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  1. magusfang

    Magusfang's Corner

    hello everyone, been awhile, sorry about that but my family keeps me pretty busy. So Lis is with Kari in recovery and our girl is doing fine, the surgeon found a few more problems when he got in there but isn’t that how it always works? So the repairs went well, she got 20 cc’s of cadaver bone, three metal plates and 24 titanium screws, the surgeon is very happy with the results and she did very well and if she does’t have any significant pain, swelling, or bleeding during the night we get to take her home in the morning. She’s still in the recovery room waking up but her docs tell me she should be back here in her room within the hour, she’ll be groggy and grumpy but I’ll rest easier when I can see her. Don’t worry, she’ll probably be on later to tell everyone all about it LOL, and of course it’ll be all my fault.
  2. Hey Magus/DA/Kari, how are you and the baby? Must be walking by now. Is the last book in the Max trilogy on hold? Have you started any other work?

  3. magusfang

    Magusfang's Corner

    Hey, just so everyone knows I’m still alive, just been occupied with real world problems, sorry for the delay but writing again so hopefully it won’t be too long. And wow, ok I’ll try and answer what I can 1) the timeline is a bit screwy and vague because I meant to insinuate he went around the horn. Yep and thats why they flew, again probably need to address that but I just kind of left it to the reader O2 generation wasn't the main problem, it was CO2 removal which is done with scrubbers, it was the scrubbers that failed. one way to combat that is to add pure O2 to try and normalize the ratio. The sub has tracks, kind of like a large tank so it gets as close to shore as it can then creeps in on tracks true water expansion is faster than sound waves under water but thats for water under pressure. This would be an explosion at the bottom of the ice shelf with him well below the explosion. The wave propagation will slow as it travels into denser water. And remember Legion is an avatar so wherever there is a large enough collection of nannies, say some Max brought with him, he can download himself and group the nannies as a body. Also the reason he didn’t just kill everyone with nannies is that Max wanted to find out who was behind the attacks before he started killing people. it takes the nannies time to infiltrate, time they didn’t quite have And finally its a sic fi so because LOL
  4. magusfang

    ChatBox Holiday Cheer 2016

    Ok, DA’s and my story is up, its a long one too so get the hot chocolate and bathroom breaks out of the way before you start
  5. magusfang

    Magusfang's Corner

    yeah, I popped in to see if they’d let me post, not exactly loved over there by the Mods LOL
  6. magusfang

    Magusfang's Corner

    But it's the twisty turntable plot that's so much fun, besides its where I exile stray plot bunnies like “runaway crack whore mom comes back to make piece with the daughter she left behind ten years ago” it's just a little too movie of the week for a book and too sappy for a one shot so add it here, throw in a little murder and mayhem, not to mention a few robots, and presto bingo magico we have a subplot
  7. magusfang

    Magusfang's Corner

    sweet, Christmas shopping is done! That was easy
  8. magusfang

    Magusfang's Corner

    LOL, yeah Kari made me promise to write one.
  9. magusfang

    Magusfang's Corner

    Hi everyone, I figured Kari would spread the news quickly, nice to see her smile without the worry in her eyes, this has been pretty hard on her. I appreciate all the well wishes and yes I am pretty happy about today’s appointment as well. So the good news is the cancer’s growth has not only been arrested but the MRI showed a 15 to 20 percent reduction in tumors. What that means is with monthly treatments there is a very good chance I can live a normal life span without further surgery, which is fine by me, getting tired go getting opened up, though only I need one more surgery to hit 25 well still need my back fixed LOL. Been writing again, and just posted SITG chapter 20. Things have been going pretty well here last month or so, making me a little paranoid but we can use the good news around here, been pretty dark times this last year. Thank God for Angi or I think we’d have all gone nuts. Nothing like a baby to keep you grounded and moving forward. So all in all, things are very good here and I hope everyone is doing as well, thanks again everyone.
  10. magusfang

    In The Grass Trilogy

    Chapter 20 is up sorry it took so long but with the hollidays and everything else its been hard to find time to write.
  11. magusfang

    Magusfang's Corner

    I was tempted not to, but there were some local races that were important here so Kari made me, I never get to do what I want LOL
  12. magusfang

    Magusfang's Corner

    Ahhhh so this was what she was doing while I taught her class lol. My Babe on her pulpit, and yes she takes great delight in embarrassing me in public, but the jokes on her because the kiss is so worth it!
  13. Sorry DA. That ab is like a blood type. How's the baby, wreaking havoc!

  14. Hey Magus, just visiting to see how you and the family are doing. Everyone's doing fine I hope? Let me go and check what you have tone to the "place”. Please tell AB and Kari hi for me. Hope I remember the names right!!