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  1. I was inactive for a while, but now I’m back! I’m thinking of scrapping my Horrortale fanfic and rewriting it. I have a sense of where I want it to go, but I don’t feel like I can get it there without rewriting the whole thing.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Arian-Sinclair
    3. CloverReef


      WB! Rewriting sounds like a good way to freshen up your inspiration. Good luck!

    4. Arian-Sinclair


      Thanks, @CloverReef. ^_^ Looking back at it, it would be good to rewrite it rather than try to continue with how it already is.

  2. Arian-Sinclair

    England's 'heatwave'

    Warrrrrrrmth. X3
  3. Arian-Sinclair

    Committing Murder... Of Your Characters

    I know. I just couldn’t resist turning it into a pun. Hahaha~
  4. Arian-Sinclair

    Committing Murder... Of Your Characters

    Where a daemon sucks someone off just before that poor sap(the someone) gets hit by a bus.
  5. Okay, so I posted some really fierce pics of myself on Fetlife a few minutes ago, set to Only Friends of course. I’m saying this here because I can be certain everyone who sees this will definitely be over 18, and Fet is as strict as this site on keeping underaged peeps out. If anyone who has a Fet account wants to see, just message  here and I’ll give you the link to my Fet account. Once there, leave me a message saying who you are here on AFF forums and I’ll accept the friend request, but only those I’m following and any admins and mods since I feel okay trusting all the admins and mods here. The pics are far from NSFW, but damn do I look good in them. It’s been a while since I wore makeup, so I’m surprised by how well it came out despite the shit foundation that took forever to get enough coverage with. I need to get a better foundation like the Kat Von D one that’s super expensive , but lasts a while and provides amazing coverage with not too much effort.

    1. JayDee


      I always think that kind of thing takes a lot of confidence, I hope you get a lot of positive responses for your pics!

    2. Arian-Sinclair



      Thanks! I have been. Haha~ It is only my face and the two pics are set to Friends Only, so not everyone on the site can see. Honestly, I think it’s the best I’ve ever done with my makeup in regard to the eyeshadow. I’m glad I took pics right after. I didn’t think about posting those pics until an hour later and went ahead and did it.

  6. A good example of that happening is Light Yagami of Death Note. He reaaaaaaally lost it. It looked like he was slipping at first, then he went from gradually slipping to just jumping off that ledge into I Am God! territory.
  7. My train of thought went to Jack Spicer of Xiaolin Showdown. He does take a Level In Badass every now and then, but he’s mostly just trying his damnest to be the most By the Book of Card Carrying Villains throughout most of the show. I love him; he’s hilarious and such an awesome dork.
  8. Arian-Sinclair

    The Unreviewed

    It’s an anime/manga reference. Death the Kid is from the anime/manga Soul Eater and is obsessed with symmetry. His favourite number is 8 because of this obsession. XD
  9. Arian-Sinclair

    The Unreviewed

    It’ll definitely get positive attention from Death the Kid.
  10. Arian-Sinclair

    Count To Infinity

  11. Arian-Sinclair

    Count To Infinity

  12. Arian-Sinclair

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Strange World, by H.I.M.
  13. Arian-Sinclair

    How much do you listen to reviews?

    And assuming the person is reasonable to begin with. I’ve found there are just some people who refuse to listen to reason who aren’t just trolling. It’s always good to at least make an attempt at reasonable communication. There’s something else I want to add, but I can’t make the thought turn into words to write/type it.
  14. Arian-Sinclair

    How much do you listen to reviews?

    Seems to me someone needs to take a step back and get off xyr high horse. So what if the person doesn’t like how you write? No two people write exactly the same way, and that snoot needs to understand that. It’s rude to say someone should write a different way like that just to impose xyr own writing style on another. It makes it seem as if the person only likes one way of writing, and if that’s the case, xe doesn’t have to continue reading if something’s not xyr cuppa. Writing style can change how a story goes, essentially changing the story with it despite remaining the same idea. You don’t have to change your style of writing, and xe’s just going to have to suck it up. You do you because no one else can write the same exact way you do with the same end result. P.S. I sort of took this as a chance to practise with my gender neutral pronouns (the ones I use, xe/xyr/xyrs) since I’ve only just started writing them and want to phase out of the habit I have of using they/them/their/theirs. Plus it gets confusing for me with they/them/their/theirs since they’re mainly used as plural, and that makes it hard to tell sometimes if it’s the plural or singular form of they/them/their/theirs as my mind will process it as plural because that’s what I was always taught in school when I was little. It always takes me a moment for my mind to process they/them/their/theirs as singular since it feels awkward for me. Anyhow, this P.S. is getting kind of long, so I’m just going to end it here.
  15. Arian-Sinclair

    Text color in the Forums

    You can do that on the AFF site and copy & paste it from there to the forum site, which is how I got my about me the colour format it is. That may also depend on the device, but I’m not sure. It definitely works on mobile. If you need more elaboration on what I’m talking about, just ask. You’d have to check your devices settings to do anything about the format colouring for other’s posts/written stuff, though.