maxsteele1986

    Review responses for "Multiversity" [Gravity Falls]

    So I'm glad he met Nathaniel and they will be best friends. But the main question still didn't get answered. Who is the best girl for Dipper?
  3. I know they mightn't be related, but is the tenatacles in this story the tenatacle that replaced his hand for that episode where he was in the karate tournament and it was evil and warned Marco that he will return?
  4. Maxsteele1986

    Review responses for "Tri-Date Area"

    My bad. I just read Chapter 8 and they do talk about it again. Great writing by the way with all your stories.
  5. Maxsteele1986

    Review responses for "Tri-Date Area"

    In chapter 7 Candance talks about stopping the Paisley Sideburn Brothers from breaking up like it was a big deal, then we hear nothing else on the topic in the rest of the story. What gives?
  6. Maxsteele1986

    Review replies for "Little Blonde Monster"

    I was honestly surprised that Candace won in the end. Will we get a sequel where Suzy is reformed and willing to share Jeremy with Candace?
  7. Angel is 624, a female experiment that might be Stitch/626's soulmate.
  8. I just want to say that I am enjoying this story and wondering when a new chapter is coming out and if Angel will get activated while he is fucking Nani or Lilo and get in the action too?