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  1. Hmmm. May i suggest an alternative? Kinda going of an idea i had a while back, what if gravity falls was a 'fresh start' town, where people fled to avoid questions. Thus, starnge events and people always tended to find it to make a new life, and dipper einds up diacovering them all by accident.

  2. That would make either a good addition to thr initial plan or a good bonus chapter. Excellent!


    As for their memories.... i don't know? I' not sure how the affected would remember things (though they almost certainly would be frustrates with not making a move on harry already), but the ones inaffected would DEFINITLY remember the way things really were.

  3. Rebecca, alvida, reiju,  conis, kemei, maybe carrot Wanda and shirahoshi. 

    One way to prevent overcrowding the crew could be Vivi or Hancock takes to the seas and recruits the harem members. 

  4. Inspired by:

    One summer, ginny is feeling insecure over the (too her) better girls vying for harry's attention, is preparing a potion to turn herself into a beautiful bombshell ideal for harry... and unfortunatly thr potion is mixes into thr family dinner the one night harry is too tired to join them. Thr entire weasly family (and hermione) are turned into women in love with harry and he goes from member to member being seduced as he tries to escape. Each is an erotic twist on who they used to be. When he finds out what happened he reassures ginny he loves her and thinks she's perfect.... but hermione and the newly female ron get her to agree to let them date him as well.


    The story ends back at hogwarts.... where draco is antagonising harry again.... and ginny invites the malfoys over for a peace offerig dinner.…


    Continue if you wish.

  5. Say.... is the use of jade and penny as gwen's friends inspired by 'mr-samson's art of the trio?..…  

    i MAY have an idea for a spooky secret for the two of them if it is…

     ...also, can we MAKE the alien girls into the ghoul school girls? Or expies at least?

  6. Okay. Weird idea for a gravoty falls fic... but following in from the womanotaur/holstaur…

    What if dipper found a book of cryptids and it was actually a final destination style countdown. Each day the page turns and a new beast is foretold, and he has to find the girl they take before the creature  can take her and turn her into one of their own.

    Kind of like monster falls, but as a race against the clock.

    The cryptids would all be very sensualised, of couurse, and i feel it plays off the mystery adventure element. You could use gravity falls girls then either stop or move on to cameos.

  7. 7 hours ago, Guest Rbel said:

    So I’ve sorta been having this story idea bounce in my head for a while and I’ve gotten this idea for the story and how it would go down.

    Cody and Gwen are childhood friends and they live in the same city. Cody has had a crush on Gwen for a long time and wants to express his feelings but doesn’t out of fear that it could ruin their friendship. Also it doesn’t help that Gwen always teases him and treats him like a little brother. Gwen is attending the prestigious World Academy where Cody is applying to transfer. Recently the academy has become co-ed and the girl to male ratio is around 10 to 1 and spots are filling up. Cody gets accepted and goes to see Gwen for a tour of the Academy, and she introduces him to some of her friends such as Bridgette, Courtney, and Leshawna. After the tour some of the bullies from Cody’s former high school and try to humiliate Cody in front of the girls. Of course, Duncan pulls down Cody’s pants revealing his big friend to all the girls. Cody is embarrassed and pulls up his pants before running away. Later that night Gwen shows up on Cody’s room and tries to make him feel better, which leads to him expressing his feelings. Gwen reveals that she’s had similar feelings for a while now and decides to show Cody that he shouldn’t feel embarrassed about his piece and they have sex to celebrate his acceptance into the academy. They begin going out and have sex, but Cody’s ‘secret’ gets out to Heather and she wants to get back at Gwen so she tricks Cody and has sex with him. But Gwen and her friends find Heather and stop her. Shortly afterwards Gwen’s friends admit that they’d like to have sex with Cody and that leads to several sexual encounters which make Cody a well known stud around the Academy, and school is not even half way through.

    May I make a suggestion? Just a small one, not going to post a lot.... But why not use the college setting and character quirks together? Have various girl studying appropriate majors and courses and Cody is bounced between them. It'd also help you keep them organised. Perhaps in a way that ties into his application or the ratio.

