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  1. wait really? i just made that up! i had no idea it was from a play!
  2. yeah! bring in that red haired bitch.
  3. damn ch 4 got sexy dark. just a question when is the next update of “just one rule”? im not being pushy im just asking
  4. well shit nani know. now that she dose will she stop it? no cause thats not how porn works.
  5. nice to see the other loud sibs break the “the rule” but darcy was quick to fuck. not even questioning what sex was, what is her home life like? aw well it doesn’t mater another great ch!
  6. so stitch’s cum is making there breasts bigger. ok thats neat. is nani preg or dose she need more fucking?
  7. neo4812

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    just reading “Keene's Really Good Week” if only we lived in that world
  8. neo4812

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    real sad when you think about it, do they throw her out after he grows up or dose he keep her so he can pass her down to his own kids? that would make for an interesting sequel. probably be better then toy story 4. i did not care for that movie
  9. ch 2 is pretty good, its almost the same a s ch1 but atleast stitch knows that he’s hurting lilo. now how nani is gonna take the rape is gonna be fun to read
  10. neo4812

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    the last toy was a very interesting story, never read a story where i feel for the sex toy
  11. neo4812

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    rather loved “Goldilocked”
  12. been awhile since someone reviewed this story. i gotta say i loved it! i hope you write another SVTFOE fanfic after the other fics your doing
  13. well that was interesting! wonder if lilo will transform into a experiment? hope so!
  14. thats one more bastard the log has sired. atleast Lincoln doesn’t have to help raise it. wont be long till all the women in royal woods is under the spell of the log