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  1. Alpha Potter

    Bull Harry

    That’s also a nice story. Extremely hot. And one of the best work of Cambrian in my opinion.
  2. Alpha Potter

    Bull Harry

    Yeah. I have read this story. One of the best erotic fanfiction I have read. But I was hoping to read another like it, maybe expand the characters beyond the Weasley family. Thanks for the recommendation though.
  3. Alpha Potter

    Legacy of the Evans Family - Slutty BBWs

    Alright. If you want, I can help you to write the GOT fic. If you set up an account, you can chat with other writers. May help you get some idea for your story.
  4. Alpha Potter

    Legacy of the Evans Family - Slutty BBWs

    Can you just message me when you set up an account?
  5. Alpha Potter

    Legacy of the Evans Family - Slutty BBWs

    As for discussing ideas, what do you think would have been the changes in wizarding world? Since Hogwarts is college age, we can say children are enrolled after magical maturity at 17. But what will be the changes after the war? Which plots will be changed and which will be retained? In my story, I'm writing that Voldemort is dead after that halloween, but what about death eaters?
  6. Alpha Potter

    Legacy of the Evans Family - Slutty BBWs

    It's a good thing to discuss ideas for the story here, other writers may get inspired from those and may include those in their story. But I was thinking more of discussing a draft of the story. That's why I asked for a separate communication link. If guest GimmeMoreBimbo had an account, I would have talked to him on messages, but since there's no account, I have asked him to give an alternative. I even gave him my fanfiction account name, if he has an account there. I think discussing drafts here is not good. It may reduce the variations different writers can come up with.
  7. Alpha Potter

    Legacy of the Evans Family - Slutty BBWs

    Alright. Can you give me a communication link so we can discuss ideas for it?
  8. Alpha Potter

    Harry Potter, The Pureblood Witches Slave

    I am confused by this challenge. The title says that Harry is a slave, but descriptions says that he is trained to be dominant. If it’s Harry trained to be dominant lover, I would love to read it, and maybe if I get time, write ti myself.
  9. Alpha Potter

    Legacy of the Evans Family - Slutty BBWs

    I want to try this challenge, but with some changes. The first change will be that it will not a fem Harry story. Instead Harry will have a twin sister. Like Evans women, Evans males also have some trait. First of all, they are the alpha males. They have desire to establish their dominance in their surrounding. And the way to do this is sex. They are dominant, and they have no problem with incest. Evans women are slutty, sexy BBWs, but they are only submissive to Evans males. I will incorporate your ideas for Lily. Petunia will be a porn star, who is very popular and highly paid. She will still drain Vernon’s balls at the drop of the hat, and she will fuck other men, and women to help her husband. But as Harry grows up, she will be submitting to Harry. She will still continue her work. Maybe Harry’s cum help her age slowly. Heather will grow up to be Harry’s personal sex slave. She will also fuck other boys, but only with Harry’s permission. Harry is very possessive of Heather so doesn’t give permission very often. She does have sex everyday with Harry. At hogwarts, and even at Privet drive, she will help Harry seduce other girls. She will still encourage her girlfriends to gain weight. Harry will be the real man of 4, Privet drive. Harry regularly fucks Petunia in front of Vernon. While Petunia decides when she will fuck Vernon. Harry regularly fucks Dudley’s girlfriends. And he also fucks the housewives of Privet drive. And he fucks every witch he desires at hogwarts. Even witches in relationship and professors are not off limits. Vernon and Dudley are not as obese as cannon as Petunia makes sure that her family is fit. But I don’t know many chubby witches of wizarding world. At this time, the confirmed chubby women are Petunia, Heather, Molly Weasley. Any other you want. I am ok with including things that you like(weight gain, milf, bbw, impregnation, lactation) There will be no Voldemort. If you like this idea, tell me. And can you tell me a model or actress you visualized for Lily, Petunia and Heather. If you want, we can also collaborate for this story. I have an account of the same name on And regardless of if you like the idea and want me to write it or collaborate, let me tell you this idea is really unique. I have seen tons of stories where Petunia is a prude, but not one where she is slutty. And the BBW is a whole new exciting idea. I have always thought it would be hot seeing Harry fucking and dominating a BBW, who is physically larger than him, but haven’t found a story for that.
  10. Alpha Potter

    pimp daddy dumbledore

    I hope someone has written this and if not someone does write this. If anyone has attempted this, please share the link. I would love to read this.
  11. Alpha Potter

