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  1. SerenUK

    Two Challenges

    Wow, I forgot about this so yeah it's a bump!!
  2. Working on adding more to my signature.

    1. WillowDarkling


      Hey there, I just want to point this out to you:

  3. SerenUK

    not able to see stories

    Thank you for keeping us all reader and writers updated with what is happening so big hugs and happy belated new year plus hope ya'll had good Christmas!!
  4. Saving up for my first tattoo and new piercing.

  5. SerenUK

    Danse Macabre - An Original Vampire Story

    Just wondering if any news on an update, thanks. I understand RL happens and miss reading more on your story however Merry Christmas!!
  6. I got itchy feet again, guess I want to go off exploring again... only been 3 weeks since last exploration :o

  7. SerenUK

    Lookin for a harry/Daphne fic

    Is it this one?
  8. SerenUK

    species names

    In Neverwinter (a MMO) I play, which is from Dungeons & Dragons; is an elf race which are considered dark elves which are called Drow if that helps.
  9. SerenUK

    Two Challenges

    Peter Pettigew and Bellatrix Lestrange, how he became a Death Eater due to his love (unknown to his friends naturally) of Bellatrix and envision this with BDSM envolved to some extent - set in school years to DH. Ron Weasley as a Death Eater, set in 4th year after him falling out with Harry over the Goblet of Fire pulling his name out so AU naturally and can bash him or show him however you want.
  10. Slowly getting things organised for my up and coming weekend away, got notepad incase I get ideas to write my story down.

  11. Trying to update my profile on AFF.

    1. JayDee


      Selected "my control panel" from the top and then it's the top-left options, eg bio for your details.