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  1. neo4812

    Review responses for "Whoops" [The Loud House]

    this was a good fanfic. you write good loudcest
  2. fuck damn this was a good series! i cant wait for the 3 instalment. hope there’s a birth scene as well as getting some of the sisters pregers
  3. neo4812

    need help

    how do i upload a story on to the site?
  4. this story was great! why must you tease us with that ending?
  5. at this point Lincoln is like quagmire. all he needs a a Hawaiian shirt
  6. interesting premise. please continue. though if bart was smart he could find the genie in the same forest as a ten year old or would that not work?
  7. lilo is gonna be sore for a week.
  8. im not a huge fan of lilo being a slut but you make it work good job
  9. its done? wow i didn’t even notice. well at least it ended with a happy ending
  10. oh yeah! the herem grows!
  11. love the new ch! had to look up Christina. nice use of a very obscure girl
  12. wait really? i just made that up! i had no idea it was from a play!