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  1. 18 minutes ago, Red_Light_Zone said:

    Be warned, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is the Shrek of anime. A parody of all thing in the anime genre. Like, the main character fights by inspiring people with his extending nose hairs. he’s accompanied by a guy made of jelly and a star man. One of his friends attacks with his with special fart techniques. And one of the characters is a sexy mini bomb who lives in a bearded man’s pompadour.

    His fighting is literally based on confusing people into submission and making as little sense as possible 

  2. 19 minutes ago, Red_Light_Zone said:

    Oh no, you right about that. But there’s more to it than that.

    Hey Jw. Bloodlines in this means chakra-empowered family lines and, occasionally, actual blood. Ninjas in Naruto are very big on alchemic treatments, and specialised breeding to make supersoliders. 

    It's LITERALLY empowered blood. And descendants usually get thenpowers as well. 

  3. hmm…. i know a few reigional vampiric variations you could probably use, but given ‘hive’, and folklore history, have you thought about epidemology terms? vampires have long been tied to plagues culturally, or they were before the romantic angle (even during for a while), but you could uses stages related to carriers, early infections, disease-spreading pests etc, both for the insectiod angle and as a slight from the people who named them. or vampires boasting about their capacity to spread.

  4. if you want to intergrate big hero 6 and avengers, why not have obake be madam masque, with a mix of mcu vulture? using chitari fallout technology to run experiments and supply people. thus the avengers are trying to find her.


    rosypalms on archiveofourown has an ongoing ron/all the girls, and i can keep looking and find you some good danny works if you want…. frustratingly few that don;t turn into character bashing though.

    i can also fetch you some spiderman and batman, though some ended very shortly. they were very interesting concepts and well written. i like good writing. lot of generic stuff though if you don;t mind story quality.

    though “marry the knight” is a good batman harem comedy and premise. it has a robin and superman spinoff


  5. It's like that joke about spherical cows in a vaccume.

    No, the conditions of life are constantly shifting, particularly in language. Since language is about standardised communication, the rules are constantly shifting as people change them without realising. But by the same logic,  they must remain uniform. This is why study of language can be a full time job and recognised branch of science. So yeah, it's both what people use and what they are supposed to use. 


    Everyone gets taught the same things because they exist to be a common starting point and enable communication. variations are inevitable but the standard must exist. Where you go from there is up to you. So long as it's coherent, and legible, it will be fine. And thats what proofreaders are for, headache absorbers


    Besides. Mess ups can add character

  6. i have something of a reffadex site, but i’d be better reccomending based on individual genres and series….. they’re a little scattered

   a harry potter story  gravity falls Breasts/works  just a general sear  alien harem semi- horro a guy who does a lot of breast expansion

    here’s a few i've found… hope you enjoy

  7. i honestly don’t know… i’ve been dictating stories in my head as long as i can remember.…. i was shipping quietly before i even new it was a thing, using characters to learn how to draw and write my own… and writing better endings to works i found needlessly bleak or self defeating. at some point… i just went looking for more stories. it just seemed so natural, like slipping into a familiar road. it was webcomics and images before out-and-out fanfiction though… that i remember.

  8. On 8/13/2019 at 1:12 PM, Guest Random Fan said:

    I’m mainly tired of being asked. I’m still doing them for the challenges booblover pit out because...the heck of it. However, I don’t intend to be the permanent springboard here. Once I’m finish with theboob lovers challenges I’m gone.

    Thank you for everything. While we hope you come back on yournown terms some day, we've enjoyed the time you gave us and wish you the best.  You don't have to stick around if you are not enjoying it or feeling pressured. 

  9. Speaking of sick Grayson's girlfriends, would starfire, ravager or Duella dent be involved? Or m'gann?


    Edit: also, with THALIA, maybe other major villain relatives? Like lena luthor?


    And maybe katana. She's nwver really interacted with nightwing, but she IS a bird of prey

  10. Miles morales's out of universe origin is actually really cool to me. In an interview for community donald glover mentioned wishing he could play spiderman as a dream he never thought he's get due to being bron black, so thr writers at marvel wrote a spiderman he actually could. I actually like miles, at least in some versions and how thry handled passing the torch to him in the ultimate universe.

  11. There's a kind of genre called 'the gamer' that has similar physics, and can have a lot of fun playing around qith. For examole, imagine having health power ups that only work for YOU and your party, but needing to save a non player.... or enemies scratching their heads when you get their weapons after defeating them.... but they still have the original.

    Or the leveling being 'badly programmed', so your character gets stength for a nights study if he carries the books instead on int, or int if he works out under instruction. Or quests being a matter of choice, morton's fork style and not knowing where it goes but getting hints.

    Stuff like that.

  12. Are we including manga in comic sales?  Because one piece is selling really well. And I mean REALLY well. I find that reassuring. 

    Also, I hear the squirrel girl series sells very successfully, so much so it decided to go ahead with the new demographic. Though I know not everyone enjoys it, it IS bringing people into the demographic. 


    For a long time webcomics were the new industry standard, and they did a good job decentralized quality levels notwithstanding. Sadly many of the older, really good ones are gone these days. I can still reccomend some if anyone's interested, and a lot of them do paperback prints now, which is nice. 

  13. I meant a spider harem. 



    Hmmmmm.....  Someone ELSE making the snap......  That gives me an idea...... 

    I linked a pic to praetor recently about the women of the film, acting parental to him....  What if they got to arguing about him and doting on him as a young, naive hero like guardians and each made a statement or wish on what they'd do to help him if they could/how things could be better for him. What they don't realise is that they gauntlet is reacting and gathering these wishes in a damaged state (I. E.  Behaving unpredictably), then remakes reality in the harem way and each of the girls thinks they are the only one to remember. So they all do him small favours, andnhook him up with someone they think is good for him (like pepper and her new intern, Gwen,  or okyoe and sharing), not realising how their favours are piling up or that they are beginning to get other ideas. 

  14. Plus, they DID in fact, date in the comics. And not only is she implied to be still into him every now and then (as are a lot of his old relationships), her protege ships them in canon.

    She's ALSO implied to have similar feelings about jessica drew. Or jessica for her, i forget which. It's been a while.