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  1. Ah internet! How I love thee, don't ever leave me again!

  2. And today is the big day! It’s out and if you want you can go here: and try to win a free copy!
  3. Hi! I think if you hang around here you probably know me but in case you don’t I’ll just say, I write gay romance. Mostly MM but some MMF menage on occasion and even some het but that’s rare. Okay, I’ve been searching for betas for some time now. I have a couple but I need a few more to complete my team. I’m looking for long term beta readers who would be willing to read at least two or three books a year, maybe more. And also people who might be willing to help out by reviewing or reposting on social media. I’m not looking for editors for grammar and punctuation, I’m looking for content critique only. I just want your opinion! I’m looking into an incentive program for people willing to join my team. Which, if you do, we’ll talk about what would motivate you. Anyway, you can respond here or email me at Please feel free to ask questions if you need more information.
  4. It’s official, our first over 70 degree day as it is currently 73 degrees out! There are buds on the trees and it’s time to break out the summer clothes! Woohoo! (Nah, I’m not excited or anything like that. :D )

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      I’m not sure.  All I know, is that the ground here is so saturated that we’re certainly going to be going into flood warnings quickly if the rain keeps up.

    3. BronxWench


      I’m seeing wind Wednesday, and cold, but then rain over the weekend. Gah...

    4. KoKoa_B


      Must be nice… *grumbles* :P

  5. Yay! Thank you!
  6. And apparently I’m slow today because Beneath the Layers, an anthology I’ve got a story in is also up for preorder today! So, if you loved Gavin and Lex from Falling for Him, there’s a short story featuring them in there. Here’s the link for preorder: Beneath the Layers
  7. It’s finally here! Please join me on Molly Lolly Reviews for the exclusive cover reveal for Falling for him! Just click here Preorders also start today in NineStar Press’s website here’s the link: Preorder your copy
  8. I just got finished with the first edit on Loving Sarajevo. It consumed my life for the past two weeks so I was happy to finish it and send it off last night. Like, so happy I may have cried a little. I thought I’d get to write today. I was so excited only to wake up and have the editor for Backdoor Politics message me to tell me to expect the first edits on that story soon. My life is a never ending loop of editing hell.

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      In the end, you’ll be published.  Good luck, and keep it up!

    2. BronxWench


      Welcome to hell. I would say it gets easier, but it doesn’t, although when you see your babies out there for sale, it’s all worth it. :D

  9. Chapter 4 is up.
  10. Chapter 3 is finally up.
  11. *slinks in* Okay, so it’s been awhile but I have lots of excuses – they’re not great ones – for not updating anything or writing anything of note but I’m back! (Kinda, sorta, a little bit. don’t get your hopes up.) So I’m going to update a couple of things and I need to do review replies for a couple of reviews so here they are. Review Replies for And on the Third Day He Rose Again Chapter 2 PippyChick: So many questions! I have only a general idea of where this is going so the only thing I can tell you is that yes, Mo will have a hard time staying alive. Oh and he’ll keep respawning at the church because...reasons. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Cheshire_Catism9: Thank you for reviewing! I’m glad you’re interested in this one, I have sort of high hopes for it. Sorry for the delay in responding and posting! Tahn: Posting something doesn’t mean I have to finish it. I’ll try, I’m busy and have too many things going on right now to focus on writing any one story so I have to go where the inspiration takes me in the three minutes I find to write a day. As always thanks for the reviews! Chapter 3 is up now! Review Replies for A Unicorn, A Dragon and A Troll Walk Into A Bar… Chapter 3 BronxWench: Sorry for making you use the brain bleach! And yeah, the unicorns are elitist dickbags. I have no idea what the heck is going to happen. It’s sort of hard to plot out something like this, it’s just going to go where ever the weirdness leads. Sorry. Thanks again for the review BW! Chapter 4 is up now!
  12. I will accept the hug but not the you sticking to fanfiction (though I do love your stories). And yeah, I sort of forgot about that, think I almost passed out the first time and I know I cried then too. Mustn’t forget the good. Interestingly enough, if I hadn’t come here to AFF I’d have never found the courage to submit to a publisher so you’re on the right track.
  13. I think I’ve become immune to rejection. I just expect it now so it hurts less. But, man, yeah, hitting the send button is the worst, no, waiting is the worst, no, getting the rejection is the worst, no, it all sucks. Tell me why we do this again? (And I’m lying, it totally hurts and I weep inconsolably for at least two full days after each one. )
  14. You and Pippychick are too kind. But seriously, I think the lack of confidence runs high in most writers and it’s a huge hurdle to overcome. Reviewers who tell you that you suck and nothing more, are most likely not writers themselves or they’d realize how deep something like that cuts.
  15. I holler out to whoever’s in the room with me “Give me a girl/boy name!” My kids love playing the naming game. Of course this is usually just for non MCs because the MCs usually come to me with a name already attached.