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  1. She is the One

    Chapter 91 is up!
  2. She is the One

    Next chapter should be up in the next couple days!
  3. She is the One

    Chapter 90 is up!
  4. She is the One

    NExt chapter should be up tomorrow! Getting into the 90s and soon to the big 100!!
  5. She is the One

    Hey everyone! So I know I usually go quite dead on these forums until a new chapter is posted and I know that doesn’t exactly give a lot of reason to come check here. Which I regret, because I love hearing from all of you. Well, I just had a really good day of writing and figured I come on here to make a quick post since...well, the Academy Award nominations were just announced and given that you all know how much I love film and based on a suggestion from a bit back, why not share my Top Ten Worst and Top Fifteen Best Films of 2017. Yes, I said top fifteen. There were just so many great films this year that I couldn’t contain them all to just a top ten. So here we go! Top Fifteen Best Films of 2017 A Ghost Story Mother! Dunkirk Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi War For the Planet of the Apes Baby Driver Get Out The Disaster Artist Beauty and the Beast Coco The Shape of Water Colossal Wonder Woman Call Me By Your Name Lady Bird Honorable Mentions Logan Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman It The Big Sick Logan Lucky Top Ten Worst Films of 2017 Transformers: The Last Knight The Dark Tower Fifty Shades Darker The Emoji Movie Alien: Covenant The Mummy King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Power Rangers The Book of Henry The Snowman Dishonorable Mentions Flatliners Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales The Greatest Showman Unforgettable Let There Be Light
  6. She is the One

    Chapter 89 is up! Holy crap, am I really only 11 chapters away from hitting the big 100? Guess I better start blazing away if I hope to reach it this year!
  7. She is the One

    Next chapter will be up tomorrow
  8. She is the One

    New chapter is up! hope you all enjoy!
  9. She is the One

    Happy New Year to you all!! wish I had a chapter for you but it should only be a couple more days out
  10. She is the One

    A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. This has not been the easiest year for me but thanks to all of your support and encouragement, I’ve been able to push through and come out clean on the other end. You are the best readers and fans any author could ever hope for. Enjoy your time with family or however you celebrate the season <3
  11. She is the One

    Chapter 87 is up! Hope you all enjoy! I doubt I’ll be able to have the next chapter out before Christmas but I hope you’re all spending the holidays happy and safe
  12. She is the One

    Next chapter should be up by tomorrow
  13. She is the One

    New chapter is posted
  14. She is the One

    Next chapter should be up in the next couple of days Kind of introduction chapters now so I apologize for the lack of action but just bear with me and we’ll get to some meaty stuff soon. And I realized I never named the saga: College Saga. Not very imaginative but there you are.
  15. She is the One

    New chapter is officially posted