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  1. Now up to Chapter 29! I hope you enjoy, if you choose to read. Please let me know what you think, either here, with a review on the AFF site, or in PMs!
  2. Panduki

    Why do you write?

    Every so often my muse and I get along and I can write for a while. Other times, the muse might as well be the sun shining through the blinds while I’m trying to sleep after a sleepless insomniac night. “Go away. We’ll play later!” If only inspiration didn’t have a habit of hitting me right when I’m dead tired and finally resolving to sleep for a while..
  3. Panduki

    Why do you write?

    Writing for me has always boiled down to the simple reason of, “Because I want to write.” Now my particular reasons beyond that tend to vary. Though with my current fic (and with most others over the years, though this one was the first one I ever felt comfortable enough actually posting online) the reason has been mostly therapeutic. I put a lot of my own experiences and past into the fic (modified of course to fit with the characters and the setting) but it has actually helped me a great deal in sorting out my own thoughts and feelings over the years. It was actually something suggested to me by a therapist, sort of a variation of keeping a journal. But instead of having a conversation with yourself, or your book, instead you are creating characters (or borrowing characters from an established story) and seeing how they would cope with similar things happening to them.
  4. Author: Panduki (me!) Title: Mixed Feelings Summary: The X-Men discover a new mutant in rural Romania, and decide to offer him a place at the Institute and a chance to live a new life in the United States. Kurt feels an immediate affinity for him that soon blossoms into something more than friendship... Feedback: This is my first fanfic I’ve felt comfortable enough posting online. I’d love any feedback and/or reviews you could give! Fandom: X-Men: Evolution (Marvel Universe – animated series) Pairing: Kurt/OC Warnings: Anal Angst BJ Fingering HJ Minor2 MM OC Oral Rape WAFF Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered! 26 so far, though there will probably be a few more before it is finished. URL: I do hope that you choose to read it, and if you do, that you enjoy! Please let me know either here in the thread, or via a review on the site itself, what you think! Or in PMs if you’re shy!