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    I love Hush but it doesn’t even reach my top 5 of S04 alone. I guess, I’d rank it sixth after 1. Restless, 2. Fear Itself, 3. Something Blue, 4. Wilt At Heart, 5. Primeval.
  2. These are sad news but I respect and understand your decision which had loomed ahead for quite some time anyway. It’s very decent of you to drop this statement. Thanks, anyway, for our talks. They were fun! And you know, when your time, passion and muse should come back… – I’m already too old to grow out of this kink anyway. You mean 20 instead of 30 guys? You’ve heard it, folks. Come, all of you talented porn fanfic writers and regale me for no money but lots of prestige! Consider this challenge timeless, active and topical.