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  1. George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Hello again, It's been a bit of a while. I would have written sooner, but I've been out a while. I just got done reading your drones story and you said to reach you here if we liked what you've done. As you might remember, I've become somewhat of a fan of your stories over the last little while and if you're interested, I think I have something for you. A story that you may not have heard of, but has a plot and pairing in it you might be interested in. If so, message me back saying so, if not give the word and you'll never hear from me again. Yours, G3ae
  2. Not bad, not bad at all. Usually, I'm not much of a fan of Steven Universe, but this one is pretty good. Now, I wonder if I might ask how you liked the story I sent you or if you thought Johnny Test worth a look? Personally, as I said before, I thought you'd like it and possibly find it better material than Milo Murphy.
  3. I don't believe so. It was on air some years ago, but I honestly stopped playing attention until I started reading the story I sent you.
  4. Another job well done. Given your taste in reading material, I assume you've read this story http://cartoon.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600093704. Of course, if you haven't, now you can and I think you'll enjoy. Anyway, I wonder if you ever considered writing a story for Johnny Test. It would seem to feature characters you'd like and a premise you could use much like Phineas and Ferb.
  5. You could have some accident strip clothes off of characters or there's the "heroic rescue" plot line. I know, not the most original ideas in the world, but still they work.
  6. https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=79DijItQXMM
  7. Well, I did say "most". I didn't exactly count so I'm not 100% on just how much I've read. Then again, I have been at it for quite some time now...
  8. Well, I guess I'll see how it turns out. I've read practically all of your work and have disliked exactly one. Somehow, I seriously doubt you'll disappoint. It'll be fun watching the Kwami try to explain why they never told Adrien or Marinette the truth.
  9. You know, that explains a lot, especially in some of the stories I've read. Ah France, we must not forget that you and we are different in our ways. In any case, the idea is solid, I'm just not sure it fits Adrien and Marinette. As head over heels for each other as they are, neither really seems the obsessive sort. I do love the Tikki and Plagg not liking each other idea. Gives reason to most of their reactions, especially why neither ever tells their human who their amatus really is.
  10. I do not mind in the least. Fair is fair after all. Since we talked about your concept for Miss Matched I must admit I've been getting more into the series and fanfiction. I stand by what I said the first time though. While the story is good the writing is just too childish. That's why I've been sticking to reading for the most part. I particularly like the stories that, like yours, focus on more mature elements befitting highschool students. What did you have in mind?
  11. If you don't mind me asking, why only a one shot? I'd definitely this story deserves more or at least a sequel. It's really good.
  12. I guess that'd work, provided that they provide a satisfying alternate ending for the two of them. It would make a good point that men and women can be friends without attraction getting in the way. You know, I never thought to ask you before as it's not exactly your usual fare, but with my complete lack of luck thus far, what the hell. There's a web series called Out With Dad about a lesbian teenager and her father dealing with all of the extreme trouble that's attached to coming out in this day and age. I know, not the greatest summary in the world, but I assure you the show is much better in actuality that I describe it. Here's the part where you come it. You see, as I see it, the show and it's characters have lots of potential for stories but I've searched high and low and could only find one poorly written story, barely over 1000 words. Now, ordinarily I would correct such a travesty myself, but what little skill I have is no good for writing anything of the sort. I've been reaching out to every author I thought might listen to me for months, trying to get somebody interested. So far no dice, and it's driving me completely nuts. So, if you have the time to actually watch the show and think it might be worth a story or two, give me a shout, I'd love to see what you come up with. You can find it easily on Youtube or on the official show website
  13. Well, I certainly didn't expect that, especially after the chapter before. I’d expected what I’d guess everyone who watches StarvFE expects in the end and for Marco and Star to get together. Still, I’m not complaining of course. You do good work and are the only one I know of who will even touching ideas like this. I congratulate you for yet another story well written and a job well done.
  14. Alright, if you say so. Personally, I agree with everything you've said about it and would probably enjoy watching it, but it's always seemed just too childish. I'm a pretty big fan of formulaic myself and I did enjoy Phineas and Ferb. It's just the way everything is written, you'd think this was Preschool not Highschool. It takes away from the other undeniable good points just too much to get through. But hey, with every other work you've given us, somehow I doubt I'll be able to make that claim about Miss Matched. Can't wait to see what you do with the place.
  15. Miraculous Ladybug? Really? Man, I would not have expected that at all. Meaning no disrespect to you or the show, but that one really just doesn't seem like something you would use. Of course, what do I know? I only know you through your work.