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  1. Yes like that. For look of the Son just use MCU Thor or so.
  2. Characters: Billy Batson, Aqualad and Tula Contains: Huge Cock, Maledom, Lightning Play, Raceplay, Interracial, Muscle/Huge Cock Worship, Shota, Small Penis, As Billy comes to puberty he feels more and more lust. After asking the wizard Shazam, he said it was because his own body getting stonger and a side effects of his Transformations. Wanting to helpKaldur Aqualad and Tula Aquagirl, approaches him to help him as his friends and for the Lust. Billy is around 7 inch Hung. A Atlantean average penis size is only 2,5 inches
  3. Akakiru

    Helping to tame Hiccup's "Dragon"

    Hiccup may have a slender body, he was after all not built like a Viking, he was built to ride dragons. Turns out that he has muscles and is hung and cums like a Dragon too. Well, The Thorstons and the Village will love to help Astrid to tame that “Dragon”. Hiccup is well hung around 9 inches and quite girthy, He does release unusually large amounts of semen when he cums. All other males like Snotlout, Fishlegs and Tuffnut are all around 2 inches.
  4. Akakiru

    King Arthur in Ever After High

    The next King Arthur has come to Ever After High and it looks like the females love this King and can’t get enough of him. King Arthur x Apple White x Snow White x Raven Queen x Evil Queen x Madam Maid Marian x Briar Beauty x Rosabella Beauty x Darling Beauty x Holly and Polly O’hair x Farrah Goodfairy and Cerise. King Arthur
  5. Akakiru

    Gilkidu in Chaldea

    After Enkidu is summoned in Chaldea, Gilgamesh wants to feast and party that his best/only friend is back with him. And after the celebration both started to have once again sex. They forgot to close the door so it let all of Chaldea hear his Enkidu's moans and screams and Gilgamesh bestial grunts, this sex was a whole Week long.
  6. Akakiru

    Lily's Dad

    All of Lily’s friend are in Love with her Dad Harry Potter. What her friends didn’t had thought is that her Mom Ginny doesn’t have a porblem with that. Well it’s time ended to show Harry Potter how adult they are. Lily is Ginny and Harry’s only child Can be OC friends, Molly 2 Weasley, Rose Weasley and Victoire Weasley. At least Hogwarts age.
  7. Akakiru

    Vali fucks Issei Mother

    After Vali saves an older Human Woman from getting molested, she chooses to thank him. One thing leads to another and he fucks her and has a affair with, while Vali isn’t a pervert he was raised by two Odin and Azazel and both teached many ways to pleasure Womans. He later to find out that she is the Mother of his Rival the Red Dragon Emperor Issei Hyoudou. But let it be said That Didn’t Stop him from Fucking her.
  8. Tsume and Hana make that the Now Genin Kiba gives his Anal virginity to the Yondaim Minato Namikaze so they can be all together be his bitches. It ends with him filling a bowl so that the Inuzku have something to drink from 1 inch Kiba Inuzuka 9 Inch Minato Namikaze
  9. Naruto was able to convince Haku after the death of Zabuza to come with Team 7 too Konoha and live with him and his father the Hokage. What, he never expected that his Crush would become his father lover. He was supposed to be together with him. All Konoha have no problem with Minato’s new Lover, only Naruto has it. Ideas Naruto caught his Father hammering Haku in the Ass. Femboy Haku, Yaoi, Huge Penis Minato, not small cock Haku.
  10. Akakiru

    Minato x Loli Harem

    Is a challenge wasn't written. Or do you mean the Plot
  11. For questions ask or pm me
  12. All that Raikage cucks and all that why not reverse. The Raikage had seduced Minato away from Kushina, they had a Affair that brought their son Allemis (You can change name). There has always been power as the center of the Ninja World, Shinobi who have been running it on their own in their time. Allemis, who was born with it, has become a new power center too the World after fighting Hanzo. He is born to two Kages, a lineage which grants him a nearly invulnerable body and immense stamina and strength. He has immense control over the lightning release to the point he can choose which nerves to affect with it and could learn the hiraishin reason Ay seduced the Hokage in the first place. This is his journey through the Shinobi World, trying to be it's new hidden king. Idea what can be used in it: The Raikage Ay had one idea how she would pleasure her son. That was him reducing all her Kunoichis of the village into his collection of sluts and cumdumps. Things I would like to see: Maledom, Mind-break, Adultery, Cuckolding, Petplay with Inuzuka females, Watersports (such as the OC using the girls' mouth to as a toilet though only piss not poop), Slutty kunoichi, Cock-worship, Dirty Talk, Light BDSM, Submissive Kinky Kunoichi, Femdom Raikage to the her Son’s Harem, Anal, Oral, Doggy-style, etc Things I don’t want: Guro, Vore. Torture Allemis Blond one, Green Haired one the Best friend Aruna
  13. Akakiru

    Minato x Loli Harem

    Theme: Maledom, Loli, Huge Man/Short Woman, Small Breast, Big Breasted Loli Hinata, Ebony, Rough Sex, BSDM, Mind Break, Fucked Silly, drinking_pee Alive Minato / Dead Kushina and Naruto RTN Hinata personality. After Minato prevented the Kumo nin could kidnap Hinata had the Raikage to send his daughters Karui and Samui to Konoha to make sure that the peace stays between them. Hinata who got a crush in Minato choose to train them to be with her his personal Cum buckets.
  14. Akakiru

    Joffrey the Bitch, OC x Arya x Harem

    The Sissification of Joffrey Baratheon. Kinks - Dubcon of Joffrey, Seduction, Domination, Big Cock/Body Worship, Amazonian, Mind-Break, Corruption, Incest, Rough Sex, Small Penis Humiliation, Musk, Cheating, Cuckoldry, CBT on Joffrey (like Ball kicking or boxing), Masculinity Worship, No war of 5 Kings Joffrey is married to Sansa.  Sansa should be happy being the Queen of the Seven Kingdom and even has friends in Margaery, her Grandmother Olenna, Myrcella and Brienne her Guard there. But she is unhappy with Joffrey's very small penis 2 inch and unsatisfactory performances in bed. Needing help making a blond child. She recalls her sister Arya and her blond fiance Ser Malxus Lannister Heir of Casterly Rock, and she could remembers that he has a very potent cum as she once saw on Arya's bed. A thick, white puddle was on it. Having become clever all her time in King's Landing she approaches Arya not Malxus knowing he would do it if Arya says yes, knowing the deep hatred she still has for Joffrey and she would love to humiliate him. Think something truly humilating and Sansa does it to Joffrey and Arya said yes after that. Malxus always hating Joffrey says Yes without any fight. ----- Arya starts to share Malxus with Sansa (Letting Joffrey clean them up after Malxus has finished inside them.) Sansa invits the one who knows about it to see Joffrey humilated (Making Brienne force Joffrey to suck Malxus off or licks the cum out of their ass), Myrcella and the rest brutally using 8 inch Strap-ons on Joffrey taking out their Anger, The girls force Joffrey to drink their piss. Get hardcore what humiliation thinks you want Joffrey to do. In the end Joffrey is a masochist little bitch who was corrupted and mind broken and does whatever Sansa tells him. Malxus Lannister son of Tywin Lannister
  15. Akakiru

    Peter x female Wakanda

    Peter has sex with Queen Ramonda and her daughters Shuri and Fem T'challa while the Dora Milaje and Fem B'baku watched, They all later join in.