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  1. Y’all are only supposed to review when it’s Tahn’s turn to do the replies, didn’t you get the memo?!?! LOL Just kidding, you know we love you and your reviews. Okay, so here it goes: From HideAndGoSeek on October 13, 2017 Oh man I feel so guilty reading more of your amazing work becauze I'm such a shitty editor/beta/helper/friend but omg you have a gift and I'm addicted. This story is so good (like I knew it would be) and I can't wait to see how this one plays out. I hope everything is going well with your publishing! No worries! We’re glad you like this one and I’m all over here that you like my stuff. Publishing is going good, two more books coming out this year with three scheduled already for next year. It’s exhausting but I’m having fun doing it. Oh, and I’m going to send you an email so be on the lookout! Thanks for reviewing, you know they are the only thing that fuels us! From QueenAyame109 on October 11, 2017 Ahhh I'm loving this! I can't wait for the next update!! ❤️ Ahhh we’re so happy to hear that! Next chapter’s up, thanks for the review! From Lisa on October 10, 2017 I'm so glad Jeff finally apologized for acting like such an ass. It must be such a relief for Alan that he doesn't have to avoid him anymore. I think Jeff is lonely and he wants more friends, but he doesn't know how to make them. I think he scares them away before they can become friends. Jeff knows Alan's the only friend he has now. As for Alan -- good for you accepting that date with Seth! I am sure Jeff is NOT going to take this well. I'd be curious to find out how their threesome-prom date with Sarah turned out. This was another great chapter, CL and Tahn! Yeah, he’s a moody little sucker but I think it’s because he’s going through some stuff. Oh, you bet Jeff isn’t going to love the idea of Alan on a date. The prom went great, they danced and partied into the night and Jeff wasn’t even terrible to Sarah. Thank you for reading and reviewing! From MonaMina on October 10, 2017 Oh NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That girl better not be fucking with them...He said she was always nice but asshole friends can pressure people into shit and if she was dating an asshole before and friends with people that were assholes...Maybe she has the asshole gene in there somewhere? And I wish something would happen with Jeff already!!! They are so in love and now this other guy is moving in on Jeff's territory...He seems nice but I already love Alan and Jeff together! I'm hoping something happens where Jeff has to come to Alan's rescue and...I don't know...Finally let me know what the fuck is going on with him!!! Anyway...Update soon please❤️ Nah, Sarah was a nice girl, it’s rare in high school, I know, but she was just nice to them. Don’t worry, I’m sure everything will work out in the end. And you’ll soon find out what’s up with Jeff. Thanks for the review and we’re so glad you’re enjoying the story! From Dedicated Quill on October 10, 2017 This is so much fun! I love the slow build and am dying like everyone else to know more about Jeff. I also really love their characterizations and the flashbacks. Flashbacks can be tricky, but they work really, really well here. The tone is perfect, it reminds me of old Amelia Atwater-Rhodes books, like this would fit right in along side hers in the world she created. Can't wait to read more! First off, have to say, we might have squeed a little after seeing your review. We both love Loser so it’s kind of cool that you’re reading Cold Blooded and don’t think it sucks. Flashbacks are hard to do right but this story couldn’t really be told any other way. The big reveal is coming soon there are only a couple of chapters left. Thanks so much for the review! That’s all for today, folks! Thanks for reading and reviewing! Chapter 5 is up now!
  2. The power to make vegetarians run away in horror but then on the flip side, you’d mesmerize the meat eaters and that would probably give you mind control powers.
  3. I have a few chapters to catch up on but I’m so happy this story will be finished. I was scared I’d be left hanging for a while there. I understand the mixed feelings of finishing a project but I think in the end the sense of accomplishment shines through and gives you some warm fuzzies. Plus, now you get to work on other stories which is always exciting!
  4. You are so excellent at it! You’re one of only fanfic writers I love because even when I’m not familiar with the show or book you’re writing about, I can still enjoy your stories. You make it feel like it’s not just an offshoot of something else because you make it your own and are so damn good at it. And football sucks anyway.
  5. When I started writing it was because I had a story to tell, I had no idea it would be one that would sell. Now, I write because I can, because I like to, because it’s the one thing I can do that’s just for me, because Tahn likes my stories even if no one else does, because there are still stories to be told, and lastly and least important to me right now, because my publisher wants another book. I think there are as many reasons for people to write as there are people who write. No one has the exact same motivations or things that drive them to put words on paper and saying there are only two is being very narrow minded about it.
  6. Maybe an outdoor hot tub on the deck? I can’t see anyone actually wanting to have sex in the snow at all let alone after having been out in it for an extended time. How would you feel anything. I mean, you know how your fingers get numb after a bit? Now think nipples in the same situation. Can’t say that’s sexy at all. Frostbite on your titties would suck massively.
  7. Hello! It’s my turn to replay to the reviews for Cold Blooded so here it goes. From Lisa on September 28, 2017 Oh, absolutely, Alan! You guys need more than each other! I see how it probably looked like to Jeff -- always having to defend himself and/or Alan. He must have been thrilled Alan stood up for him for once. But...I imagine Jeff scaring off the bullies is wayyyyy more effective than Alan doing it. lol What the hell is in his eyes that scares the shit out of everyone who bullies him? Do they see fire coming out of them? I know, I know, your lips are sealed! lol This was another great chapter, CL and Tahn! Keep 'em coming! Aw, thanks for the review Lisa! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story so far. Yep, Alan finally stepped in and stood up to someone and I bet Jeff appreciated it. And yeah, we can’t tell you anything! To answer your question on the other stories, I’ve been really busy with the whole publishing thing that I don’t have time to work on all my stories. I hope to get a break here soon so I can do more of the fun stuff and maybe update something on AFF. Oh, and if you are actually reading this can you pm me? I have something(s) for you! Next chapter is up now! CL
  8. Oh, you did that so good, maybe you should do them all the time.
  9. Hello! This here is a thread wherein Tahn and I will reply to your reviews, answer any questions you may have and probably, mostly, just talk to each other! You’re welcome to stop in and say hi.
  10. I have a total of 23 WIPs in various stages. I’m currently only working on a few of them really. Mostly Trouble’s on the Way which is a sequel to Bad Moon Arising which is contracted to NSP and coming out in June of next year. I’m also gearing up to start the sequel to Backdoor Politics but have to finish crappy werewolf story first since it has a release date sometime next August and it’s still about 11k from being finished. I can’t wait to write Kamal and Zijad again, going to get dark…so very, very dark.
  11. I guess I’ll try it this year. And details to come but it might involve puppy pov...
  12. I have a terrible, very bad, no good idea...Oh, who am I kidding, I’m so writing this bitch. *evil grin*

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  13. I’ve actually been thinking of throwing something into KU, maybe a short novella. I’ve heard it helps as far as exposure goes. I guess I’m just nervous because I don’t want to lay out tons of money on editing for so little return if it doesn’t extend my reach for the books I have with the publishers. What are your thoughts on that? Think it would be worth it, basically giving a book away on the chance you might get discovered by the KU hordes?
  14. I’m not sure it will ever be in hardback but if you’re willing to wait until next summer, I can probably do the signed bit on the paperback.
  15. It will be available on November 7th in paperback as well.