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  1. So, my Archive name is TheEveningPrimrose and I have a big problem finishing stories. I have a LOT that are just sitting on my computer, largely abandoned and it makes me sad. If you're interested in adopting stories in the following categories: Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard/Tau Bored celebrities doing naughty things. Dead Space 2 Ellie/Necromorph rape fic An Evangelion story which only needs some sexy time writing A Mistral/Korra/Sunny crossover PWP fic I started for Easter. An original story involving an immortal, shapechanging lusty dragon lady and the people she encounters A Mass Effect Samara/Shepard Nonconsensual fic A mind control incest story Resident Evil Extreme Beach Volleyball A 4/20 fic between Catwoman, Power Girl and She-Hulk And more If you're interested in any of these, send me an email or a PM (though I rarely check them) and we'll see if we can work something out.)
  2. DrChristmas


    If you or anyone else is still around I might be interested in giving this a shot. Message me.
  3. DrChristmas

    Lin Beifong's Secret Sex Slave

    You've caught my attention. Care to help me out? If we can talk more, I might be able to write it for you.
  4. It just came out and there already two stories for it sitting in the XIII section, one of them is mine. Just putting that out there.
  5. DrChristmas

    A To Z Dictionary Of Body Parts And Sexual Acts

    I've done it. If you've prepared like you should before anal sex, there won't be anything but semen coming out. That said: Prepare properly.
  6. Hello there. Might you be interested in helping a poor, addled fellow write his naughty stories? I've got a FFXIII series I'm dead in the water on. Need help writing and ironing out femdom naughtiness. I've also got a (mostly speculative) Saint's Row story on the back burner that I need a hand getting going. It'd mostly be a gangbang thing. I've got all the kinks. All of them. Death? Yep. Rape? Yep. Incest? You betcha. Minor? In fiction sure. Only thing I won't write is scat. Seriously, that's it. Anything else I'll write with gusto. We can be a team! You can help me and I can help you! We can grow as writers and become total super best friends. I'm not shy. you shouldn't be either. PM if you wanna join forces!
  7. DrChristmas

    For guys. Does it really hurt?

    For me it doesn't hurt per se. I had a boyfriend once who was the evilest little cocktease. Done enough, it feels like your balls are full. Like when you eat too much and your stomach is bulging uncomfortably? Like that. But with balls.
  8. DrChristmas

    Vocabulary Turn- ONS

    I like the word "hefty" and "heaving"
  9. DrChristmas

    How do you get your inspiration

    Inspiration from people. I love writing stories FOR people. It makes me happy to make them happy.
  10. DrChristmas

    The length of the sex part

    Write it until it comes to a natural end. It's what I do.
  11. DrChristmas

    Question for the men-folk

    Men have a refractory period. Mine is about half an hour. After this period, physically, we're ready to go again. All the parts will harden properly and all the juices will flow accordingly. We are subject to diminishing returns however. First one of the day can be pretty substantial and feel amazing. Second less so. Third even less. I can't imagine being able to squeeze a fourth one out. Most I've done in a day is 3. The parts get less sensitive and it becomes less an orgasm and more a....reaction to stimulation. This is just me though. Hope I helped. If you've got more questions, let me know, toss me a message or something. I'm very open.
  12. DrChristmas

    Tomb Raider: Corinthian Knot

    Loved it. Good on you.
  13. Need someone to work back and forth with to help me iron out ideas and scenarios. Can't be squeamish, the ONLY thing I'm NOT open to is scat, so if you're squeamish about things like minors, incest, anal, rape etc please look elsewhere. If you think you're what I'm looking for, toss me a message and we'll talk.
  14. DrChristmas

    3 somewhat unusual Devil May Cry requests

    If you're still around, I'll work on the Dante/Trish one if you want. Let me know.