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  1. New chapter is posted
  2. Next chapter should be up in the next couple of days Kind of introduction chapters now so I apologize for the lack of action but just bear with me and we’ll get to some meaty stuff soon. And I realized I never named the saga: College Saga. Not very imaginative but there you are.
  3. New chapter is officially posted
  4. Next chapter should be up either today or tomorrow
  5. A happy Thanksgiving to you all wherever you may be or however you are celebrating, I hope today helps you appreciate life just a little bit more
  6. Chapter 84 is up and that’s another Saga officially in the bag. Gonna take the rest of the day (this one was pretty emotional for me) but I’ll be back to work tomorrow! Hope you all enjoy
  7. Next chapter should be up tomorrow
  8. Well, this snuck up on me. The next chapter will be the last chapter in the Transition Saga don’t know how that managed to sneak up, but there you go
  9. And...it’s up. Wow. Didn’t think I’d get done that fast. Hope you all enjoy!
  10. Next chapter should be up today or tomorrow
  11. Next chapter is up! Hope you all enjoy
  12. Hey all! Next chapter should be up today!! Sorry this is kind of sudden but I kind of surprised myself with how fast this one came along. Look for it soon!
  13. Chapter 81 is up! And, in even more important news, I became an uncle today
  14. Next chapter should be up either today or tomorrow
  15. Power is back and chapter is posted. Hope you all enjoy!