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  1. So, I think I'm absolutely insane (anyone know a five star hotel with a nice white padded room, those good suits that hug you, and dining arrangements?)...  One series I'm prepping to send for a publisher, two Halloween oneshots, four works on the go and posted here...  And another one I just started…

    Yep, I'm nucking futs! 

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    2. Tcr


      ... I must be the only one lost with that...  But...  Lol.  Well, I have six waiting for prepping...   So...  Do I win a prize?   Yeah, little strange here...

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      I think being “strange” was one of the AFF signup requirements.  :indubitably:

    4. Tcr


      I'm pretty sure I checked insane on my registration...  Off kilter...  Bizarrely creative...  Must have missed strange.

  2. Chapter 26 posted.
  3. Okay... So I'm taking this from CR... So, if it's wrong... <points fingers> their fault! All theirs! Title: StalkerTags: Violence MiCD Summary: She watched from a distance. Halloween, she changes the game.Halloweeny theme: Death, violence, creepy stalkery murderer. Hopefully that all works...
  4. I think this might be the cleanest the review shelves have been in a while, with the dusting I've been doing. Another review for Blood Prize, from MonaMina: This is really well written. More please❤️ Thanks for your comment. I'm glad I've intrigued you enough. Chapter 5 is now up (as of yesterday) and I have several chapters waiting to be edited and posted, so there won't be an end to it for a bit :). Hopefully it continues being interesting.
  5. Chapter 5 (Trials and Tribulations) is ready for your viewing pleasure.
  6. Chapter 5 (Future’s Past) is up for reading.
  7. Might be a little late... Sounds like my usual, but… Star Trek kind of started it for me. I started originals and loved the process and creativity in school and used that to get out of the bad situation. They were mostly vicious shorts, blood she'd and violence galore... (Has anything really changed?... ...) Then I started writing in the Star Trek universe for a little, expanded outward from shorts into novels... Which in turn became originals again... (A full circle, weird and crazy, but yeah...) Sci Fi has always been a part of my writing, I've just expanded out… And I ramble on...
  8. Well, I tried flamethrower, but apparently work frowns on that... After a few people turned KFC... And part of the building became a bonfire... I don't understand why they'd frown on it...
  9. Nutjob? I prefer the term "untethered"... Perhaps a little unhinged...
  10. I say, we get together, trap this ugly motherless chrak'tova (I am definitely going to start using Straxi in life now, just to get weird looks...) and send it and RL into the sun... Kill it! Kill it with fire!
  11. Firstly, in my quite possibly not so humble opinion... Two reasons are a little bit of... Well, Ian Malcolm said it best: That's one big pile of shit. To lump people together greatly cuts out others... At least I think so... I fall into neither category, too. I had a pretty bad childhood, so the writing allowed me to escape elsewhere and live in wondrous worlds of crazy, bizarre things away from reality. As time progressed, I just liked to write, never showed anyone, never wanted to. It wasn’t a "tale to tell/tale to sell", it was just something I did. Now, it's a relief and definitely stress reduction technique... But it's still mainly because I enjoy it… Do I want to be published? One day, certainly... I'd love to see my name at the bookstore... And walk around anonymously... Because I'd like to point out things... And slap people upside the head...
  12. Chapter Four (Struggles of Atlas) is posted.
  13. Wow… Posted 25… Hope everyone is liking it .
  14. Chapter Four (Trouble, Again) is ready…
  15. Wow, page two… Didn’t think I’d see that day come… But no one’s here for me to ramble on… Three reviews this time. (It’s been a few weeks, I know, Mister Toaster… Calm down...) Hunted: From Tahn: Interesting start, look forward to seeing how it goes. Well, I do hope that you’ve continued to read and that I haven’t disappointed in keeping it interesting. Thank you. From InvidiaRed: Quite enjoyable <3 Its not very often where the hunters are worse than those they hunt. Well, thank you for that. Hopefully it’s continued to be enjoyable and will continue to in the future. I’m not going to lie, I was flip flopping through the entire spectrum of what I should do with the Guard. (I mean, aside from what I already did with them...) I guess the story itself made the decision for me and it just happened that way. Blood Prize: Also from Tahn: Neat, good sci-fi stories are rare here. Look forward to seeing where this one goes. I’m starting to think I might have a fan . Maybe… lol. And I try hard to keep my sci-fi good. I was told something a long time ago by one of my teachers (, I sound like I’m an antique...)... “Good science fiction isn’t about the technology or the time period, it’s about the people.” And I try to abide by that... Hopefully you keep reading and I don’t disappoint. Thank you both for your reviews, they are much appreciated.