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  1. vladpryde

    One Big Weasley & Potter Family [Orgy]

    I second that! I really wanna see someone write this!
  2. I have two chapters of this story done, and I have four total planned. I have decided to do a fourth and final chapter, which will be Ron's funeral. There, a special guest, or guests, show up to pay their respects, and someone says goodbye. Plot: Ron dies. It is the job of his friends and family to prepare his body for eternal rest. Warnings: Alternate Universe, Necrophilia, Angst. Characters: anyone you can think of. Link: http://hp.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600097819 Reviews and comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. vladpryde

    12 Rounds (Harry Potter Universe)

    Ah, yes, please do move it! Thank you very much; I looked around for a while, trying to figure out where to put this. Thanks!
  4. This story has only barely been written. However, I have a good start at 271 words. This story will go 12 chapters, and takes place in either their 6th or 7th year (I haven't decided which yet). I wanted to build up anticipation for it, so this is what I have for the start: So what do you think? Does it give a chill up your spine? That's the goal I was shooting for: major anticipation. I really don't have anything else going yet, neither ideas or thoughts. I have a "sort of" idea of how I want this story to go in places, but honestly, I've never written anything on this scale before. So it will be challenging. I am open to thoughts and ideas. Each individual should have their own ideas about this story based on the Prologue. I would love to hear them! Thanks for reading, and wish me luck! Please leave your thoughts/ideas here.
  5. vladpryde

    'Women can't write male sex scenes...'

    Just curious: what's a "pansexual"? I'm bisexual; I've never heard that term before. Thanks!
  6. vladpryde

    'Women can't write male sex scenes...'

    Glad I could help, thank you for reading my thoughts, lol. Yep: it's all instinct. Our Primal Goal as Males is to spread our sperm. At the end of the day, the Animal Within does not care how he goes about doing it, as long as it gets done. Again: the power that a male feels during orgasm simply cannot be explained, or is very difficult to understand from a Female's POV. I can often recall (during or shortly after orgasm) wanting to run to the nearest window or door and screaming outside for all to hear, "hey, this is what I did, this is who I am, and I am the dominant!" At the end of the day, women simply cannot understand that, though many try sometimes successfully. As mentioned before: I believe it is perfectly possible for the opposite sex to write an appropriately erotic sex scene from the other's POV. You just have to get into the mind of the subject to do it, with a good understanding of the appropriate Psychology and Instincts. I've sometimes tried to imagine writing a scene about a woman using a Female's Instinct, but I usually end up either mixing a hint of "male personality" into her character (usually in the form of aggression), or I inadvertently turn her into an absolute emotional basket-case. I'll give you an example: a while back, I thought about writing a scene from the Anime "Jormungand" (if you haven't seen it, you won't know what I'm talking about) [In short: it is about an Arms Dealer named Koko who's bent on world domination so that she can bring about an everlasting peace through her control, and she adopts a child soldier, Jonah, as one of her bodyguards]. In this scene (played out in my head), Jonah gets seduced by Koko, and she ends up pregnant with his child. Then Jonah is kidnapped by a rival Arms-Dealer, and Koko just completely falls apart. Which is contrary to the complete and utter control that she displays in the Anime. Koko is ALWAYS in control and in a calm demeanor. Yet, when I envisioned how she would become while pregnant, I turned her into a blubbering, emotional mess. I did this because I tried to add the added Instincts that I imagined women to develop as they become pregnant. And I have only my experiences to go on this. I watched how my sister went through her pregnancy, and listened to the stories she told me later about how she changed as she became pregnant. So yes: the appropriate study of the various psychologies and instincts out there is crucial to understanding and writing the appropriate erotic scenes. Anyone can do it; you just have to know your stuff.
  7. Title: "Cum Once, Cum Twice" Rating: Adult + / NC-17 Characters: Harry/Ron Warnings: Wank, mutual, underage, etc. Plot: Harry recalls an experience that he shared with Ron in his 3rd year. It is one which millions of boys before them have experienced together, and one which they now are familiar with. Chapters: 2 total (one finished); Chapter One: 'Ron's Cum', Chapter Two: 'Harry's Cum'. Story Link: http://hp.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600097862 I wish more people would read this. This has to be, by far, the hottest fanfiction I've ever written. I hope it makes you hot-n-bothered too! Reviews on the comments section of the story are greatly appreciated. And any feedback for the story, good or bad, can be placed here. Thanks!
  8. "Can't Hurry Love" -Phil Collins

  9. vladpryde

    'Women can't write male sex scenes...'

