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    I Am...

    I am finding it bizarre that two people have had scorpion issues so close together I am reminded of the WTF is that?!?! insect thing in my place two days ago I am stating that I do not live in the freaking Amazon, so there's no excuse for huge, unidentifiable bugs to be lurking about I am thanking Daz for her willingness to go the opera if she lived nearby, it makes me feel better
  2. NightScribe

    Latest Page "Fix" & TOS Update

    That is so true! I'm also pleased with the new coding; I always tried to make edits in one pass, but then I'd always find something else and have to either comb to find others or just let the errors ride so as not to bump. I think most people (the sane ones anyway) will be very happy.
  3. NightScribe

    I Am...

    I am ecstatic to find that the Lyric is performing The Barber of Seville this upcoming season I am starting that The Barber is my all time favorite opera I am depressed that I don't know anyone who enjoys opera who will go with me, therefore I will miss it.
  4. NightScribe

    I Am...

    I am letting Big Sam know I had the same reaction to HP5
  5. NightScribe

    I Am...

    I am still bedeviled by intermittent internet woes I am remembering how the first cust svc rep I spoke with hit the problem on the head right away I am lamenting how the company then canceled my appointment saying the problem was area wide and fixed I am grudgingly giving some points to the guy I spoke with last night, (grand total of 8 reps after 3 calls in 1-1/2 weeks) who lessened his initial asshole-ish attitude and confirmed what the first guy told me 2-1/2 weeks ago
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    I Am...

    I am thinking I should get back to work on my story I am making some decent progress on it I am pleased that I feel home again, working on an original
  7. NightScribe


    Generally, I ignore commericals and immediately hit the "mute" button. I do like the Mac/PC ads. There was one about a year and a half ago that I absolutely loved. I think it was for a mortgage lending or financial assistance company, but I can't remember the company (Mortgage Tree Lending, maybe?) Featured a guy with a smile plastered on his face, talking about his nice house, his new SUV, his golf club membership, etc. Then he asks "how can I afford it? I'm in debt up to my eyeballs. Somebody help me." I never got tired of that one. Years ago, there was another one I really liked. A woman in an elegant evening gown, standing next to a dining table filled with fine china, crystal, candles, gourmet food, wine. A handsome, sophisticated man wearing a tux appears in the doorway. He saunters in, stands next to the table and leans against it; the table tips and everything goes flying onto the carpeting. You initially thought it was an ad for some perfume or something, it was for DuPont Stainmaster carpeting.
  8. NightScribe


    It was a bit terse, but I can understand it. If an update hadn't been made in a year or more, it's pretty obvious that the story is either dead, or at least in limbo. Sending a PM, rather than posting as a review, would set me off, too. Kind of on the flip side, I've read a story or two that were awesome and wanted to leave a review, but then noticed that it was posted maybe three years ago and the author never did anything after that, so I never commented, figuring they left the site. It seems like this person wasn't very observant, Pix, and that's what's really frustrating. In fact, I've got one chapter up of a story up on AFF that I have no intention of finishing and I should delete it. I've got another with 16 chapters up and I most likely won't finish that one either (dropped out of the fandom), but the last chapter I did post could be read as the end of the story; in fact, one reviewer even said so, so I'll keep that one up. And I know how personal matters can impact creativity; it's why I stopped on one of my fics, back in March. It's only just now that I've got inspiration and the motivation to start working on something fresh. Hang in there, Pix, and don't worry; we're all prone to ism now and then.
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    Which is harder?

