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  1. jojo

    Affair Challenge

    mistressofrave have you start write it and will you post a link here
  2. jojo

    i need help find a story

    draco has a twin brother and there both have sex with harry
  3. jojo

    Ron the Bull

    can I ask if someone has take to write this story
  4. jojo

    Naruko (and maybe Sasuki) get NTR'd by hung futas

    this look like it will be a good read I hop someone write it soon
  5. jojo

    draco the bull

    I think i'll keep a eye on this story I hop you find some to write it
  6. jojo

    Ron the Bull

    I look forward to someone write it
  7. jojo

    Harry Potter - A Malfoy affair

    I love it and I hop someone write it for you
  8. jojo

    konohamaru the bull

    this sounds like a good story I hop some one write it