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  1. would like to work on a story together with someone with similiar likes harry potter Mdom, Fsub d/s, pls email

  2. SesshomaruFreak

    Yaoi authoress taking over sites :)

    Working on learning them! A few that I already love- …..yeah I found the freaky ones first lol
  3. SesshomaruFreak

    Yaoi authoress taking over sites :)

    Yeah any kind of transfer seems to be a pain lol
  4. SesshomaruFreak

    Yaoi authoress taking over sites :)

    lol I am so gonna look for your stuff there Yeah...I write dirty stuff, but hoping I don’t get caught Hehehe it warms my heart to meet new people
  5. SesshomaruFreak

    Yaoi authoress taking over sites :)

    LOL I know that feeling, only mine tends to be the same universe, with event A taking my interest from event B. Then plot kittens ambush me with ideas for events C through F
  6. SesshomaruFreak

    Have a question about this forum?

    LMAO Love the flasher hehehe
  7. SesshomaruFreak

    Have a question about this forum?

    Ohh those ‘the rules are for everyone except me’ kinda people. Doing your job awesomely Ahh then perhaps I shall see you out there! I understand being more comfy in one place. While I do love AFF, at the moment I’m a bit more comfortable at another site, but only cause I’m more familiar with it BUT, I am getting more comfortable here each day as I learn about it and meet people and all that jazz lol
  8. SesshomaruFreak

    Yaoi authoress taking over sites :)

    I like Potter-verse I’ll give you a look sometime over there.
  9. SesshomaruFreak

    Yaoi authoress taking over sites :)

    Hello there, fellow fans of AFF. I’m in love with this site, and am just starting to post in the Archive. It came to my attention that you can promote your other stuff here, of course with all due respect to AFF. With it being understood that I love and admire THIS site, I wanted to let it be known that I am also at and Ao3 (also under pen-name SesshomaruFreak) I’m at a couple of other sites, but I gotta double-check those LOL I write yaoi/slash and while I only have a handful of fics posted across the board, I have notebooks with many, many more written down. Long live FanFiction!
  10. SesshomaruFreak

    Have a question about this forum?

    Thank you! I looked it over and saw where someone was trying to bash AFF. Just..uggh. What’s wrong with people? Anyways, you can trust that my post will be much more respectful Just cause I’m on other sites doesn’t mean I don’t like AFF. I’m newer to posting stories here, but I’m learning And like I said, I declare y’all as one of my posting places on other sites. Seems only fair. You don’t charge for membership or posting, you’ve got a pretty neat system set up, and there’s this lovely forum community. This is a great site, and I’m proud to be here. Thank you for having me
  11. SesshomaruFreak

    Have a question about this forum?

    @BronxWench Ok, sounds about right. It makes sense not to mention other sites in certain areas of the forum. I don’t put any links (seems rude to link other fanfiction sites) And if I mention other sites I post on, it’s only in passing. Like ‘Yeah I’m there, too. Now, about AFF...’ because again, it seems rude to talk overly much about another site. Like talking to a boyfriend about another guy or something lol And I do mention on other sites that AFF is one of my places. Ohh I wanna find those ‘Great Wall’ threads though That sounds fun. I like making new friends Actually, since I moved and left all my RL friends behind, I NEED new friends Love the quotes you have there. English is a bully hehehe Thank you for your reply, and I’ll behave myself
  12. SesshomaruFreak

    Have a question about this forum?

    Hi there, just double checking- if it is a story that you’ve posted on AFF AND on another site, is that allowed? I totally understand not being allowed to promote your stories on another site if you don’t have the time/effort to post on AFF, but I’m curious as to if the story is ALSO here, can you promote it? I certainly don’t want to unintentionally break any rules. If I break rules, it’s full-on assault LOL just kidding Please excuse the silliness, it’s...2:23 am
  13. Bleach yaoi: Which guys do you find the hottest/most interesting? Who do you ship?

    My faves are Renji, Byakuya, Shuuhei, Kenpachi, much hotness in that show


    Who do you like to top? I happen to be a switch fan; I like them to take turns. I’d say my preference would be RenBya, as opposed to ByaRen. I like Ren getting a chance at his captain lol
    In your fave couples, who do you like in what roles?


    1. marley_station


      A gift for you:

      I don’t necessarily have a favorite pairing in the Bleach fandom, and that writer is the reason.  She wrote all her Bleach fics in such a way that it was not possible for me.  I just re-read (and re-read, and re-read LOL) her work.  IMHO, it’s just that good.

    2. SesshomaruFreak


      :D Thank you for the gift! I’ll definitely check that out; I may be a RenBya girl but I like various other pairings as well ;) I totally understand- when I find a story I love, I’ll reread them till I could recite them hehehe
      One author even got me liking Aizen! :o The nerve! LOL

  14. Looking for yaoi comrades :)

    As stated before, I am a hardcore yaoi fan. LOVE IT!
    As has become my mission besides writing, I seek those of similar minds. So I plan to make at least a couple different posts regarding this, one for Bleach and one for Inuyasha, to start. Hmmm does a post need a warning if its replies may later have explicit material? After all, you have to be at least 18 to be on here, so the warning would just be for those who don’t like that kinda stuff.

    Hehehe maybe that’ll be a good use for ‘spoiler’ button!

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    2. SesshomaruFreak


      That sounds awesome! I’ve seen some good anime where the art was a bit rough; ‘more emotional’ made perfect sense. I’ll check it out sometime :)

      Thank you! I think I’m gonna need all the luck I can get lol

    3. marley_station


      Yaoi comrade here, a holdout of the Naruto/Shippuden/Boruto fandom.  My catalog:

      Most of it is NSFW.

      Happily met!



    4. SesshomaruFreak


      Lovely to meet you! Big Naruto fan myself, though I’ve fallen sadly behind :(

      I’ll check out Ao3 soon ;)

      I ADORE the Kakashi Scroll Dance :D

  15. Just a question or 2, since the forums (as well as posting in AFF) are new to me; been a member forever but just started getting reinvolved.
    Sorry if these sound like total noob questions...they kinda are lol

    Ok, in AFF, what is a Dragon Print?

    On here (forum) what is the Rank for? What dictates that? What can I do to change that? (was married almost 10 years- I am so NOT a virgin *giggles*)

    I think reputation is based on how many posts/replies you’ve made, is that right?

    Goodness, I sound like such a noob! :blush: But alas, without answers to unknowns, I shall remain as such. Most stuff, I’m figuring out on my own, but these questions keep me up at night lol :D

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    2. JayDee


      Reputation – may also relate to likes given.

    3. BronxWench


      Reputation is based on the number of likes your posts get. I think the titles do level up, but I’m an archive geek and not really always up on forum stuff. :D

    4. SesshomaruFreak


      @JayDee @BronxWench Thank you so much for the info! Sorry I asked in the wrong place :D But thank you for your very informative answers.