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  1. sweetmamajama

    Rape in Literature: Thoughts?

    Many good reply's here, so i don't wanna repeat the same thing as the other ppl but i guess i can just add a few of my thoughts Saying that writing about rape is lazy writing is dumb and hypocritical. It’s only lazy if ur being lazy about it, just like with any fucking topic Now I do encounter a lot of stories that have very disgusting implications about rape. They excuse the act, blame the victim, pretend like some of the most brutal, disgusting torture could be forgiven, glorify it etc. I think this is bad writing and immoral. I do make make distinctions tho between the narrative saying awful things about rape and characters doing it. It depends on the context. And I’m also more lenient on purely pornographic works since they usually tend to be someone’s fantasy. But when u put ur fantasy in a more serious work with plot and characters ur fantasy can’t remain unchanged. I think that then you have to make sure that the narration isn’t excusing the rape or blaming the victim.
  2. Definitely! I’d say that not getting feedback will affect not only ur motivation but ur writing skills too. If u don’t get constructive feedback you will never know if u did anything wrong or if u overlooked something or how to improve. I have to say that getting a beta improved my writing skills a ton! (thanks clovey and tcr) Not only cuz they fixed ma shit but they pointed out my mistakes and I could learn from them. But yeah not getting any feedback has done a number on my motivation and I am no longer in any rush to finish any of my work or post it. I thought about the hook in my 1st chapter but I have to say I think it is sufficient enough for the story itself. The only other option would be changing the story which is the road I refuse to travel down. It’s not worth it for me. The only advice I can give is check out if the summary and the hook in ur 1st chapter is sufficient I gotta say it’s really sad that a lot of readers just don’t care enough to leave reviews. I’m was often guilty of this myself but now I try to be more active with stories I really like.
  3. sweetmamajama

    CloverReef's Review Centre

    wow that's some insightful shit right there Like anyone would take writing critique from someone who cant even spell weird right seriously Oooh you just got burned son! lol did u think it was me? is it because of the misspelling?! well now I regret that I white knitted ur ass! but I would never let any lil bitch throw shade at ma waifu!
  4. sweetmamajama

    Leaving hints and clues

    Oh ok I get it now. tnx Bob may the Bob bless you
  5. sweetmamajama

    Naming places

    That’s a joke? I don't get it… 30 chromosomes later deputy Bob the 3rd died a horrible death, killed by his own son Bob the 3,5 -rd. He closed his eyes a single tear falling down his wrinkled face. “You too, ma bob child?” He whispered as his bob’s blood left him “Noooo!” The other Bob rushed cradling his dying lover in his arms “How could you Bob?!” He cursed their but lovechild as he wept bitterly.
  6. sweetmamajama

    Leaving hints and clues

    word choice? like what?
  7. sweetmamajama

    Naming places

    I don't even know whats going on anymore...
  8. sweetmamajama

    Naming places

    10/10 Bobs
  9. sweetmamajama

    Naming places

    lol i tots want that too
  10. sweetmamajama

    Naming places

    I kinda wanna read that story now I ship Other Bob with Bob the 3rd
  11. sweetmamajama

    Naming places

    Lord Spongebob praise be upon him!
  12. sweetmamajama

    Naming places

    I meanthe world would be a better place if everyone was named Bob
  13. sweetmamajama

    Naming places

    I see your point its easier coming up with a a few random names but if u gotta come up with a bijilion then ur fucked!
  14. Well I guess I can try. But the emotional impact wouldn't be there as if ur actually with the characters the was it is in writting
  15. Well Id still need to write that shit as like a script! I could just lay out the basic plot, but that's not really hard to do in writing ether. Maybe I could just babble on and on about a story and what it would kinda look like and stuff, but would that really be entertaining? I mean it wouldn't be artsy or emotional at all