    Like you, Pix, I find that existing characters, if well written, are pretty easy to write for (if you're keeping them in character and not bastardizing them). In the HP stories I've written, working with whoever was a simple task (Snape, Lucius, Harry, etc). OCs in fanfiction are harder, I think, because you're constantly aware of the possible "self-insertion" tag, but like you said, they're yours and you can do whatever you bloody well please with them. No one knows them better than you. As for an original story; I think the burden of making good characters is more pronounced. I'm fleshing out characters for an original story now and I'm very aware of what traits they need to have to evoke the desired response to them (sympathy, disgust, annoyance, etc.). In fanfiction, although I may love some of my OCs, they kind of feel like out of town visiting relatives, but in original stories, my characters are family.
  10. NightScribe

    A quick question from a noob

    On the main site, on the section homepage of any archive, if you scroll down to the bottom, you'll find links for the various yahoo groups.
  11. NightScribe

    Piercings and Tattoos

    Only pierced ears. One in the right, two in the left. Sort of a story behind that. Got them pierced (one each) when I was about ten. When I was in HS, (very early '80s) a guy with a pierced ear was a rare sight indeed (of course, I had a crush on the one guy I knew who did; he was an artist, go figure). Anyway, my younger brother wanted to get his pierced (such a rebel). Mom didn't have a problem with it, so, in order for him to get his money's worth, I got one of mine pierced again. Ain't I a great sister? I really don't do much by way of jewelry; three gold studs, or two studs with a small gold hoop in the odd numbered piercing.
  12. NightScribe

    Deathly Hallows Discussion

    Pix: SPOILER :I never considered her a great writer, but I used to admire her, for creating interesting, entertaining stories, but after DH, I loathe the woman. I feel like she not only pissed on fans, but on the entire series itself, and the craft in general. I couldn't help but get the feeling her heart was no longer in it, or that it somehow got away from her and she took the easy way out, throwing in random shit, and not bothering with other things, just to be done with it. And she has to explain what things are in interviews? I saw on another forum where someone said "you shouldn't have to explain things after the fact, the literature should explain it for you."
  13. NightScribe

    Deathly Hallows Question(s)

    Okay, in regards to SPOILER : Snape's "death." I'm not convinced the character is dead. We saw it only through Harry's eyes. And what did Harry see? Snape bleeding, the release of his memories (which was strange, because up until then, they were always extracted through a wand to the head, explain please and more than "well he was dying"). Then, (paraphrased) "they looked into each others eyes, then Snape's became fixed and blank, his hand thudded to the floor, and he moved no more." (which could mean he'd only passed out). The presentation of Snape, via Harry's POV, has always been skewed, an attempt at misdirection. I don't think that changed. After that, no comment from Hermione or Ron (OMG, Snape's dead!) They never mention it. There's also no Snape in a portrait, no Snape in the woods, no Snape at King's Cross, and even Dumbledore only says "poor Severus." That doesn't mean a thing. No mention of the body recovered, not even really checking to make sure he's dead, just like Voldemort not making sure Harry was dead (I'd have decapitated him for good measure before taking him back to Hogwarts, but then Voldy wasn't the smartest guy.) Why, after Voldemort is defeated, doesn't Harry say to someone, "go to the Shrieking Shack and get Snape's body, he's one of the war dead, too?" In the Epilogue, when Albus Severus is so worried about being sorted into Slytherin, why didn't Harry say: "Al, if you do end up in Slytherin, and are still concerned, ask Prof Longbottom to arrange for you to go talk to the portraits in the headmaster's office. Talk to both Dumbledore and Snape, they'll help you. Dumbledore once told me that help is always there at Hogwarts for those who ask for it." And Harry telling Al that Snape was "the bravest man I ever knew" doesn't necessarily mean he's talking about a dead man. When we part ways with good friends or lovers or whatever, we'll say, "he/she was the best friend I ever had." It doesn't mean they're dead. And what about this odd sentence (I don't have the book with me, but it's near the end of The Elder Wand chapter). "Back in the tunnel and in his own mind, Harry opened his eyes." What a strange sentence, especially since he knows nothing of Snape's past yet. I remain unconvinced, it was all just too vague.
  14. NightScribe

    Panty Poll

    I went with low rise, assuming that's bikini, but string bikini also. I had a couple of g-strings that were actually pretty comfortable ( wonder what happened to those?). I prefer the Barely There microfiber brand; they don't ride up into places they're not supposed to be.
  15. NightScribe

    I Am...

