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  1. Dean_Wax

    Log in won't work for me?

    All logged in now. Thanks for your help DG I would have been lost without it!
  2. Dean_Wax

    Log in won't work for me?

    I nuked my cookies. I cleared my cache and offline data. Restarted my computer. Went to Tried to log in with my password (as far as I know) – nothing. No successful login, no error message, it just does nothing. Tried to log in with Defintely Not My Password or even a possible password (just 4 random characters) – still no error message. Reset password at Opened the email it sent me, clicked the link – no ability to reset my password, all I see is the error “This Password Reset is no longer Valid” There really doesn’t seem to be anything more I can do. Is my password blanked? Why is it impossible for me to reset? Is there a way to manually reset it from your end? Is it some kind of bug that the login box isn’t doing anything at all even when a wrong password is entered? I’ve been on the archive since 2012, I really don’t want to lose my account.
  3. Dean_Wax

    Log in won't work for me?

    Yeah, I cleared my cache the last times I tried it. I just tried it again, and no change. Given that I get the exact same thing in Edge and on my phone, I don’t understand how it’s a Firefox problem? I am using, it sends me the email to reset my password just fine, it’s when I click on the URL the email gives me to reset it always says “This Password Reset is no longer Valid”. I must have tried about… ten times now? It can’t be a timeout issue – the email arrives and I click the link in under 60 seconds. At this point I’m not even sure what my password is any more (if I even have one) because I nuked the saved login from my browser’s password manager. The fact that it’s also impossible to reset is concerning to me because it’s effectively rendered my account completely inaccessible. I have no idea what’s going on.
  4. Dean_Wax

    Log in won't work for me?

    DG, can you please give me some more detail? Because I swear on my life that I’ve nuked all the cookies and restarted Firefox twice now, and I still can’t log in and every time I try to reset my password, it just tells me that the password reset link is no longer valid. I’ve combed through every inch of the settings in Firefox 51.0.1 and I’m not seeing any other settings related to what you’re telling me to do. How do I force a complete logout? I’ve also tried logging in using Microsoft Edge – exact same issue as I’m having with Firefox. Can’t log in, can’t reset my password. I’m getting a bit distressed now.
  5. Dean_Wax

    Log in won't work for me?

    I think I might have done the same thing as newkitty (i.e. reset my password to the same old password without realising it and now I can’t log in on any device) but now when I try to reset it again to something different, every email just says ‘This password reset is no longer valid’ even though I open it and click the link within seconds of the email arriving in my inbox?
  6. This article is the most Australian thing I’ve ever read. XD
  7. Dean_Wax

    New Comic request

    Thanks DG!
  8. Dean_Wax

    New Comic request

    Ahoy! I have a completed fanfic for Long Exposure that I’d like to post but it needs a home in the archive. It’s a webcomic, so I believe it would be Comics > Web Comics > Long Exposure ? Let me know if you need anything else to make this magic happen
  9. Dean_Wax

    [Closed] Dean Wax Fiction Discussion

    Thank you very much for your reviews! My eyes went all saucery when I read them. I don't think I can adequately describe the validation I feel when even just one person enjoys my stories, except maybe with that sentence. Also, never forget that I am something of a prankster and haha, oh man, you don't even wanna know how far down this rabbit hole goes. My house still hasn't started yet, though I was able to choke out some chapters over christmas, but once I have my own space I hope to write at the same pace I had in 2012/2013. Also, thank you very much for recommending Livide. I am going to save it for Sunday. Yes! Yes, actually. Some characters do lie. It's harder for the narrating ones to lie, but they do have biases that leads them to misinterpret events.
  10. Dean_Wax

    [Closed] Dean Wax Fiction Discussion

    It's a shame you feel that way, but everyone has different tastes. The construction is on purpose - Wailing is not a stable story and these are not stable characters. You might like Aure better (most people do) but eventually, by which I mean years from now, Wailing is going to have information required to understand how the events in the different stories link together, including Aure.
  11. Thank you for the excellent suggestions of what to add to Nathaniel's vocabulary in Candy Hearts Bleed Forever. I feel the next chapter shall have a lot of honorifics because he acts very Japanese.
  12. Dean_Wax

    [Closed] Dean Wax Fiction Discussion

    Thank you! Well, most of my characters are at least partially monstrous, but I have made it fairly easy to cut Aure some slack because his crimes and prejudices are products of his trauma. You'll see more of him, but not for quite some time because I probably won't pick up writing again until 2015. However, he is a pretty central character in the story arc and as I contuinue to flesh out more of his future in my notes, he is not as cruel as I originally intended him to be, although he remains quite cold.
  13. Dean_Wax

    [Closed] Dean Wax Fiction Discussion

    Ooh, you might not like the little hiatus note I'm about to put in the OP of thise thread. 2015 probably sorry
  14. Dean_Wax

    Visual Novel Freeware

    Someone at work told me about Ren'Py today, and I got starry eyes. The website appears heavily targeted towards the anime crowd, but I'm more gaga for the fact that it's a flexible piece of software that allows you create visual novels with novice level scripting experience. And it's freeware? *whispers* I can make so many things *_* Definitely playing around with this on the weekend.
  15. I put it to you that if a female does dislike rape content in your stories, she has been socially conditioned not to state it in a review and to instead just abandon reading it without confrontation. This may be why it has not occurred yet - although I'm sure if you exposed it to a large enough number of females it would be inevitable that would would comment against it, but don't forget that all stories on this site are very clearly tagged and if a woman doesn't want to read rape, she won't.