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  1. Hide_My_Sins Pounding Powerpuffs http://cartoon.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600095458 Powerpuff Girls PPG/RRB Any/all pairings It’s just a collection of different PPG/RRB pairings. They don’t have to tie into one another. The only pairings that happened so far are Bubbles/Butch, Blossom/Boomer, and Brick/Buttercup. There really is no plot to this, as they are just one-shot stories Just do the other PPG/RRB pairings, you can even do threesomes and orgies. If you want to take over, leave me a reply or PM me.
  2. Hide_My_Sins Calem’s XXX Adventure http://games.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600090430 Pokemon Calem/harem Calem sets on his Pokemon journey, not to completely the Pokedex, but turn the women of Hoenn into his personal breeding slaves. This only thing that has happened is that Calem fucked his mother. Summary of the Plot Calem travel the Kalos region, knocking up all the women he can get his to spread their legs, and catch Pokemon. Pokemon are only for battle But you can change that if you want. Follows gen 6’s plot, more or less. Shauna and Serena follow Calem around. They are knocked up from in chapter two. Calem also knocks up their mothers in the same chapter Female gym leaders, villains, elite four, and the champion are not save from him Calem would find out he is the son of Xerneas If you wish to take over, just leave a reply or PM me.
  3. I had an idea for a kind of series of Ben 10 stories, but I won’t be getting to them anytime soon in my life time. That is way I am challenge/request for anyone who wants to give these a try. Each story is kind of a follow up/squeal to the last one, so try to do that. Ben’s Summer of Sex Ben get the watch This is just Ben and Qwen They try out different aliens during sex Ben’s Summer of Sex 2: Ben’s Ben-bos This would be the harem building story Use female characters from the show aliens and humans OCs are allowed Have up to a total of 10 women Qwen is the harem queen Focus on just the first series women Not Alien Force or Ultimate Alien Unless you REALLY want to You can change the title Alien sex is welcome Ben’s School of Sex Now back home, Ben’s builds a second harem from his school Students Teacher and Staff (if you want) 10 more women Alien sex is welcome If you have any question, feel free to ask. Just leave a reply if you want to do these stories.
  4. Hide_My_Sins Brandon’s Hos http://games.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600090454 Pokemon Brandon/Harem Brandon sets on his Pokemon journey, not to completely the Pokedex, but turn the women of Hoenn into his personal breeding miltanks. The only chapter that is up is basically the prologue , so you can start the story at Brandon arriving in Hoenn. Summary of the plot `Brandon travels all over Hoenn, fucking, and knock up, women and catching Pokemon Brandon is to have a fetish for breasts. The bigger, the better and lactating Any Pokemon are not for sex, just battling. Follows the 3rd gen games plot. Any girl can be in the harem, even OCs. Just make sure they have big boobs. If you wish to take over, just leave a reply saying you what too, or just PM.
  5. Thank you. That’s nice to know. But as I said, I won’t be working on my AFF stories for a long time. At the start of the new year, I will be working on 4 books. A sci-fi story, a fantasy, and two fiction books (one of them a sequel to my first book). I also have a script that I’m do for a special project I’ve joined. My last post for the time will be for my Powerpuff collection, then I’ll only be on here to read. Just think of it as a LONG hiatus. I might get back to working on them, if ever, but I’m going to be giving my unfinished works up for adoption. So don’t worry, I’m not giving up writing at all. I’m just going to be working on what’s most important to me. Again, thank you. And don’t worry about the review. I just want to leave some responds, as I wanted to make sure I responded to all reviews in the next chapter. This was only made because I plan on taking a hiatus.
  6. I’m making this topic to address a critic to my works. I don’t know who they are, as they leave anonymous. I just want to say to them, you’re right. My stories are way, WAY to insane and unbelievable to make to good ficition. At least the Pokemon ones you reviewed. I don’t blame you for calling me out on it. I’m glad you told left that review the first time. I did not know that would happen, and it was nice. You learn something new everyday. BUT, I have to just say this. I originally wrote these to release sexual fertilization I’ve been having. That’s the reason my Username is “Hide_My_Sins”. Yeah, I need to get laid. That’s the main reason I wrote these, around the same time. Just to get them out of my head. I decided to post them to see how people would react. So I should have expended this. But yeah, if you’re wondering why they have the same “issue”, it’s because I nearly all of these at the same time, without any way to know these facts before hand In other news, I’m going to stop writing my fanfictions for a long time now. It has nothing do to with you, weather that makes you happy or sad, or anyone else for that matter. I just have some other works to do. Stories that I’m working and want to write. Manuscripts I hope to one day publish, and a script for a fan series. Don’t worry, I working with others to made sure my stories don’t go completely bonkers. No matter. I said my piece. I hope you have a wonder day and life full of happiness and fortune.
  7. Hide_My_Sins Red’s Sex-venture Pokemon Red/harem Red sets on his Pokemon journey, not to completely the Pokedex, but turn the women of Kanto into his personal sex slaves. 5 Characters have be introduce so far. Red, Red’s mom, Daisy Oak, Blue Oak (female), and Leaf Oak. The summary basically is the plot. Red’s mom, Daisy, Blue, and Leaf are all pregnant. Leaf and Blue travel with Red to serve his needs, as their bodies slowly change Other women that Red knock up, female gym leaders, Nurse Joys, Officer Jennies, and female Rocket members. New writer can Red fucking random female trainers as well. As for Pokemon, Red will us Charmander, Buldasuar (Given to him by Leaf), Squirtal (Given to him by Blue), and the three legendary birds. You can contact me through Fanfiction.net under the name “Ieatyoursoul” There is also my tumblr, J1P2K. If you PM me on Fanfction. Or just reply to this is nothing else works. Chapter 1.docx Chapter 2 Red Oak.docx