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  1. Well, after nearly seven years at the same job, that chapter is done.  And an old chapter becomes edited.  Back to university I go in a few months.

    Unfortunately, I may not have as much time to write between packing, moving and getting settled (again), so the updates may be...  A lot less in the coming months.  Apologies, and assurances, I have not abandoned them.

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    2. BronxWench


      It sounds like this is a move for the better, so congratulations! Nothing is worse than working at a job you don’t like.

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Yeah, go to school until you get really tired of it (that’s what I did).  Congrats on making the change in your life, hope it works out better for you (in the long run).

    4. DemonGoddess


      I hope this all works out well for you!

  2. So, a few days ago, a friend and I were talking about this sort of idea. The discussion for this thread, though, is more a case of how many OC characters do you like in your fan fiction before it gets turned off? In the case of the only fanfiction I have up here, which is that of a Star Trek Online, aside from a few ‘cameos’ here and there, the cast is entirely original characters. The conversation between us was a discussion about how a lot of people would be turned off by that sort of story, which I do accept and actually kind of agree with (strangely, considering...), but how many OC characters in a fanfiction turn you off? Would it turn you away from that particular story or does it even matter? Giving my thoughts on the matter as a writer, I don’t really like using canon characters because I, personally, feel forced into a tiny box to keep them in character. As a reader, if the canon characters in a fanfiction don’t feel particularly right (given deviations accounted for in regards to whatever the story is being told; ie, sexual stories, I can give leeway in canon characters being different than author portrayed (if this makes sense...). It’s a major reason why I didn’t include any in the main cast of characters for STA. That said, as a reader, I do understand why someone could, potentially, be turned away if there are no canonical characters. (I feel like I’m rambling, so my apologies.)
  3. Tcr


    Chapter 17 (Dark Paths) is posted.
  4. Tcr

    How much do you listen to reviews?

    Well, in answer to the question: I listen to them to a certain point. I've had plenty of trolls lately (Not here, but some others) and a few really good, in depth reviews. For me, listening to the reviews is a good way to gauge the readership (if you get good, non-troll ones). Sometimes, it can be good in terms of assisting an idea to its fullest potential or correcting some minor errors. (Something like the one first posted here, not helpful, in my opinion.) As has been said, your style is yours. You decide how you want to write it. Taking, for example, George R.R. Martin: I cannot get into his writing... I cannot for the life of me, but he's doing a little fine (yes, sarcasm, my third language) for himself. And way to go for him. To have someone change that to, say, DP's style, or BW, or mine would take away things people do like about it. And if one person has a problem with your style, then maybe they shouldn't be reading it. As for reviews, when I leave one, I do a good-concrit-good idea. But I make sure it's not stupid concrit or nitpicky to begin with. I hope I'm making sense...
  5. @CloverReef Because I owe you and, despite saying it earlier, happy birthday, hope your day was great.

    1. BronxWench


      @CloverReef The happiest of birthdays to you! :hug: :party: :happykitten:

    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      @CloverReef  Happy Birthday!   :bday:

    3. CloverReef


      Thanks guys! It was nice of Pride to throw the parade on my birthday so I spent the day in the big city! And I’m totally getting mcdonalds because junk food magically becomes healthy on birthdays. It’s a law of nature. 

  6. Tcr

    Come Hell or High Water

    After a long hiatus… A major update. Chapters 31 through 40 are now posted.
  7. I hadn't noticed. Lol. I think it all depends on the writer. An 'elegant solution' written by the blunt force writer won't really work that well, even well written, because of the style. Which I'm probably repeating… I think, too, it depends a lot on what sort of feeling You, as writer, want to convey. A quick death can be intense, fast, and portray a "blink and you miss it" situation. A slow one can also be intense, but be meant to show a devastating death that's meant to linger in the minds of the reader. Maybe I shouldn't answer when tired...
  8. Tcr

    Blood Prize

    Chapter 15 (A Little Death A Day) is posted.
  9. @CloverReefI think I remember that scene, you were in the zone at that time. You were all like “I’m starting it” and then it was like “I’m done it!” I was like… Damn, that tornado blew through pretty fast. And I definitely agree with the attachment to the characters. I have grown attached to mine (even if I’m unsure anyone else has) and, beyond any measure of doubt, it makes it really hard with this scene. Because I kind of don’t want to, but it also has to be done for various storytelling points and because I set it up throughout the last few chapters with that intention. And it’s a really painful time to write (even if she isn’t an MC...) But I wholeheartedly agree with that idea of high emotions and tensions. In the one I referenced for me, it’s a scene that, in the last moments of the character, truly defines them, which makes it a highly emotional and highly important moment for said character. I guess I’m always worried that those are the scenes that are going to fail badly in getting the point and the emotion across. If that makes sense. Because if it’s just another character death, then it’s a ‘meh’ sort of reaction. (Which doesn’t intend to sound as bad as it probably does...) @Desiderius PriceAll my characters I grow attached to. Although I don’t entirely think that I’ve used this one as much as I probably could have. She’s become more of a background character with higher importance (...does that make sense? It makes sense to me...). But the manner of death here is just… Heroically emotionally painful… So I’m procrastinating writing it. lol.
  10. So, let’s not pretend this is me having an epiphany… This is me procrastinating with a good question… lol. So, as I come to the end to one of the many stories I have here… The major climax that leads to the denouement and subsequent finale and goodbye is becoming a pain in the ass to write. I’ve been finding myself having trouble writing some deaths of characters that are both minor and major characters in the tale and have, hopefully, been good enough to warrant someone actually cheering for survival… It’s problematic… on every level. So, my question, since I’m going to make a wild assumption that everyone grows attached to their characters (...we’re writers, I’m pretty sure we all do this… Even Bob...)… How do you all murder your characters? Do you struggle with it? Prefer it quick and simple as the end grows near or do you prefer long, drawn out deaths? Do you find yourselves procrastinating? Or is just an easy decision, like putting toast in the toaster?
  11. Tcr


    Chapter sixteen (Home Sweet Home) is up for your reading pleasure.
  12. Tcr

    Star Trek Adventurer

    Chapter 17 (They Say There’s No Devil...) is posted. On a side note, this one is no longer in the Games – S through Z – Star Trek RPGs and has been moved to Games – S through Z – Star Trek Online.
  13. Way to go, congrats, crack out the celebration and... Well, you've probably done all that anyway. Great news and .
  14. Category: Games Subcategory: Star Trek Online Written Work Ready for Posting: Yes. Has been posted in Star Trek RPG under Star Trek: Adventurer (if can be moved to a Star Trek Online section, much appreciated).