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  1. Next chapter is up! Hope you all enjoy
  2. Hey all! Next chapter should be up today!! Sorry this is kind of sudden but I kind of surprised myself with how fast this one came along. Look for it soon!
  3. Chapter 81 is up! And, in even more important news, I became an uncle today
  4. Next chapter should be up either today or tomorrow
  5. Power is back and chapter is posted. Hope you all enjoy!
  6. A bit of bad news. I meant to post the chapter tonight but my power suddenly went out and now I'm stuck with a finished chapter and no way to post! So I'll be posting as soon as I can tomorrow, even if it's early in the morning. Sorry all!
  7. Next chapter should be up in the next couple days. Went a bit longer than I expected (funny since it’s only two large portions) but I’m very close to wrapping it all up!
  8. Chapter 79 is posted hope you all enjoy!
  9. Chapter 79 should be up in the next day or so
  10. Chapter 78 is up! Also, just realized that a milestone passed me by without me noticing: 500000 reads! That’s unbelievable! And to think at one point, I was worried about whether or not anyone would even want to READ what I wrote… Thank you all so much for your support, dedication, and just...Gah, I don’t even have the words! You’re the best readers and fans and author could hope for and I hope I keep earning your support through the coming chapters. Hope you enjoy 78!
  11. Hey everyone! So sorry about being almost completely silent, especially since I just finished a Saga, but I’ve got some free time between classes and writing to let you know that the next chapter will be up in the next day or two. Say hello to the Transition Saga! Hope you’re all well and look for the next chapter soon
  12. Chapter 77 is finally up! So sorry about the delay, but this was a DRAINING one. I’m taking the rest of the day off to relax but I shall start up again tomorrow! Hope you all enjoy!!!
  13. Ending a long week of work but the next chapter should be up this weekend
  14. Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone! I spent the weekend in NYC with the family so unfortunately I lost a couple of days of writing and this may be a slightly longer chapter so...unfortunately may be a couple extra days before it’s posted but I shall be writing as fast as I can to get it up!
  15. Chapter 76 is up! And just in time to skate it in before my birthday! Phew! Hope you all enjoy! Only one chapter left in the saga and then we’ll finally be able to move on.