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  1. Tcr

    How Much Sex is too Much Sex?

    That's a good point there. It's something I try to do with mine on every chance. (Come Hell or High Water, for instance, doesn't have any sex until Chapter 21, but it flowed organically (at least, I thought) and worked in the context of the story.) I don't see the idea of "too much sex" so much as "does it fit naturally with everything in the story up to that point (I kind of broke that with Blood and Honour, but yeah.)
  2. Okay, so personal rant coming up…

    I was reading A few posts off site that a couple friends had shared and I felt absolutely disturbed by them.  It might be a few years back and all, but...  

    To have published authors who readily compare fanfic to home invasion (because (imo) free publicity is certainly the same as having someone break in and take everything), immoral  (... not touching that idea...) making them want to 'barf' (excellent wording, btw), and referring to it as adultery... 

    Are you serious?  I understand the idea of not liking it (I don't agree, but that's a personal thought process and one I can't force on others)...  But really?

    Sorry, just a little growly over this...

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    2. BronxWench


      I think more authors are becoming open to fan fiction. However, there is still a huge stigma dating back to the Marion Zimmer Bradley legal issue (which remains unclear to this day, IMO). Many authors won’t read any fan fiction of their work because they are afraid if anything they write resembles that fan fiction, they will be sued. It’s tainted the relationship between fan fiction writers and authors for some time.

    3. Tcr


      Now, this is a humble opinion of a delusional madman here...  But if I was published and I saw some fanfic of it on here (he'll, if someone contacted me and was like "I want to write in the universe of Blood Prize" I'd be feeling pretty complimented and flattered by it.  Admittedly, I'm kind of weird that way, so…

      But I do understand the approach and thoughts behind it of staying away, too.  Nowadays, it seems like people will sue over every little thing (Not to say it does happen, but with news and stuff, it has that stigma)...  And no author (I hope) wants to be accused of plagiarizing, even without that knowledge.  It does wonders for a career if that happens, I hear.

    4. CloverReef


      I used to looove Marion Zimmer Bradley. Now I gotta google it. 

  3. Se ijin shan Erisiche halshaten? And what, are you saying I don’t write epic alien languages that leave you breathlessly wanting more language from them? ;). But, yes, I do agree that the author probably shouldn’t have an entire chapter between characters speaking different languages without A.) established the language to the point that it is understood (there’s a great scene in STIII that actually illustrates this well, but no one wants to hear that, I’m sure...) or B.) having some way that they can translate without pulling someone out of the story in such a time. And in highly romantic or emotional scenes, there’s definitely a point where the conversations should be understood, preferably in a language that’s understood…
  4. I’m pretty sure everyone who writes has a story like that. I, personally, love the 3rd Omniscient as it allows me to explore a wild, wide variety of both the characters and events as they unfold without having the worry about keeping Joe Blow from Idaho in the middle of everything. I read a book where this author wanted to keep his character involved in every major point in that universe (reference point, Star Wars). It came off really jumbled and confuzzled (yes, I’m using that word, it’s going to be the next Quiz!); especially when the events were like: He has no reason to be there… But this kind of got off the rails here… Yes, the balance of the Non-English to Reader Patience is always a tricky subject. I do provide a translation in the main text, usually from one of the other characters or just after they say it, in order to not have people running throughout a book trying to find out what it means. (ie. ”Jin se kahlo.” I love you.) But I do understand what you’re saying. Obviously, I’m in the minority here in loving to see alien languages that show a rich culture and not just someone who wants an alien without having to background anything (… I’m looking at you TOS...)… In my somewhat outnumbered opinion, the development of a language shows a culture and, especially if the MC is an alien interacting with humans, would not, necessarily, use English (as an example) in every day conversation, either. Am I just rambling? I feel like I’m rambling... I’m probably not making sense either… Working nights really does a number on brain cells...
  5. Recently, I had a conversation with a friend regarding the use of other languages within a written work (ostensibly written in English in this case, although it could be expanded to include English in any other language novels). In this case, I was discussing the entire language created by myself for Blood Prize (Straxian). The discussion turned to how much of a different language is too much. I have nigh an English-Straxi Dictionary going on in my files specifically for the use of this. Not to mention the creation of gender nominative words and sentence structures. (Does this make me insane? Probably...) To me, if the language is used correctly, it can add to a background and cultural aspect of a character and race. The use of a different language from English (in this case) allows me the immersion into said culture and the novel. Admittedly, I don’t want sixteen chapters of a language I don’t understand, but the occasional touch or even exchange in (and I’ll just use mine) Straxi is a reminder that this isn’t human and that the other people do have their own history. But… How much is too much for you? How far do you go in order to create a language for your tale? Have you or would you create one? I’d like to hear your thoughts.
  6. Tcr


    ...and As usual, TCR is late for the party!... Everyone's gone... Damn it… From everything I've read, I'll probably end up repeating things here. But... Repeating is my middle name, so… Honestly, I feel this whole blog editing advice is bull for this. Ending it to make up for a lack of style? Huh, wonder if anyone told King or Crichton or any number of other major authors that used a slamming door or other (as much as it wasn't used in the post) over the top actions? If, and this has been pointed out, the character in question is naturally hot headed and prone to outburst, or even if they aren't but emotionally it has set them off in that way so it feels natural, then a slammed door is a good indication. This isn't lazy or a lack of style, this is making a human character be human. Humans are, mostly, emotional creatures, for better and worse, and, as such, react emotionally. If it's set up that A has pissed B off to the point B is fuming like an erupting volcano, then have B erupt. That said, in my questionable opinion, it has to be set up properly. Having an argument that reads like a pair of old grandmas having tea end with a door slam probably isn't the most likely… That said, I'll stop rambling now.
  7. Tcr

    The Big Question

    Well, shit... Here I thought there was a marriage proposal... Well... I'm disappointed. Back to bed for me… (close enough...) Damn, still here... Ummm... look at the pussy! Fine, I'll answer… To be honest, probably be able to get rid of the idiots in the world... Like (fwoosh)... Or maybe that's just work talking.... and this city... Hmm... Higher level intellect? I wouldn't mind having that... Intelligently rule the world ;).
  8. Well, now, today...  Yesterday?  What day is it?  DAMNED night stalking...  I mean, stocking...  yes, exactly what I meant...  Dipped a toe into a vast lake of uncertainty and so far, no piranhas...  A possible megalodon, or maybe a Dunkleosteus (if any knows what I'm talking about, I commend you...)...  Now to wait for the publisher to get back regarding the novel submission...  Fingers crossed...

    1. BronxWench


      ::crosses everything::

    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      I’d have replied sooner, but I was too involved in base building myself….. :)

  9. Tcr


    Chapter 15 (Pleasure of the Gods) is posted for your enjoyment.
  10. Tcr

    Blood Prize

    Chapter 14 is posted.
  11. Tcr

    Star Trek Adventurer

    Chapter 16 (A Free Galaxy) is posted. Apologies for the hiatus.
  12. My apologies to those reading any of my stories.  It's been a rather long and unplanned hiatus thanks mostly to schedule changes at work.  (Sucks working nights and a sudden change...).  Here's hoping Friday can see some posting again.

    1. DemonGoddess


      I feel ya.  My schedule has been all over the place for the last damn year.  It’s horrible.

    2. KassX


      The dreaded ‘H’ word, happens to the best of us. I hope you get back on it soon! 

  13. Tcr

    Blood Prize

    Chapter 13 is up and ready.
  14. Tcr


    Chapter 14 (The Plan) is up for everyone’s enjoyment.
  15. Tcr

    Blood and Honour

    Chapter 18 is now posted.