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  1. So…  Warning rant ahead…

    Perhaps I am quite close to the written material I have up.  Perhaps I’m just stubborn…  Pigheaded…  Wouldn’t be the worst thing I’ve been called…  And I’m willing to take some fair concrit when it comes to the stories, even the ones I am most proud of…  The latest review that I received for Blood and Honour was neither concrit nor supportive, in my belief.

    I read the entire chapter before I review, before I form an opinion.  Being told, off the bat, that you did not read the entire chapter, thus forming your opinion from half...a quarter, I feel renders anything said not necessarily invalid, but also pointless in ‘constructive’ criticism – and I use ‘constructive loosely here (especially when a comment made is that ‘it would be more ‘readable”).  I’m not sure how four people can be confusing, nor can I understand how, and I will be exact here, one can be confused with four given names, three nicknames associated with those given names (Ie. Max – Maximilian, Fritz – Friedrich, Matti – Matilde), and two surnames.  As for feelings and emotional responses; I’m sorry that it doesn’t beat you over the bloody head with each and every sentence referring to how ‘utterly awesome’ the other one is while otherwise leaving a vacant slot where the MC is.  This one is not supposed to start happy, is not supposed to be cheerful and happy, this is supposed to be a dark start, a bleak future cast. 

    Perhaps because of my closeness and pride for Blood and Honour, maybe it’s not as bad as I think, but to me, this review was not constructive, this felt like full on criticism and, at some points, quite mean spirited.

    End of rant.

    Sorry…  Just need to bitch and complain, but didn’t want to clutter the forums with things.

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    2. pippychick


      And on the subject of bad reviews, at least it wasn’t personal. Wait until someone reads a story and then reviews or emails to says something like: “I read your story. Are you okay?” or otherwise speculates on the kind of life you’ve had.

      Sometimes, I think they even mean it, which is kind of hilarious.

    3. Tcr


      DP: Thanks.  I did look over them, but yeah…  When I’m feeling a little less… beaten down, I’d love to discuss them and hear them.

      Pippy: I wouldn’t worry about the concrit you gave.  I didn’t think it was that much and many of your points were valid (especially the double paragraph (you can’t hear it, but there’s still some head thudding against wall sounds going on here)).  (And, no, I see no pretentiousness or intellectual snobbery in your response.)

      And, uh…  ‘What about parfaits?  Everyone like parfaits?’  Okay, okay, I can take a hint over all the boos, I’ll be quiet now.

      The concrit you and BW have given (as well as CR in the beta sessions) are welcome, just as anyone’s, and I hope it never came across as being the opposite.  As I stated in the forum post, reviews and concrit help you grow as a writer.  This one just felt…  Unnecessarily harsh…  And I needed to growl and moan about it…


    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      My prescription to help improve your mood.  :P