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  1. and yeah.. i forgot i was signed onto the archive but not the forums. it’s really me, i swear!
  2. I am making myself cry with my own writing. Am I stupid?

    1. pippychick


      No way. If it makes you feel something, you've done it right.

    2. JayDee


      Depends. Are you writing about chopping onions?

    3. Shunskitten


      Goodness no. I've cried plenty of times with my story (I've even managed to make my own best friend sob with some o_o) It's normal :P

  3. I still exist! Super busy, but throwing affection and kissy-poo's in everybody's general direction. luvluvluv!

    1. BronxWench


      Hi, there! :D ::blows a kiss to our tribble::

    2. DemonGoddess


      *pets our tribble*

  4. New BB story in the works... I'm not being real ambitious here.. just writing the fun stuff I love ^^

    1. JayzinDuanne


      I wish I could write something.

  5. yeepyeepyeepWOOHOO!

  6. Penultimate chapter is posted and it is full of GRELLIAM (woohoo!)

  7. Aaand finally the plotty part is underway for my new story! (Don't worry, there is still plenty of porn to come as well ^^)

  8. Wow, I am glad I discovered OpenOffice likes to randomly change row heights on tables BEFORE I presented my final project to the rest of the class...

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    2. phoeyay


      kinda scared to mess up the presentation further at this point by switching, but i may do that for later projects.

    3. BronxWench


      The transition for me was pretty seamless, and none of my OpenOffice formatting was changed, which was useful.

    4. DemonGoddess


      LO maintains the OO formatting when changing to it.

  9. Hi everybody! I am happy to tell you that I have created for you another piece of lovely Kuroshitsuji yaoi frippery, which will be updated approximately weekly until done. (EDIT: I can't seem to resist updating more often. Let's just say at least weekly) This one features two pairings, Ciel/Sebastian and Will/Grell. I did put Ciel in there first for a reason. I seem to have grown quite fond of the concept of him as seme. What can I say? The guy's commanding. This story is kind of all over the place... it starts with PWP, then plot happens, and it ends with a completely different focus than it started with, and I think there is even a chapter in there with no explicit or even implicit sexuality, which is impressive for a perv like me, believe me! Author: phoeyay Title: Love in the Darkness, Love in the Light Summary: No matter what path you walk, sweet Love and her evil twin sister Desire will be there to waylay you. Feedback: any you feel I deserve, I will be happy to receive! Fandom: Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji Pairing: CielxSeb, WillxGrell Warnings: AFFO, Anal, Angst, BDSM, Bi, CBT, D/s, Fingering, H/C, Humil, M/M, M/s, Minor1, Oral, Rim, S&M, Shouta, Solo, Trans, WD, WIP, WS Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered. Will include 8 chapters in all. URL: Anyhow - if you think you might like, there it is. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy it thoroughly! - phoeyay
  10. OK, so vulcan and I are on exact opposite schedules starting today. I literally go to bed when he gets up. This will be interesting...

  11. YAOI!!!!

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    2. WillowDarkling


      Well, we need to reign it in, it's too young to be running around unsupervised!

    3. phoeyay


      only young-at-heart, my dear. only young-at-heart.

    4. BronxWench
  12. Have I mentioned how happy I get when the number of ratings goes up on one of my stories? Thank you, anonymous Internet benefactor, you rock!

    1. JayzinDuanne



  13. Oops! I drabbled...

  14. Hi everybody! I am promoting my current Kuroshitsuji fic, The Sorceress. It's ultimately the same pairing as my others (Sebastian and Ciel) but with a few marked differences. Foremost, this story will focus primarily on the plot, though there will be a healthy dose of romance and porn as well. As far as the other twists... well, read below for hints, and if you're still interested, read the story. All will become clear. Author: phoeyay Title: The Sorceress Summary: On orders from his master, Sebastian goes undercover to investigate a cabal of powerful women, and gets a chance to explore his feminine side. Feedback: Yes please! Fandom: Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji Pairing: CielxSebby, SebbyxOC's Warnings: Abuse, AFFO, Anal, Angst, BDSM, Bi, B-Mod, BP, D/s, Dom, Exhib, Fet, Fingering, H/C, HJ, Humil, MC, M/F, M/M, MiCD, OC, Oral, Rim, S&M, Solo, Spank, Trans, UST, Violence, Voy, WIPSolo story or chaptered story: chaptered URL: Some fun facts (because I love inserting little easter eggs and then ruining them by explaining them to people): -Chapter titles are based on Tom Waits songs -One scene is inspired by Victorian porn magazine The Pearl -There is a brief anachronistic mention of the main character from the movie The Ruling Class -Yet again I have worked in some Gilbert and Sullivan references. This time the theme is their operetta The Sorcerer... and this is technically a crossover fic, though you don't have to know anything about the operetta to understand and enjoy the fic.
  15. Update: As of tonight, this fic is finished! I did not tag it as "COMPLETE" because there wasn't room even after deleting several extraneous tags, but it is no longer marked WIP, and it is done. I hope you have enjoyed my first attempt at semi-serious writing! love & kisses, phoeyay
  16. phoeyay's meta-to-do-list: (1) make a list of things to do. (2) do them.

  17. phoeyay

    How far into writing a fic do you post it?

    I wait until I am almost entirely done. I do this because in the process of reading a bunch of fanfic before I decided to write it, I saw a huge number of unfinished fics where the last posted chapter was four years ago, and they made me feel really sad and lonely for reading them and wanting them to go on more than the author obviously did - I would have adopted them if I thought I could do them justice (and the author would let me of course). The *almost* part is because, similar to cowgirl65, I do usually have a tendency to branch in a slightly different direction than intended as my fic goes on, and sometimes right before posting I will read through the chapter and realize it's all wrong and give it a rework.
  18. Chapter 7 is my favorite because it contains a big ol' lemon. Hope you enjoy my role reversal XD

  19. phoeyay


    Ack! You are correct, of course... now I do some research, I find that I was born pregnant. And there I thought I was being clever. :pout:
  20. phoeyay


    Very simple question that I will probably regret for the rest of my life: I - and anyone else with enough crazy to join me - would like to write a round robin crack fic about the emoticons on the forum / shoutbox (i.e. using the emoticons as characters). Where exactly would that fic go? Would it go in originals, or would we need to do a fanfic category request?
  21. phoeyay


    Brilliant. Thanks very much my lady!
  22. Chapter 5 contains lots of interesting little hintoids, some plot, and a juicy lemon (juicier if you like girl-bits, which personally I do not, but I wrote it anyway xD)

  23. So when I'm in a social situation IRL, I spend the following 8 hours in the corner clutching my head, remembering everything I did wrong, and screaming "NOOOOO!" So that's what I'm doing right now.

    1. BronxWench


      :hug: Don't stress so. I used to do the same thing, until I realized I was the only one who'd noticed my own glaring deficiencies. Everyone else just thought I was perfectly fine.
    2. phoeyay


      Aw, thanks Bronxie :) Technically I "know" that, but the shut-down triggers are still there in my brain. I have yet to "realize" it.

  24. I love stuffed cherry peppers. I love them with all my heart.

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    2. phoeyay


      I don't make them myself, though - I buy them at the store.

    3. JayzinDuanne


      I wish I could eat them... But the they look SO GOOD so I will have to cheat and just not tell anyone... :P I am on a pledge to be vegan, so doing this may make me feel guilty....

    4. JayzinDuanne


      But the they? oops... XD