  8. First idea, cryptid girls. Girls based on famous cryptids are loose in gravity falls, attracted to the weirdmageddon energies. There can either be ocs or appropriated cameos. Cryptids feed off of weird energy ans become more volutupous.


    Second idea

    Residents aren't just vecoming voluptuous, men are becoming women, and noone seems to notice, save outsiders. One possible explanation is that the demon drained them of all their virility, another is they got too close to an energy leak and were changed by it, or that she simply seeks to turn any who antagonise him into someone to please him. Soon dipper may be the only man in gravity falls.

    For example, here's a rule 63 robby:

  9. Can i suggesrlt something? Good formatting and an establushed goal (in ADDITION to getting all the girls i mean) can help with a sense of acxomplishment, so..…


    What if he was trying to make a backup avengers? Say thanos WAS imprisoned, but thr prison was very slowly breaking down and peter knew it, but the avengers were somehow missing or incapacitated in this new world. Or just busy preparing.

    Imagine if he decided to gather a backup team of avangers to help fight and finish thanos for good, and the girls just happened to be prime power candidates, like mary jane as iron spider, felicia as a wakandan-tech enhanced black cat and gwen as a spider-girl. Possibly with back regular counterparts like shuri as another black panther or american dream and america chavez. He doesn't realise that they are coming onto him until AFTER he's recruited a bunch however… at first he's just happy it's so easy finding volunteers.


    This could help keep track of everyone as little squadlets, and create a good sense of progress towards and endgoal, create a team to kick thanos's butt for good.

  10. Further idea. What if, when princess zuka comes for aang, she actually LEAVES with him on board, but her boat is either capsized partway or aang escapes, and instead of following the canon journey, aang tries to lie low while he preapres. BUT, having the last male would invariably put whichever nation he sided with on top of the world, so each nation sends an envoy to find and seduce hin, including princess yue of water, princess toph of earth and princess zuka, later replaced by princess azula and company.

    Katara and sokkara would likely set out to find and keep him safe or have stowed away on the ship and become the reason for hia escape.

  11. So a while back i made some halloween prompts, because i lovr the holiday, even out of season.

    But I've since thought of some other seasonal notions and thought i'd leave them here for anyone to take. Feel free to leave feedback, take as your own or ask questions, but please leave a link if you do. And naturally, feel free to get a headstart, or just write out of season. Hope you enjoy!

    Also, while these are generally open-ended prompts for original characters, if you think an existing series would fit one of these scenarions particularly well, feel free to appropriate it.

    I will likely add some more later, but if YOU can think of one, then feel free to add it.




    The twelve girls of christmas:

    A young man down on his luck in love (largely because he's blind to the women attracted to him) is about to receive a mysterious gift; every day for twelve days leading up to christmas a girl he knows is transformed in holiday motif. and professes her love for him. Each chapter should.ideally illustrate the relationship the two have and why they feel that way. The transformations should be approproate to the girl or situation somehow. Ideas include:


    Human-size Nutcracker

    Kraumpus girl


    Lady claus


    Reindeer girl

    The girls are not to come to harm, and on the twelth night, he decides who's confession he accepts. Will it be just one, or all?


    North pole sucession:


    Daughter claus:

    A boy catches santa's daughter on her rounds and she bribes him with a wish.... either he uses it right away, OR the story becomes an anthology as he catches her every year and the two becomes close friends (the wishes are a neat bonus). As he grows into a young man, he wonders how to ask her.....

    Snowed in warmth.

    A group of friends, (possibly a guy and girl, two girls, a young man and multiple girls etc) are staying in a cabin and avoiding discussing their feelings when the snowfall traps them inside, forcing them to come to terms with themselves and each other.


    Hero's christmas surprise:

    Inspired by this superstories path:

    Either an original character or a protagonist of your choice wakes up to find a harem of familiar faces under the tree. Alternativly, they find a succession of girls they know gifting themselves to them through they day.



    Groundhog day

    Well, the obvious one of course. An erotic groundhog day loop

    A man is wondering what might have been and finds himself repeating his weekend getaway with his wife again and again. Only his wife is a different woman every time.




    April fools

    April foolaround

    Pranks around here tend to be a bit... rotically charged

    Pranks for a good cause.

