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  1. fuck damn this was a good series! i cant wait for the 3 instalment. hope there’s a birth scene as well as getting some of the sisters pregers
  2. neo4812

    need help

    how do i upload a story on to the site?
  3. this story was great! why must you tease us with that ending?
  4. at this point Lincoln is like quagmire. all he needs a a Hawaiian shirt
  5. interesting premise. please continue. though if bart was smart he could find the genie in the same forest as a ten year old or would that not work?
  6. lilo is gonna be sore for a week.
  7. im not a huge fan of lilo being a slut but you make it work good job
  8. man this was brutal! good job
  9. its done? wow i didn’t even notice. well at least it ended with a happy ending
  10. oh yeah! the herem grows!
  11. love the new ch! had to look up Christina. nice use of a very obscure girl
  12. wait really? i just made that up! i had no idea it was from a play!
  13. yeah! bring in that red haired bitch.
  14. damn ch 4 got sexy dark. just a question when is the next update of “just one rule”? im not being pushy im just asking
  15. well shit nani know. now that she dose will she stop it? no cause thats not how porn works.