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  1. Akakiru

    Uncle Vernon

    Does Harry need to be the sub
  2. Akakiru

    Punished Konoha

    Naruto x Kushina x Minato Konoha bashing Minato would do whatever it takes him to get forgiveness from his wife and son about the sealing of the Kyuubi. Even if that means sucking on his sons cock dressed as Kushina while his wife watching and humiliating him with their sons clones in her holes. Kushina had not given forgiveness the villagers like Naruto and used a seal on Minato that all the villagers that hurt her baby boy feel what he feels. The taste of Naruto's Cum, the choking on the cock to even the Anal Sex with the foot long penis. Where ever they were public, at home with family.
  3. Looking for Ideas to write. Want to do something with a Top/Dom Danny Fenton. Can be a crossover too
  4. Why do I saw a proud Garp/Shanks/Dragon as they find out about Harry harem. That can be as omake in the story
  5. Here my idea and something truly new
  6. Akakiru

    Harry and his Bara slaves

    Bottom or Top Harry?
  7. Akakiru

    Truth and Dare

    Done https://archiveofourown.org/works/29973108
  8. Akakiru

    Challenge discussion thread

    Well no to: Strap-on, Femdom, Futa, Guro, Otherwise no problem can be as lewds as fuck, with as many kink likes Watersports, Smell.
  9. Akakiru

    Challenge discussion thread

    Want to write a fanfic with Mom Wonder Woman. Just had no idea what to do to make it Lewd
  10. Akakiru

    Challenge discussion thread

    Well i myself did some fanfic writing and thought about something truly new. But used most times the canon looks easier to write, only use different looks in Yaoi.
  11. Akakiru

    Minister Harry and Secretary Percy

    Yes Woman can be to in it, just that Percy tries to surpass them
  12. Akakiru

    Minister Harry and Secretary Percy

    Both like Umbridge adn messages. Percy can be the only one or others too. Like Lucius, Draco or even Percy’s own family. And yes Percy becomes more Slutty, to out slut the others for favours
  13. Minister of Magic Harry Potter X Sluty Secretary Percy Weasley Percy wanted not to be just some lucky guy in the Ministry, no. He wanted to be Minister! Well that wish ended as Harry Potter Black was forced to become minister and gave them back structure, peace, prosperity, and justice. Well time for plan B. Being the bachelor Harry's sluty secretary for favours. If Lucius Malfoy got them from Fudge he too could do it with young Harry. Percy's clothes https://domskazok.info/pics/aHR0cHM6Ly9pbTAtdHViLXJ1LnlhbmRleC5uZXQvaT9pZD0yZmIzNzM1NmYzNjYwYzdiNTc3NzEyMWQ0YmI3NjViNS1sJm49MTM=.jpg
  14. Would Yaoi work or allowed, and less of the females??
  15. Akakiru

    Lost canvas yaoi request

    Alone or Hades??