    Prank matchmaking is a respected local tradition. By playing goo natured pranks on people around their crush you csn diffuse tension, catch their notice and help them confess.

    No foolin

    For today, and JUST for today, if you convince someone somthing is true, it WILL be. Tell a friend your girlfriend had a massive growth spurt? She will. Convince someone yorlur familes engaged you? Well now it's official. Just be careful about tomorrow.…



    Valentines day.

    A pair of cupids have conflicting plans for romance. Supernatural ship wars ensue

    A man finds cupid's bow, will he use it responsibly or for himself, and will he make a mess of things?

    Some girls in a romantic rut find a shop that sells magical body-altering chocolates. This can't end well.

    Thr protagonist was planning on confessing their love to their best friend on valentines day, but was hesistant because they know that she hates it. That is, until they find out her secret, she's a cupid and has to work overtime on valentines. Our protagonist puts their feelings aside and decides to help them meet their quota..... which luckily turns out to be JUST the way to prove themselves to her.

    Valentine HQ has upped the valentines day quota this year..... and the cupids are pulling out all the stops.




    A young witch tries to find the way to tell her boyfriend he's now the COVEN'S boyfriend.... surprise sweetie?



    Mothers day (feel free to genderflip for fathers day)

    A young man's mothers tell him he's adopted. Why do they tell him? Well....... they want to be birth mothers......


    A young couple are trying for a baby and the wife asked her/her hsuband's/both mothers for advice and aid. He probably didn't think she meant they'd be giving it first hand.




    Fathers day

    A man visits each of the women he's had children with or is currently HAVING children with, dotes on the kids and shows the ladies his love is still strong.




    The easter bunny has left magic eggs scattered across the world for unsupecting people to find. Whoever finds an wgg will receive great luck until the make a wish, which will be granted.


    A young man finds out his mother is secretly erster, the goddess of spring, life and fertility, and that he has inherited some of her power on easter. Now he can't stop the girls throwing themselves at him.


    Easter needs more workers, and sends the bunnygirls out to find volunteers. Their mission? Make more bunnies!






    A protagonist finds that every time they do a favour for a girl, they gain curves and grow more and more thankfull... i'm sure they won't abuse this.



    My old list here


    Multi holidays

    Based on this storyline:

    And this spiderman fanfic:

    An anthology story where a superhero (spiderman/batman/deku/anyone) finds that every holiday a villainess, heroine or both make a holiday-themed seduction attempt. The anthology can be standalone or accumulative, but if it's the latter the women will not mind each other. Each heroine/villainess must make an effort to match the holiday and preferably be somewhat thematically relevant herself, e.g. for spiderman susan storm on mothers day, black cat on halloween etc. Whether they solve the cause is up to you.

    Edit: if you can think of someone the holiday girls format would work with outside the superhero genre, feel free.

    Alternativly, an ordinary person finds that they keep encountering girls personifying the holidays when they come around and they all take interest in him.


    Toothina, from rise of the guardians is trying to catch jack's eye and goes to other holiday girls for help. While they DO provide her with advice, helpful edges and spells, they inevitably decide to try for jack themselves to her frustration. After a while jack approaches HER and tells her the girls explained everthing in between their seductions and he would be happy to try with her. Toothina thanks the girls... who inform her she can thank them by sharing jack.


    Let me know if any interest you

  12. say, an idea for tension. while a harem is good, but to make recruiting new girls tie into a sense of progress, what if aang’s avatar powers were dulled by his sleep and he needs to ‘connect' with the girls chakras to reawaken his own? as in, katara’s and yue's ‘sessions’ enhance his waterbending, toph his earthbending the fire nation girls his firebending.


    also…. what if asami was a fire nation engineer? i mean a major figure in their industrial revolution….

  13. I can't really write the story sorry,  juggling things. But can I suggest a twist? Spidey doesn't have the powers himself. He,  and his eventual team,  is ENTIRLY dependent on his passing the powers on to girls,  and this his continued intimacy. Adds a neat bit of drama and a reason to share him, they need the backup. 


    ...also, and this can be subjective,  but the girls (Mary Jane in particular)  seem a bit out of character. But that's your choice