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  1. Asked for a bit of advice and got chastised with the whole “love is love” speech. Not what I asked for but whatever… *works on new story*

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    2. KoKoa_B


      lol alrighty

    3. Melrick


      Writing it like a so-called “regular relationship” sounds boring to me, which means reading it would be likely be equally boring.  I wrote an incest story that I was determined to make sound as plausible as possible, which wasn’t all that easy, but that was the fun challenge, and the end result was that it did come across as plausible, which made the whole result just that much more satisfying for me.  So writing it just like a “regular” incest story would have been painfully dull for me.  Plausibility is what gets me worked up.

    4. KoKoa_B


      Thanks, everyone. I don’t want to make it regular, regular; just something that will be a bit believable and won’t anger the LGBT members. After talking to several people, I now know what I need to do and how to write this couple :D