    I've read up more clearly on the answers here in this thread. Research, as you say, is the key to understanding how you can better write sex scenes between the sexes. For guys/males, try looking into the start of puberty, and work your way up through the teen years to about age 17. These are EXTREMELY important years of a boy's life, which will determine many things; namely his sexuality, his future sexual performance, his sexual activity as he matures, etc etc. If I could speak on a personal note: for me, I started puberty very young; about 8, 9, or 10 years old. And I distinctly recall experiencing many things far more early than most boys probably did at my age; my first erections, first pubes, my first erotic thoughts and fantasies (VERY active for me at that age), discovering that girls were different from me in a physical sense, etc etc. These sorts of things lasted even into my Junior-High-School years, when I REALLY started paying attention to girls and trying to cop peaks down the various shirts of girls who bent over in front of me (hey, I was 14-ish), And I think that, because I started puberty so young, that I was very...precocious and curious, and did many things that other boys (and especially girls) would only dream of (this was ages 9 to 10 for me; perhaps even younger by a year or so). These things included trying to engage the other neighborhood kids in sexual situations that I myself didn't understand at all, and urinating with friends openly in random places and laughing at the "thrill" of it (which I understand now was a sort of sexual arousal at the time). As an adult, I look back on these times and sigh with mild embarrassment, but it's important to note such things if anyone wants to learn from these times and experiences to get into the head of boys at a young age. Again, these times (9-17 years of age) will shape a boys life forever. And understanding these times is crucially important to understanding the psychology of the Male Species. Going back to what others in this thread have mentioned: it really all depends on the individual writing the story in how they experienced such things. Their experiences will most likely shape how they write sex scenes between guys and girls, girls and girls, or guys and guys. And understanding the broad spectrum of experiences of boys and girls is a must in order to understand the psychology of sexuality between the two, so that you can best write the appropriate scenes. In one of my Harry Potter fan fiction stories, entitled "Cum Once, Cum Twice", I noted in the beginning of the story ("Author's Notes") that I tried to use my own sexual experiences growing up to shape how I wrote that story (it's a Harry/Ron slash; 1 chapter done so far). The fact of the matter is, that as I got deeper and deeper into the story, I found it taking the shape, not of how my own sexual experiences occurred at that age, but rather: how I wished they had occurred. In the story, I tried to show a deep affectionate emotion between Harry and Ron, that could easily be translated into a "Love" rather than just an "Affection". But again, this was based on my wishes, not necessarily my experiences. Rather, the physical aspects of the story (how Harry masturbates Ron, for example) were based on my actual experiences growing up. Not the emotional part; just the physical part. You can read the story here: http://hp.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600097862 I hope this answers some questions, or gives you some incite, into a little bit about the Male Psychology when it comes to Sexuality. If you would like to continue this with me in depth, you can email me (I'm very open about my sexuality/experiences): vladpryde@hotmail.com, or PM me here on this forum (if you can). Email works best though. Keep in mind: I am just one guy. A broader expanse into the Male Psych should be sought if at all possible, from any viable source necessary.
  10. vladpryde

    Harry Used For Breeding

    I hope somebody writes this!
  11. vladpryde

    Harry & The Magical Buttplug (Kinky!)

    Someone tell me if they write this story, and when they update it, as well as where I can find it. Thanks!
  12. I wouldn't mind seeing this.
  13. vladpryde

    HP/HG Chastity Female Led Relationship

    Please tell me someone, somewhere, wrote this! Please do!
  14. vladpryde

    Petrified Hermione challenge, het or f/f

    Keep me up to date if you write it. I'd love to read it.
  15. vladpryde

    The Triwizard Contest of Fertility

    Wow, this sounds REALLY hot! Maybe a bit over-the-top, but hey: that's what makes it fun. And hot. Get writing, people!