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  1. Sometims I hate sleep. I feel like I'm missing out on things happening around me.

  2. Huh, well that's certainly an interesting way to get submissions. Wish i had something to submit.
  3. I don't know whether to change this story to first person or keep it in third person. Gah.

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    2. BronxWench


      Although first person can be extremely effective if done well. :)

    3. JayDee


      There's not really a limit - I've read published stories with different first person narratives :) Try Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh.

    4. JayDee


      ...though I suppose you do have to finish one character's POV of a scene before showing how another saw it, so there is a bit of a limit. Ahh, I'll leave literary theory to thems with brains

  4. She Writes


    It's a weird world (country) we live in where people with cancer and other horrible illnesses can't always receive care and yet non life threatening disorders such as this one gets put on our bill...
  5. She Writes

    Look out world!

    Congrats! Now that's something to celebrate
  6. A pot of coffee, no work tomorrow, and netflix. Looks like tonight will be a good night to write...hmm that rhymed...

  7. She Writes

    Midsummer Musings

    If only I was able to go to Dragoncon... it always sounds like such a blast.