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  1. thats one more bastard the log has sired. atleast Lincoln doesn’t have to help raise it. wont be long till all the women in royal woods is under the spell of the log
  2. i know its not possible but i hope lucy gets knocked up
  3. one more girl t add to the herem. smart move doing her ass cause i don’t think Lincoln needed another kid
  4. oh i really hope Lincoln knocks up all his sisters! hope they have enough money for it
  5. read the newest ch loved it! hope darcie ne next!
  6. i love your sandman story and im sure i’ll love this one
  7. neo4812

    Partners in More Ways Than One - A Zootopia story

    everything about this story is great plz continue it!
  8. neo4812

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    this was a good chapter and a good story