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    Harry Potter Encyclopedia

    Wow, now that's a novel idea, Nan. Love your new member title, btw.
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    Deathly Hallows Discussion

    SPOILER : Snape's death didn't bother me, I expected it. Reading between the lines I've believed all along he was "one of the good guys" but if he had been revealed to be the baddest of bad asses, or playing both sides, working for himself (as some had theorized), I would have been cool with that. I would have given her enormous kudos if one of the latter two had been the case, but having become accustomed to Rowling's black and white, no gray in between style, there were no surprises. This is, to me, the weakest book, and highly disappointing on more than one level. She showed such promise in HBP with some character development for Draco and Snape and a truly creepy and chills inducing chapter involving the Inferi. I was delighted with it and thought "here we go, she's branching out, the next one should be interesting." Not so. I now own a five pound door stop/paperweight.
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    Nan's turn

    Happy Birthday, Nan!
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    Deathly Hallows Discussion

    I didn't notice what you pointed out, Red, but I agree with what you said.
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    Deathly Hallows Discussion

    Zombie, I'll have to finish that now! SPOILER :I was thinking this morning, about the Harry flashback to Voldemort killing his parents. Yes, Voldy did give Lily chances to step aside. Seems he gave more of a crap about Severus than Dumbledore did. Seriously, had I been Snape, upon discovering Dumbledore had used me and set Potter up to be "slaughtered" I'd have been like, "okay old man....I'm taking over. Avada Kedavra!"
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    HP:DH - Did you expect it to end the way it did?

    I voted for "ignoring the whole damn thing." Too much emphasis was placed on certain things in previous books, that played no part in the finale and it felt emotinally detached, which none of the others did. I'm starting to think she wrote it, just to have it done with.
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    Deathly Hallows Discussion

    SPOILER : I laughed out loud at that, seeing as how I did it in one of my fics (Lucius and his illegitimate daughter/lover). Some things from DH have me thinking about HBP. I know a lot of people hated the sixth book, but I liked it, when it dealt with Snape, the Potions book, Malfoy, or the Inferi. All those flashbacks killed me, but the rest, was great, IMO. The silver doe Patronus of Snape's made me think of Tonks' in HBP. When she escorted Harry to the gates and Snape commented on her new Patronus (werewolf) looking "weak." Ah, ha! After reading The Prince's Tale in DH, I read Spinners' End in HBP. I always loved that chapter and more so now. The whole thing with Narcissa was great, as she begs for the life of her son, as Snape had pleaded with both Voldemort and Dumbledore to spare Lily's. Now we know why he turned away, he was reminded of himself, and of a mother's desperate attempt to do anything for her child. Of course, we don't know exactly how Voldemort reacted to Snape's request, but we know how Dumbledore did and, frankly, I thought Albus came off as a bit of a cold prick. Snape was far more decent about doing it, with no lecture or insults, and went above and beyond by making the Unbreakable Vow. Stand up guy, that Potions master.
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    Deathly Hallows Discussion

    To reply to some replies: SPOILER : Maybe a tad? Just goes to show, you want something done right, do it yourself, don't leave it all to the minions. You're absolutely right, Daz. I thought it over and looked it up, but I'd already shut down the computer so I couldn't edit my post. My brain was still filtering. And I also assume that Tonk's mom raised the werecub, Teddy, although it wasn't specifically mentioned. I had kind of forgotten about her. Well, at least Harry tells little Albus Severus that Snape was "the bravest man I ever knew." That has to count for something. There are a few Snape related things that have me greatly puzzled. Was it ever mentioned if anyone went to retrieve his body? Did he have a "hero's" type funeral, with full honors? Why was no mention made of his portrait in the headmaster's office? Is Snape really dead?
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    Deathly Hallows Discussion

    Pix, I really, really hope my ramblings haven't put you off. It's just my opinion, some may love it. I read a couple of reviews online and the "legitimate" critics thought it was swell. Maybe my expectations were too high, or, quite probable, I've grown too attached to my ideas of certain characters and how I write my HP fics to be objective. One of my flaws is that I get very passionate about something I either love or hate and I'm pretty vocal about it. Bad NS! BAD! (punishes self with iron skillet to head). As for the Harry's eyes thing SPOILER :uh, since I skipped some chapters (but just finished reading a few I passed over) I really didn't see much. Other than he had Lily's eyes, that Snape was in love with her, and that one of Harry's kids had Lily's eyes. I think it was his daughter, Lily. *shrug* Maybe someone who's devoured every word can help you there, Pix. Did I mention that Harry ends up naming one of his sons James and the other *groan* Albus Severus?
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    Deathly Hallows Discussion

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    They did the pre-B'way trial run in my fair metropolis and a co-worker and I wanted to go, badly, but we delayed and couldn't get tickets. D'oh! I bought the soundtrack as soon as it came out and was quickly loaning it out to several people. I love The Song That Goes Like This and You Won't Succeed on Broadway; the latter, at one point, conjures up images from Fiddler, only with knights. Now I've got that great Python classic "sit on my face and tell me that you love me" stuck in my head; thanks Leon!
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    HP On-set anecdote from EW

    The new EW's cover story is, naturally, OotP and this bit made me laugh out loud. Great, I'll never look at Lucius and his wand the same way again; not that I didn't already have problems with that.
  13. I loved Galaxy Quest! I'll have to watch that again. That shirt is too funny; I can remember as a teenager watching reruns of Star Trek, and playing 'spot the expendable.'
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    Juggling stories

    Damn it! I wrote up a response and accidentally hit some key that ate it before I could post it! To summarize what my still half-asleep brain said; I've tried juggling up to six stories and it was a disaster. Two at a time seems to be my limit. Sorry, my other answer was better and more detailed. Oh, and my muse is also most active at night (what? the pen name didn't give that away?)
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    DH, what subplots do you want resolved?

