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  1. Been trying to update whenever I think about it lol! Chapter 8 of Don’t Jump has been posted. I know that it’s not a smut-fest but I hope whoever’s been clicking on the story has been enjoying it. :D

  2. I’m back-ish? So much turmoil has happened in the past four months of my life and I think writing somewhat helps me. Well, it hinders more because I let events affect my writing. 

    Anyway. I’ve decided to post the latest story I’d been working on. Started the story back in October and still working on it. 13 chapters already so I’ll post a chapter everyday. :) 

    1. BronxWench


      Welcome back! :hug: 

    2. InBrightestDay


      Welcome back!  I’m busy working on the finale of my story (in fact I’mma have to run back o that after writing this), but I will review the next chapter of The Summoner’s Destiny at some point! :D



      I’ve decided to post the latest story I’d been working on. Started the story back in October and still working on it. 13 chapters already so I’ll post a chapter everyday. :)

      That’s awesome!

    3. KoKoa_B


      You know, I forgot about that story… I need to work on that one!

  3. Well, I snuck a new story on you guys. It is Camp season…

    Hi, by the way. I miss writing….


    1. BronxWench


      ::pounces and hugs::  Hi, KoKoa!!! :hug:

    2. CloverReef
    3. Tcr


      Well, glad you wrote some, now you need to whip that muse a little.  :) .  Good to see you back posting :) .

  4. I’m back with a new story! The Summoner's Destiny is actually a little test story, something to get out of my head for the moment. Got the idea while watching Sword Art Online and I couldn’t resist! 

    1. CloverReef


      Welcome back! 

  5. Yay: I’ve updated Maid for You!  ^_^ 

  6. Another chapter for Maid for You! I only have one reader but for future references: make sure you guys check out the reply post to see my responses to your comments! :)

  7. Roll Tide, Roll Tide, Roll Tide, Roll Tide, Roll Tide, Roll Tide!!!!!!!! 

  8. One of the things that I appreciate about this site is that the mods allow you to be an adult. Meaning: if there is something wrong with your story, they will notify you instead of taking matters into their own hands and fixing said problems before telling you. You get quite a few warnings that something doesn’t adhere to the ToS. I probably turned an ant hill into a mountain on one particular site but it was the principle of it all that made me delete my stories there.

    I’m an adult: tell me if something is wrong with my story, don’t go in and make the changes yourself…

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    2. KoKoa_B


      Oh, this wasn’t a jab to AFF! LOL I just reread the ToS of another site I was on and it specifically stated that they had the right to edit/modify story details to fit their guidelines. No warnings, no… nothing. I literally received a message from one of their story editors that my title was not capitalized correctly and they fixed it for me. I know, it’s a small and simple correction but it irked me. I remembered when my disclaimer wasn’t up to par and one of you told me. You didn’t fix it for me or automatically hide my story. 

    3. BronxWench


      Yeah,I’m not a fan of high-handed moderation. We do leave a warning for disclaimers, or email about other issues, and unless it’s something potentially fraught (like missing tags which can be traumatic), we give 7 days before we hide. The we allow at least another 30 days, and to be honest, it’s often more like 45-60 days before we delete for noncompliance.

      And if a member comes to us and says they’re trying to fix something, but are having issues, we help them.That’s part of the job, too. I’d rather spend time helping someone than warning anyway. And I love answering questions when people aren’t sure, but want to get it right. That’s never any trouble for me, at all. Best part of the job! :D

    4. pittwitch


      Agreed.  I appreciate the emphasis on ADULT here, not just in content but behavior.  :think:

  9. OMG. We won. My Tennessee Titans won and I’m crying… I’m still in shock over here...

  10. Posted a new story: Maid For You! Not sure when updates will happen but as of right now, I’m at the halfway point of the story and decided to start sharing it with you guys :) 

  11. Enjoy your holidays, everyone! :D 

    1. BronxWench


      All the best to you, too! :hug:

    2. pippychick


      Hope you’re having a great time, KoKoa_B! :wub:


  12. Happy… belated birthday! I hope you enjoyed your day and have many more birthdays to celebrate! 

    1. BronxWench


      Thank you! :D

  13. New chapter for my DC Shorts book: Mistletoe. Part of a 25 Days of Christmas Raffle I’m taking a part of on Deviant Art :)

  14. It feels so great to be back on my desktop! I was in Alabama for the Thanksgiving holiday and I just… I am MUCH more comfortable in my own home (as I should be, right)! 

  15. New chapter for Unconventional: Conversations! Please enjoy! 

    1. marley_station


      Go go go!!! :D:lol:

  16. Decided to do a writing prompt, since my muse wouldn’t let me work on NaNo… DC Prompts! Be sure you click on to read the next chapter as well :D 

  17. Check out my new chapter for Unconventional (or not, I’m not all that picky...): Dinner

  18. A happy belated birthday to our DemonGoddess061!! {PSST, how do you tag people…??}

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    2. KoKoa_B


      u_u *puts on Dunce cap* thank you @CloverReef {heh, it works}

    3. WillowDarkling


      ::puts on Dunce cap too:: I didn’ts know that neither… and I’m the mod, ffs :D Thank you, @CloverReef and @KoKoa_B

    4. CloverReef


      I only figured it out recently too lol. Trial and error. Because just asking someone made too much sense for me. 

  19. New chapter for Unconventional: Blueberry Muffins (I’m running out of ideas for chapter titles already...)

    1. marley_station


      You seem to be on a roll, actually...:D

    2. KoKoa_B


      Let’s just hope it stays that way lol

  20. A new chapter for Unconventional :) 

  21. New story: my NaNo project- Unconventional! A journey into a new theme for me so I hope I do it some justice :) 

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    2. marley_station


      Go go go!  You can do it!

    3. KoKoa_B
    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      While not actually participating, I’m trying to see how much I can do this month..

  22. Posted a new chapter for Soundwaves: Chapter Three! Will post a new story, Unconventional- my stab at NaNoWriMo this year, very soon