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  1. Chapter 6 (Who Threw The First Punch?) Is posted. Comments and reviews welcome
  2. Chapter 5 (The Moon Is A Window To Heaven) is posted up for your reading entertainment.
  3. Chapter 30’s up.
  4. While editing off a chapter for one of my many adventures in the creative realm of (please insert colourful metaphor here) insanity that is my writing… (...Of course, it doesn’t help that I haven’t really written anything in a week, so these are all the buffer chapters I have…)… Sorry, rambling again… Anyway, I noticed some of my quirks ‘re-emerged’ from long ago… In this case, the suspension of disbelief ‘rule’ I have. (Yes, I, the insane one, follow some strange rules that probably make no sense...) Anyway, background for it, at one point it was a three-point system wherein I would give myself leeway to do three things that would require a suspension of disbelief. (Let’s take, for example, Star Trek: Suspension of Disbelief 1 (Hereafter SoD#): Faster than light travel; SoD2: aliens exist; SoD3: Every known woman of alien/human/...shapeshifter? origin wants to get it on with a certain specific Starfleet Captain… Well, except two… So it seems… There may be a third, but… Sorry, rambling again...)… Anyway, the way this rule worked for me was, if there was too many SoDs, then it became too unbelievable and it would take me out of the story… So, my question becomes, what sort of strange things do you, as a writer, adhere to? What sort of things have you ‘grown’ out of?
  5. Chapter 9 (Into the Jaws of Death) is up and ready.
  6. Chapter 9 (Past Sins) is posted for your entertainment.
  7. Chapter 4 (A Thousand Worlds and Spreading Out) is posted.
  8. Much like BW, I've got a million ideas in my head... Usually fighting each other (...six things on the go and one trying to be published...too many ideas, not enough time)... I can be inspired (and write twenty chapters pretty much non stop) by a simple song lyric or something I've seen in movies or just random thoughts I have... Which are most of the ideas... And where the idea for the newest one came from (two lines in a song, lol)... But that inspiration can be lost just as suddenly too… Having a broken spirit kills that inspiration flat dead... Trust me, I got a lot of Inspiration hidden in the basement... And for me, that happens a lot... Stress kills... And when nothing's gone right (Just like right now, laptop's fried itself (I hate this damned city))... And bad times... And that feeling that, while I know people are reading, it doesn't feel like it... The inspiration wavers and, oft times, cracks, breaks, and disappears... I've been lucky lately... But even then, the inspiration for STA, BaH, CHHW, even Hunted and BP have all wavered because of those factors all coming together right now... Sucks when you're always thinking the worst…
  9. Okay, I'm definitely in. Story: One Last Gift Holiday theme: Takes place around Christmas... I believe the description to my beta was 'A messed up Christmas Carol'. Warning: Nosex Summary: Full of anger and hate for the Christmas season after the death of his love a year earlier, Daniel Jacobsen has become a grinch of sorts. But after several drinks at the local bar, he might change his tune with a strange encounter.
  10. And now...  for the next five weeks, tough days ahead...  Lots of bad memories...  Not sure how much writing is going to get done on any of them now :(.

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    2. BronxWench


      @Desiderius Price I found out on Thanksgiving Day 2012 that my dad had end-stage cancer. He and my stepmom flew up from Texas on December 5, 2012, and he died January 11, 2013.

      I still catch myself thinking I should text my dad about something, or call him. But if he were here today, we’d be having a cup of coffee together, something we started doing when I was a toddler (mine back then was a few drops of coffee in warm milk, but it worked!) and did almost up until he died. Cocoa was only for when I went ice skating, and Dad would be watching from the rail at Wollman Rink.

    3. Avaloyuru
    4. Tcr


      I hate working nights, never get to answer people right away... :(…

      DP: Regarding morselized penis...  Disturbing...  Yet, once again shows how reality can be stranger than fiction...  And I have a great number of strange things the cops would suspect me as a serial killer for...especially with my search history...  And apparently being a writer only goes so far when researching Nazis...  And rape...  And getting away with murder...

      BW, I'm sorry to hear that :(...  It's good you have the great memories, though.  Still, I understand...  And sure, let's be tough together :).  :hug:.

  11. Update: Removed Death's Chase, Rebirth, and Hell Fall.
  12. Chapter 8 (Never Easy) is ready to be read.
  13. Chapter 8 (Revelations) is posted for your entertainment. Reviews, concrit, and questions always welcome.
  14. Chapter 29 posted. Didn't think it would make it this far...
  15. Chapter 3 (For Everything, There Is A First Time) is posted...