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  1. Hunted

    Chapter 13 (Just A Jaunt In The Wild) is up.
  2. Star Trek Adventurer

    Chapter 14 (Trained in Deception) is posted.
  3. Star Trek Adventurer

    Chapter 13 (All the Things To Come) is now posted. Feel free to leave reviews, questions, or comments. Happy reading.
  4. Hunted

    Chapter 12 (One Last Chance) is posted.
  5. Blood Prize

    Chapter 12 is posted.
  6. Star Trek Adventurer

    Chapter 12 (Serpents in the Garden) is posted.
  7. Star Trek Adventurer

    Chapter 11 (An Incident) is posted.
  8. Star Trek Adventurer

    Chapter 10 (Never Joke With A Vulcan) is posted. I hope everyone reading it has been enjoying it. As always, questions, comments, concrit are always welcome and I’m always happy to answer them on the Review Response Thread under the Games section on here.
  9. Alright, so, as the title says, does a lack of feedback affect your stories? (Ie while you’re writing, does the lack of feedback make you change things, doubt things, et cetera, et cetera? And vice versa, does a lot of feedback affect you? Do you change things that you probably wouldn’t have based upon those words?) This is probably a question that’s been asked before, don’t throw the pineapples (they kind of hurt), but… As for me, so far I’d say not really (in terms of changing things that otherwise wouldn’t have been). The lack of feedback on a lot of mine does make me question certain decisions, as I’m sure everyone does when faced with that same thing… For example, I know people are reading them (...unless they’re accidentally clicking into it and getting out of there as fast as possible… I’m going with the former, though), but lately I’ve been debating the… slow burn of one of them… Introducing and trying to create likeable characters that everyone wants to see survive through with the interactions that ring true necessitated the long fuse to the dynamite, and it’s been making me question that length. I’m sure everyone has something like that.
  10. Star Trek Adventurer

    Chapter 9 (Leap of Faith) is up and posted.
  11. Star Trek Adventurer

    Chapter 8 (Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner) is posted for your entertainment.
  12. Recently, I was reading an article discussing the idea of how two of my favourite series were falling back into the cave, refusing to break the mold with new things. Stagnating. While I would normally want to argue this fact, I couldn't. Both Star Wars and Star Trek have remained in their safe little bubbles. They're pushing things out too little, too late (ie Star Trek and their celebrated first open LGBT character who, while the best character of the series so far, comes far too late to be as groundbreaking as they'd like to think) or rehashing ideas like Star Wars since Disney took over... (Sorry, that backstory is done... throw tomatoes now...) Either way, the article got me thinking, as writers, how do you not fall into the trap and keep stuff, so to speak, fresh? Rather, do you push your comfort zone and try new things? How? And did it work for you? In my case, I branched away from sci fi. Lately, I'm right back in it, but I've got several that aren't. The farthest is definitely Hunted... I'll be the first to admit, I'm probably the last person who thought I'd be writing a vampire fic. Then there's the wider inclusion of varying characters that kind of started with one I don't have on here, that continued into BaH and throughout the rest of them. In my case, I think it worked. (And I've probably rambled enough that everyone's pulling their hair out in wild frustration or yelling at screens... So before the throwing knives come out, I'm getting out of here.)
  13. Well, this a strange burst of creative inspiration...  8 chapters in the equivalent time of approximate eight hours across two days...  After so long of not feeling it, I'd almost forgotten what a rush it could be.  :D:D:D:D

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    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price


      Although the toaster says I'm sane...)

      Would you like some toast?  Or, are you more of a muffin man? :)  (And :2tubs: if you recognize the source)

      2016 was even slimmer, so this *is* an improvement.  I’m guessing that people are just a bit busier over the holidays, so they don’t have that much time to write/review.

    3. Tcr


      Today is good, thanks for asking :whistle:.

      Yeah, it's probably just the holidays...  But I've absolutely no life, so...  lol.

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      I left work last Friday for the staycation, and likely won’t see another person until I get back to work next week.  So, yeah, its me and my cats for the holidays.  My family’s far enough away that makes it fiscally and logistically tough to visit (not to mention that recent oil boiler purchase didn’t help the budget).  Other people, though, likely resemble National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

  14. To friends, fans, and everyone in between:

    Merry Christmas.  Hope everyone's able to enjoy it with family.


    1. BronxWench


      Merry Christmas to you and your family from the lot of us here at the lair! :hug:

    2. pippychick


      Merry Christmas, and a good year to come, Tcr! :)

  15. Anyone else ever just feel like pulling everything they have posted or is it just me?  I feel like it might just be me...  Hmmm...  Probably is...

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    2. Tcr


      PippyChick: Yeah, I notice that myself and that's probably the reason now.  Just posted something new and yeah...  While I know comparing does nothing, I've found it happening with this one…

      DP: I wish I could say it was a big check...  I'd pull it there.  Still thinking no publisher will take the one I'm prepping...


    3. JayDee


      I did once pull everything I posted from AFF. Unfortunately one of the stories wasn’t backed up like I thought and I lost it. I can’t remember why, but I had ‘em back up before too long so it can’t have been too serious.

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Ages ago, I talked one author out of a complete withdrawal, (due to serious medical issues), pointing out that their fics (non-AFF) were a nice legacy, something that his nephew (who started him writing HP fanfic) would eventually treasure.  I know the lack of reviews/response can be frustrating, or the self-doubts gnaw, I struggle with those too, however, stories are tales, generally enrich us all, and can be a good legacy once we’re dust.