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  1. Just got canned for being insubordinate.

    1. WillowDarkling


      Not always right . com… or if appropriate, Not always working . com… that's all I'm going to say. *pets on back*

  2. I'm sorry if you feel that I come here to complain a lot. Sometimes writing in my journal isn't quite enough, I sometimes want people that I don't know to tell me it'll be ok. It's because I know, it isn't that big of a deal, but I tend to over think and stress out over things that could potentially grow into bigger things. I also don't want to waste people time with my little issues. All while still wanting to rant out my small issues. Anyway. I'm currently going to school, gettin' my book learning. If any of you are currently or have previously done post secondary you know that one week where everything is due? That week where you have 3 essays due, 2 midterms and a bagillion pages to read all for Monday. Well I just had mine a few weeks ago. And I thought I managed to get through it fairly well! I managed to do pretty well on all of my midterms, while quickly writting up a not that fantastic paper, and speed reading through the course load. I was giving myself a big pat on the back, like "good for you, you managed your time well and finished all of your homeworks on time! have a few cookies!" Turns out that I was wrong. I just got my essay back, and I completely forgot to cite quite a few of my sources. I mean like 4 -6 sources missing. Fuck me. Universties do not like it when you plagiarize and there is a whole commity that makes sure the rules are followed. I 'm not the best writer, but I can at least stand my ground in academic writing. I've never forgotten to cite my courses before and now I'm really beating myself up over it. Now I'm sitting around wondering if my proffessor is going to bring me up on plagerism charges. If she does, it will likely be very minor charges. Its the first time I've done it, and the facts that I was stating were never anything big. The assignment was only worth 10% of my grade, so if I have to get it reduced to a zero it wont be so bad. It just sucks that I might have to go through the plagarism council for leaving out some sources during the busiest week of school and I could have easily avoided it if I had just been a better editor! TL;DR: I might have fucked myself over by not properly editing my paper. Editing is important!
  3. reriddle

    Go floss your teeth!

    You guys rock. I write this during a coffee fueled anxiety moment and really needed to put my words somewhere. I have already started to look into getting my teeth cleaned and some fillings done by students at the local university. Though the root canal is still going to cost me a large amount of money. Luckily, I'm still coverable under my parents insurance for at least another year or two! So I'm going to get all of my major dental work done in these next two years ( root canal and braces) and hope that after university I can get a nice job with a decent health plan. Thanks again for all the nice replies.
  4. Get me a pangalatic gargle blaster, and then panic.

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    2. Daye


      Fresh out I'm afraid. I could hit you in the face with a gold brick wrapped in lemon, instead.

    3. BronxWench


      As long as I don't have to listen to another round of Vogon poetry...

    4. BronxWench
  5. Ok. So I'm attending university hoping to better myself and all of that jazz. Trying to get out of the poverty that I was born into and such. Because I came from such a poor family of immigrants, I obviously didn't know anything about taking care of my teeth or had any money to get my teeth cleaned regularyly. So my mouth is just one shitty mess. I need several cleanings, fillings, possibly a root canal and braces! How the fuck am I supposed to pay for all of this shit? The university pays $720 dollars for dental work per year. Which I have already burned through. Yeah. I still need at least 2 fillings, and a root canal/ extraction and fack implant. Where am I going to get the money to pay for this?! AHHH! I need to have the root canal, if I don't it will just get worse and worse and eventually I will get sick and die from it or it will make the rest of my teeth rot and fall out. And I need to eventually get the rest of my cavities filled, or they could all get infected and need root canals. I'm also scared shitless that the infected tooth that needs a root canal will be too infected to be saved and they will have to pull it out. Then I'll have a big gap in my mouth, not like I was ugly enough before. No, now I need a gap in my yellow crooked bad smelling mouth! Because fuck me. Summary: I'm scared of the cost of my potential dental work. My life is kind of sad, and my mouth is disgusting. having small panic attack over possible tooth extraction/ root canal. I just want to have nice teeth, why does it have to cost so much?
  6. reriddle

    Petrified Hermione challenge, het or f/f

    Challeng accepted! Give me 2-3 months.
  7. Huh, things haven't changed around here too much.

  8. I have to agree. The broken Japanese in the middle of stories really bothers me. Mostly because its just so little and meaningless. Most of the words they use are not words that can't be translated into english. I would understand if it were a concept that was not quite translatable. The japanese buzz words do annoy me and distract from whatever narrative there may be.
  9. There will be time to wonder "Do I dare? and "Do I dare?", time to turn back and descend the stairs.

    1. BronxWench


      Do I dare

      Disturb the universe?

      In a minute there is time

      For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.

  10. Gods in his heaven and alls right with the world.

    1. RogueMudblood


      You know, without the apostrophes, it took a moment - I was trying to determine if the numerical disagreement between subject and pronoun was intentional. :)

    2. reriddle


      You're right. I did screw that up.

  11. I still don't have a Pangalatic gargleblaster. Life is a little bit sad.

  12. If someone could get me a pangalatic gargleblaster that would be great.

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      Should we panic?

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      i say we panic..but don't forget your towel lol

    3. Raymy


      Damn! I misplaced my electronic thumb. Otherwise, I'd be on it.

  13. I will start reviewing all stories that I read. I will!

  14. I should become a mentat.

  15. Ever had to tell one of your best friend that her boyfriend is terrible and he can't live with you anymore and are afriad that she hates you?