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  1. Chapter 77 is finally up! So sorry about the delay, but this was a DRAINING one. I’m taking the rest of the day off to relax but I shall start up again tomorrow! Hope you all enjoy!!!
  2. Ending a long week of work but the next chapter should be up this weekend
  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone! I spent the weekend in NYC with the family so unfortunately I lost a couple of days of writing and this may be a slightly longer chapter so...unfortunately may be a couple extra days before it’s posted but I shall be writing as fast as I can to get it up!
  4. Chapter 76 is up! And just in time to skate it in before my birthday! Phew! Hope you all enjoy! Only one chapter left in the saga and then we’ll finally be able to move on.
  5. Hey All! Next chapter should be posted either tonight or tomorrow! My birthday gift to you all
  6. Chapter 75 is up!
  7. Next chapter will be up tomorrow! I’m aware I'm becoming something of a hermit when it comes to updating and I apologize for that. But I assure you I am well and working hard. Difficult module in my classes right now but I’m making it all work.
  8. Chapter 74 is up! Hope you enjoy!
  9. Next chapter should be up tomorrow
  10. Chapter 73 is up! A little earlier than expected but I found myself about to post a schedule update when I realized I was almost through. So...here you are. Hope you all enjoy! I'll start working on the next chapter asap!
  11. Chapter 72 is up sorry about the lack of notice but hope it’s a...pleasant surprise? Hope you all enjoy!
  12. Hey all! Work is progressing well on the next chapter and I should hopefully have it out within the week. Just wanted to send a quick message of appreciation to any veterans or family members of veterans who have helped defend our nation, living or passed on. Happy Memorial Day.
  13. Chapter 71 is up! Sorry about a lack of notice with this one but I’ve just been working like mad to get this out and try to relax in the meantime. But it’s up, hope you enjoy it, and I'm taking the rest of the night off before starting the next chapter
  14. Hey everyone! Quick update: So I've been working on Chapter 71 and work is progressing fairly well. However, I’ve had to take the last couple of days off because the module I am currently in requires me to read 200 pages a night. You read that correctly. And my test on it is tomorrow. Provided I pass, I will then enter a module that is completely self-paced and will not intrude upon writing time since I can only complete it in the prescribed lab. So this next chapter might be slightly late but all others after should come out at a reasonable pace. Oh, and the next saga will be called the Rebuilding Saga. Good job Moonlight Knight Arthur!
  15. Chapter 70 is up. Absolutely DRAINING as you’ll see, so I’m off to rest. Working again soon on the next Saga! Hope you all enjoy!