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  1. Johnny Bravo ideas

    I like the womanizer suggestion. You can do a parody of training montages, and maybe even shows Johnny how to finally take care of himself, so he can move out of his mama’s house.
  2. Johnny Bravo ideas

    I would highly suggest Velma for Scooby-Doo. Just have her show Johnny that she has a better body than Daphne.
  3. Johnny Bravo ideas

    I’ll leave it up to the writer on who Johnny bangs. If you want him to bang female characters from other shows. Go ahead. If you want him jumping between dimensions, banging the women from each one. Go head.
  4. Johnny Bravo ideas

    These are two challenges/ideas I had for Johnny Bravo Suzy’s 18th birthday – It’s Suzy’s 18th birthday, and after having some innocent, clean fun with her family and friends, she come over to Johnny to give him a personal gift from her. Suzy is 18 now, so Johnny should age some as well. How old he is now is up to you, but Suzy either, 3, 7, or 8 in the show’s canon run. How Suzy looks grown up is up to you as well. Just let Johnny go around, banging hot women. That’s it. Just have him bang a different woman each chapter.
  5. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Deadpool! Deadpool should be the one that know Frank messed with the Universe. But he is okay with it, as Lady Death has also become a sex crazed bimbo that worships the ground Deadpool walks on.
  6. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    What kind of advice are you looking for?
  7. When limitless power meets a sex drive

    I have an idea for the Galacta chapter. Frankie runs into Galacta when she is starving and wants to help her. Using his powers he make Galacta feed off sex, and they get right down to it.
  8. Timmy's "first" Fairy-versary

    What about Vicky, but as mindless sex toy? Princess Mandie, to help Mark Chang. Carly and Molly
  9. When limitless power meets a sex drive

    About America Chaves… This is mostly because I never read her books. I would have it where she is curious about men, as she has never seen one before. This causes her to be curious about sex with a man, and Frankie decides to be her first. I know it’s not BASHING, but I’m not a basher.
  10. When limitless power meets a sex drive

    I thought that the school would now he is a hero. He gets a call to help, and the school allows it as a “Okay, go out and save the world.” As for Peter and Frankie’s mom, clearly she has been lonely and possibly fell for Peter, as he reminds her of a younger, nicer, better Reed.
  11. When limitless power meets a sex drive

    About America Chaves. I don’t read Marvel, and only a few select titles form DC and IDW. So I don’t know anything about her, good or bad. If Frankie can create a pocket universe where stores the villainesses, after fucking them, that could be good. Just have him lie about them getting away, but really he has them in his personal sexual paradise.
  12. When limitless power meets a sex drive

    He should do some heroing, so he can team up with the female heroes, and fight the female villains. He can get separated from the other heroes when fighting a villainess, and than use that moment to use his power to turn the villainess into his woman.
  13. The Spellbook (Beast Boy/Harem fic challenge)

    Just a throw away from Starfire about Robin not wanting to be with her, because he found some better ass in Gotham.
  14. I could see this tie in with The Spellbook.
  15. The Spellbook (Beast Boy/Harem fic challenge)

    I could see this tie in with Robin, the Boy(‘s) Wonder(ful cock).