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  1. On tags I've used by A Writer

    3Plus - I love this tag!!! It's so much fun to write. I tend to write in first person but I usually have a lot of characters running around in the story, so it's nice to write scenes that don't just revolve around the MC and see how other characters interact with each other. Trying to do more of this in the rewrite. ABDL - This falls under the scat umbrella (which sounds like a useful instrument for when the shit hits the fan ) for me as well as Minor1 in a weird way so it makes me uncomfortable in multiple different ways Abortion - I write this tag to be depressing; I use it as character development (please stop rolling your eyes at me...). Abuse - Oh look, it's child abuse, my favorite tragic backstory! As well as domestic abuse, my second favorite plot device! Lol, I get mileage out of this one. AFFO: I had to take this off recently and it made me sad. You guys are still my faaaaave! <3 Ageplay: That's kind of interesting, I wouldn't mind trying it. Anal: Lol, I write M/M so this is my bread and butter. Angst: I don't write stories with an intent to be angsty. I mean, there are a few angsty moments in there I'm sure, but this seems like unnecessarily typecasting a story (she says as she uses the tag... I did tag one that tends to get more angsty than the others). Anthro - Furry isn't a particular fetish of mine but I still like writing it. I want to do more of this if I get a chance. Actually, I was thinking of humanoid monsters when I used this tag, not furries. BDSM - Yes, yes, sometimes they actually like it - or is it just Stockholm Syndrome? Now there's a tag I need! Beast - I have no issues with this tag, but it pisses me off that I've only done the 'basic' animals like dogs and horses (actually, that's it). I feel like I can probably get more creative with this tag. I'm thinking classic Fisherman's Wife with the octopus? No, a squid! No, an EEL! NO A JELLYFISH! Okay, wait, I do have one problem with this tag: I don't like writing animals as the sub/receiving end, I just don't. Kass, y u have so many weird and hypocritical double standards? Bi - TECHNICALLY almost all the guys in my slashfic are bi but they only have other men to do it with. They do get to do it with android ladies at one point, so I'm using that as evidence. Bigotry - I thought racism or sexism when I read this tag and I don't really do that for whatever reason. Lack of opportunity in the universe, I think. B-Mod - THIS IS A GREAT TAG I'm trying to do more with it. You guys see those freaky-deaky engagement ring finger piercings on Insta? Those would be so hot as a modernized version of a slave brand, fr. Also working on ideating a corset piercing scene. (look that up if you didn't know *whistles*) Bond - One of my all time faves, not going anywhere soon <3 BP - Hadn't done this before (which is weird because there are tons of vamps in The Human Rayce), but I'm starting to like it the more I experiment with it! Kinky serial killers are best serial killers <3 CBT - I wanna say kinda, but I don't think I've done this specifically. Which is a travesty, I should do it. COMPLETE - I bet anyone who's ever read my stuff wishes I'd stfu and finish already. I might just do a oneshot for the sweet, sweet release of finally using this tag T_T Contro - Well gee, I was thinking about politics when I read this tag, but I guess what I write is technically controversial. CR - I used to play Corruption of Champions back when it was cool, so I thought it was that very specific type of corruption. I have some corrupt government officials in my book, but I figured that's not what you mean Ds - Of course! I like switching the roles to spice things up and get different perspectives on the character relationships. Dom - Umm, now that I'm looking at this, I'm not sure how it's different from above. DP - YES. GANGBANGS. ALL THE GANGBANGS. I've done it with the same hole too, and it kind of sounded impossible even as I was writing it, but hell it was fun so who cares? Exhib - Pretty sure my MC enjoys watching his harem go at it so long as he has lube and a box of tissues. Forced Exhibition is also my favorite device for breaking down the really prideful characters. OK WOW this list is longer than I thought, I’ll be back
  2. On tags I've used by A Writer

    OMG, NOOOOOO that’s not okay
  3. On tags I've used by A Writer

    Okay, I just had one question: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? Please tell me Incest wasn’t a companion tag on this fic
  4. On tags I've used by A Writer

    Aww man that is horrible, I cannot understand how, as a writer, someone could let that happen. That feels like weaponized writing to me. Which is why I tag, tag, tag rabidly and why I put the BDSM tag on there, I really wanted to be thorough on what other people might think is BDSM as well. I feel like all of my tags in combination provide a preeetty good idea of what to expect from the content, and if that isn’t enough of a warning, then I can’t think of anything else I can do but go around yelling into a megaphone every time I get a hit @BronxWench I totally feel you. I currently use those tags the same way Mal does, but I understand that the BDSM community is legit af, and they don’t deserve insulting representations of their lifestyle. I learned a lot from what you and JayDee said on this thread, and that can only be a good thing. I do have consensual BDSM in my story, so I’m gonna keep the tag, but I would totally and without question drop it if I didn’t. Side note (well actually the main note since that’s what this thread is about ), I love how these tag profiles are turning into writer profiles on the kind of stuff we write and why. I WILL BE BACK TO DO MY OWN JUST GIMME A SEC
  5. On tags I've used by A Writer

    Ha, that sounds totally awesome. I’d be there in a heartbeat if you guys ever did it again
  6. On tags I've used by A Writer

    This is the precise reason we need an AFF Con, mods make it happen
  7. On tags I've used by A Writer

    DUBCON what fresh pussyfooting-around-morality hell is that? @JayDee So where do we report for the seminar? Okay, so I went to college in California and they drilled it into my head there that no means no, maybe means no and silence also means no, so there isn’t a whole lot of wiggle room to get out of a Rape tag! Since I like rape as a conflict setup, and my characters don’t ask each other for permission all that much (ever?) I just tag that bish and proceed on my merry way.
  8. Never Would I Ever Write this Tag...

    I want to believe we have at least one active forum member that actually likes writing scat but all signs point to no Okay, can we talk about how fucking savage this is?
  9. On tags I've used by A Writer

    *renounces the internet in shame and retires to become a cave hermit for the rest of her life* Okay but in my defense, sometimes it is consensual, but yeah, mostly not I mean I use the rape tag of course and it's always clear that it IS rape. Can I just mention how glad I am that we don’t have a non-con tag? Like some people want to pretend there’s a difference and there really, REALLY isn’t
  10. Never Would I Ever Write this Tag...

    This thread has turned into the Scat Hate Club, where KassX is the founder and President, now accepting new members I can’t used WAFF because I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT
  11. On tags I've used by A Writer

    I feel like we have a lot of similar opinions on tags; hope you’ll add to this! Oh, can we chime in too?
  12. Never Would I Ever Write this Tag...

    Hehe, I read it before you moved it and loved it anyway I think I’m honestly just a little prissy about bodily functions; I didn’t even like fart jokes as a kid lol. And hey, if you or anyone else has a WS scene in a story that you’re proud of, please recommend because I’ll try anything once…
  13. Never Would I Ever Write this Tag...

    Oh wow, you’re a fast worker. I totally wouldn’t blame you for deciding not to do it though, it sounds like quite the undertaking
  14. Count To Infinity

  15. Never Would I Ever Write this Tag...

    SUPER COOL. Do let me know if you ever do it because I want to see how it turns out. I was mostly just amused by the thought of a story in the archives with every single tag and probably how much space that would take up Oh, and no wussing out, because I WILL call you out if you skip ABDL