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    help find a story

    naruto as a kid is a seals master and has the sharingan the first to have it till madara fanfiction
  2. jojo

    Germ Naruto

    is this the story you are look for
  3. hey ronin can I ask how is the 2 chapter coming for teddy pack
  4. jojo

    Ginny/Dean, Ginny/Harry

    just ask but is Ginny so post to cheat on harry with dean
  5. jojo

    Regulus is Harry's mother?

    can you tell me something that was in the story
  6. jojo


    thank you bronxwench
  7. jojo


    I am looking for a story harry is kidnapped and told he will have the leaders baby a female centaur with a cock they get harry ready for her by have didoes up his butt they get bigger as time goes on and later on his male centaur care taker yet him have sex bottom for harry and the male centaur ends up get pregnant
  8. jojo


    I didn't see it but if you can think of the name I be very thankful
  9. jojo

    Dudley/Harry's Wife
  11. someone finally post for it here's a link
  12. can I ask where you see that story at
  13. jojo


    I am hoping someone will tell me any good harry get cuckold stories
  14. jojo

    Harry The Pervert

    how will the Ginny and Dudley come about
  15. jojo

    Three different ideas. Help with decision.

    I love to see revenge of uchiha
  16. jojo

    Any Cuckold/Cheating fic or rec.
  17. jojo

    Any Cuckold fic or rec.
  18. jojo

    Naruto Small Penis Humiliation/Cuck Fic

    sneaky666 I was what to know how the story coming
  20. jojo

    Naruto Small Penis Humiliation/Cuck Fic

    sneaky666 can I ask how the 1 chapter coming
  21. jojo

    Naruto Small Penis Humiliation/Cuck Fic

    NICE MAYBE hinata force him into his sexyjusto so sasauke can have sex with naruko
  22. jojo

    Naruto Small Penis Humiliation/Cuck Fic

    ya and maybe hinata say to get all the cum or she get pregnant like she what to carry sasuke son
  23. jojo

    Naruto Small Penis Humiliation/Cuck Fic

    how about sasuke makes Naruto eat his cum from hinata
  24. jojo

    story i like to see done

    I'm thinking it's like this- Harry spent so much time at work, as an auror, and part-time teacher at Hogwarts (according to his Wiki page) that he was never there for his kids. He missed trips to Plalform 9 & 3/4, birthdays, the occasional christmas. They began to resent him, and eventually decided to take what he loves most- his wives- from him as revenge.