    I am taking a break from research for my new story I am pleased with the stuff I found I am hoping the time spent researching pays off well in the end I am hungry I am going to pick up a sandwich from my favorite joint
  16. NightScribe

    Bra Poll

    Camisoles; I've always hated bras and rarely ever wear one. Fortunately, I can get away with just the cami; the microfiber fabric ones are best; I can never find a bra that fits right anyway.
  17. NightScribe

    I Am...

    I am beyond angry at my off again/on again internet connection I am dubbing it "Sybil" because it changes personalities so much I am doing what I can online before it messes with me again
  18. NightScribe

    I Am...

    I am hoping Daz's muse comes back soon I am glad Leon's muses have returned I am thinking my old muse retired and I am breaking in a new one
  19. NightScribe

    "AGH! He/She fucked up my OTP!"

    I know what you mean Pix. There's a HP story on that Ginny bashes for no good reason, other than to make it possible for Harry to get screwed by both Draco and his true love Snape (and the story is one messed up SI piece of crap, btw). Several reviewers have pointed out the needless Ginny bashing, not because they don't mind slash, but because everything is so grossly OOC and there's no reason given as to why everyone suddenly hates Ginny. You're absolutely right; if a story is properly marked, you know damn good and well what the pairing is; if it's not, there's always the back out button. Example; the pairing I can do without in the HP fandom is Snape/Hermione, so I have a very simple solution; I don't read any stories with that pairing. Of course, a lot of times these things sneak in. The story I mentioned above is tagged as a Snape/Harry story, but the Ginny stuff appears as "subtext" or "subplot". I love when authors' profiles state "I HATE GINNY/HARRY! THEY SUCK! I KNOW BETTER!" type of statements. And if you are going to paint a character(s) in an unfavorable light, how hard is it to mention it in the summary or AN before the first chapter. "Not (fill in the blank) friendly."
  20. NightScribe

    Favorite Harry Potter Book

    Nan, I'm sure you meant to write Crouch, Jr.
  21. NightScribe

    Casting for HBP

    I was reading on a HP website that Joseph Fiennes (brother of Ralph) has been cast in HBP, but they wouldn't say which part. Given the family resemblence, I'm guessing either Voldemort's crazy ass uncle Morfin or the adult, little bit older, Voldemort. Thoughts?
  22. NightScribe

    I Am...

    I am not really familiar with Lovecraft I am saying that if it involves freaky, creepy, horrifying things, go for it I am stating that I had a blast doing it (all too briefly) in one of my HP fics I am telling Daz that SPOILER :Snape probably isn't dead. Too much reading between the lines evidence exists to suggest the opposite actually
  23. NightScribe

    Favorite Harry Potter Book

    I voted for HBP, probably (one of) the least liked by most, but I enjoyed it. I loved PoA, too, it's virtually a tie, but I gave some love to the underdog.
  24. NightScribe

    Deathly Hallows Discussion

    Poly; SPOILER :No mention of retrieving Snape's body, no funeral, no portrait in the headmasters office made me wonder, too. I don't know if it was here on in another forum where I asked if he was really dead. Sounds suspicious. I'd like to think that if he did really die, there's some sort of black marble memorial on the grounds of Hogwarts, along with his posthumous Order of Merlin, first class. I think that was a missed opportunity in the epilogue. Dumbledore's white tomb, Snape's black monument and a few words on how nothing is black and white, everything is shades of gray. Maybe a wall with the names of everyone who died at Hogwarts, like the Vietnam war memorial would have been nice also. But that's just me.
  25. NightScribe

    Harry Potter Encyclopedia

    I took a few of those "which house" tests and came up a Ravenclaw except once; that time was Slytherin (I must have been feeling devilish that day). So I guess that makes me a Ravenclaw who could possibly go bad.