    The Hidden King Challenge

    I’ve tried to attempt this challenge The story is called The Hidden King. My user name is Alpha Potter. It is posted on aff, ao3 and
  12. Alpha Potter

    Cuckquean Ginny

    I have tried to attempt this challenge. The story is called Queen Ginny. My user name is Alpha Potter. It is posted on aff, ao3 and
  13. Alpha Potter

    Ginny’s plan

    I would love to read this, but with Harry as the boyfriend. Has anyone attempted this?
  14. Alpha Potter

    Bull Harry

    I originally posted this in Searching for a fic. But it was suggested that I post it here, as some author may decide to take this idea. So, with some hope that this story will be attempted, I’m posting it here.
  15. Alpha Potter

    Bull Harry

    I'm searching for some fanfics, where Harry cuckolds other wizards, or even Dursleys. I don't care if Harry is married or not, but I'd prefer that if he is married, his wife knows about his affairs, maybe even joins. Harry may humiliate the cuckold wizards, even make them submissive to their wives, to the point that they are converted to sissy or are feminized. Requirements 1)There must NOT be a direct M/M scene. I'm ok with the cuckolds being in the same room. I'm even happy to have them holding their partner's hands or preparing them for Harry, all the while they are humiliated by Harry and their partner. I'm even happy to have them eating their partner's pussy or ass after Harry fucks them. But no scene of Harry fucking males, even if they are sissy or feminized. 2)Another thing, Harry MUST be a dominant. It's ok if it is limited to bedroom, but I don't want Harry to be submissive in a smut or lemon scene. 3) No scat, gore or vore. Suggestions: 1) Harry's wife is a submissive cuckquean, who likes to watch, of watch Harry dominating other witches. 2) If Harry's wife is submissive, Harry keeps her in chastity (belt or spell), making her cum only when he says she can. 3) One(or more) of Harry's regular partner is a dominatrix, who likes to emasculate and humiliate her partner, so she cuckolds him with Harry, while making her partner watch her, or eating Harry's cum from her ass or pussy, or kissing him after giving Harry a blowjob. 4) Harry cuckolds some of his rivals. Like Draco in school and after Draco's marriage, Draco's wife is a dominatrix mentioned above. So, on Draco's wedding night, Harry fucks Draco's wife, while he is forced to watch and even after that his wife doesn't allows him to fuck her, only giving him Harry's seconds. Maybe even forces Draco in chastity (cock cage). 5) Harry's friend has a cuckold fetish. Means he gets aroused watching his wife getting fucked by Harry. Like Ron likes to watch Harry dominating Hermione, who is generally bossy and completely dominates Ron in bedroom. Or Arthur Weasley wants Harry to dominate Molly, who wears the pants in her marriage. Make it a regular occurrence. 6) Due to Fleur's life debt to Harry, she can't perform any sexual activity with any partner other than Harry for the first time. Bill insists on watching Harry take all of Fleur's virginities. And seeing Harry dominating his wife, who due to her headstrong personality and Veela heritage never defers to Bill in bedroom. 7) I'd like some milfs scene. Harry Potter universe has many females who can be milfs. Molly Weasley (in some description), Narcissa Malfoy, Andromeda Tonks, Amelia Bones, one of Hogwarts teacher(Bathsheda Babbling, or Aurora Sinistra, or Septima Vector, not Professor McGonagall). 8) A revenge scene of Harry dominating Dudley's wife. Maybe even help his wife in turning Dudley submissive to his wife, maybe even turning him into a sissy. Would be interesting to see a physically intimidating person turned into a sissy and cuckold. 9) If Harry starts early enough(due to effects of horcrux, or Lily's protection affecting Harry's magic), he may turn Vernon into a cuckold and dominates Petunia. These are not necessary, just suggestions and something's I like to read. If someone writes this story or finds something similar, please share the link, as I'd really like to read this.