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  1. Thank you moving it to the proper spot.
  2. I’ve started a Patreon account for writing erotic fiction. If you want to follow me or even support me, you can go to the account. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=8725363
  3. It more of a start of an idea, but what about having it where Ben and Gwen are fighting Charmcaster, and after beating her, Gwen brags that fucking Ben made her magic stronger. Or you could have where Charmcaster goes to Ben, because she too needs a king for her kingdom.
  4. Change of plans. I’ve started writing fan works again.
  5. Seeing how Photographer back in the 1920s, the time period Korra is based on only one-shot cameras, I see Parker working a small job at Sato Industries. Also, J. J. has a radio new show where he bashes Spider-Man. I know you said no bashing, but you got to have that good, old fashion J. J. spider hate.
  6. I need to ask. What is NTR? Does it mean something along the lines of Cheating?
  7. They either stay on the island to protect it, or choice to got to the main land to help fight in the war.
  8. An idea just popped in my head! You know how Avatar Kyoshi is going to be gender-bent into a man, because of Avatar rules in this world? Have Suki and the other Kyoshi warriors be manKyoshi’s descendants! Also, they all vowed to be any Avatar’s harem girls it one ever came to their island., as tribute and respect to their ancestor.
  9. Any other female characters that live in the village with Katara?
  10. yeah, do it.
  11. What would be Katara’s breast and butt size btw?
  12. Just a first chapter. And don’t hold me to it, till the chapter is posted. So someone else might want to take over who can write faster than me. And sure, it will have it.
  13. You know, I think I’ll do a first chapter of your Avatar idea. This don’t mean I’m going to take over the story. I’m thinking of have Katara have a hot, sex filled dream, than sneaking off to practices her water-bending, and finding Aang in the ice.
  14. In this world, women fight for their men. Winner get to marry the richest, most handsome men in the lands. The losers are gang raped for the people entertainment. You can make this a story about one person, or a series of different fights and events. All women are allowed to look anyway you wish. If you have questions, please leave a reply.
  15. Alright. That sounds hot. Hope you or someone gets around to doing it.