    As the release of Deathly Hallows is practically upon us, I started thinking about all the things that need to be resolved in the HP world. Aside from the who dies and does Harry defeat Voldemort questions, what other things are you hoping to find answered (or fearing won't be?) Fates of supporting characters, ships, whatever. Of course, like many, I'm looking for the Snape good or evil business to be concluded, but I'm curious to see how/if Neville continues to grow. Draco (and Lucius) are other characters whose fate interests me. I can totally envision Lucius killing his own son, should Draco turn "good guy" and perhaps even defend Hermione in a battle. That would be awesome, not to mention on the level of a Greek tragedy (or Draco finally going postal and offing his father). As for ships, none really keep me up at night wondering, but somehow, I think Harry and Luna are a good match. I got that vibe about them in book five; their connection is on a different level, spiritual, one might say. So, what questions do you want to see answered and are you confident or leery that you'll get them in book seven?
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    Quick Draco question

    According to, his B-day is June 5, 1980. Hope that helps.
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    Characters and . . . Clothing?

    I describe clothing depending on the situation. If I want a reader to get a sense of a character's personality or situation in life, I'll go into detail, keeping in mind that Shakespeare line "for the apparel oft proclaims the man" (or woman). Thinking back on some of my stories, I've gotten quite specific about clothing, but the undressing part in sex scenes can either work wonderfully or become a hindrance. I remember one HP story I wrote, where a female character was wearing a full length, teal, silk soutane that buttoned from neck to mid-thigh. Her lover started to use magic to unfasten the buttons, but she stopped him, despite his complaint that undoing them by hand would take half the night. She countered with the theory that the anticipation was part of the fun. With that, I think I was trying to find a happy medium; describing the garment well enough so people could fill in the blanks without having to write it all out.
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    Death Hallows Insanity

    I admit to having procrastinated on pre-ordering/reserving a copy of Deathly Hallows. Today, after work, I stopped at one of the local bookstores to reserve a copy. I waited for two different clerks, both on the phone when I walked up. They were both talking to people wanting to reserve as well and one said "well, I can put you on a waiting list, it's not really reserving a copy. I have to tell you that even if you're on the list, we can't guarantee you'll get a copy on Saturday. Were you planning on coming in at midnight? We're handing out wristbands Friday starting at nine a.m.. There shouldn't be a problem, but I have to let you know, there's no promise. Would like me to put you on the list?" I left at that point and ordered from amazon the minute I got home, which means I have to make sure my ass is up by like seven, because I live in a building where postman/UPS guy doesn't have access without being ringed in. If I don't get it that Sat, at least it's free. I've never seen such craziness over anything before.
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    DH, what subplots do you want resolved?

    No, he can't, because Snape is really his father, after having had a one-night stand with Lily. That's one reason why he hates James and Harry so much, she threw him over for James. Plus the fact that Snape is really a horcrux, holding half of James' soul, and Severus is none too pleased having the elder Potter in his body. Kind of like when Cartman was possessed by Kenny's soul.
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    Godawful Fanfiction (GAFF)

    I figured they were having a server problem, but it seems to be under control now; they're back up.
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    Deleting Reviews

    I don't get many reviews at all and the ones I've gotten have been positive, for the most part. I do recall after updating one story, I got some negative reviews on a specific chapter. One in particular, from a regular reviewer, accused me of a "cheap trick." Was I upset? Yes and no. They ended up deleting it before I could respond, feeling it was too harsh. Had they not deleted it, I would have left it. If it's not a flame or an illiterate "u r sucky" review, it can stay. Sometimes, I'll respond to concrit, thanking them for their opinion, (even if I'm privately thinking "the story's not finished yet," "you missed the damn point," or "it's all there, read it again,") although I have genuinely agreed with some criticisms and responded so. Obnoxious flames can and probably should disappear into the ether; nobody wants them, and they serve no real purpose other than to stir up shit, but authors who delete helpful reviews and keep only the glowing, even though their stories suck...
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    Fannon Future

    I tend to agree with Eve on all possibilities, at least for a time. My interest in writing HP fics has pretty much died, and I'm bracing myself for the disappointment and dissatisfaction I might have with DH (hopefully not). I think the terrible fics by fanbrats are responsible for my lack of interest, they're worse than Dementors when it comes to sucking the soul out of anything. Honestly, I've seen some stories where the HP universe is so bastardized it's unrecognizable.
  23. NightScribe

    I Am...

    I am clearing the multiple fic ideas out of my head and focusing on one only I am happy to say that the outline/notes for my original story still read well I am going to focus on working on that, leaving fandoms behind for a bit I am going to take a p.m. coffee break
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    I Am...

    I am laughing at Leonhart's comment on procrastinating I am also procrastinating, which is why I find it funny I am going to go shopping before it starts to rain I am thinking avoiding the rain is a good procrastination buster
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    I Am...

    I am seconding Leonhart's opinion re: Big Sam's writing conundrum I am watching some grade Z horror movie on one of the local stations and it qualifies as craptastic I am wondering where the music and fireworks I've been hearing all night are coming from I am stating I eeked out some 700 words in a rough draft today I am planning on continuing the endeavor tomorrow