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  1. Hello, it says you're an admin who was recently active so I thought you should know AFF has had a data breach and user passwords are compromised. :(


    1. BronxWench


      There has been NO recent breach, and ransomware scams like this one are sadly all too common. 

      My suggestion is that you change your password to ensure its confidentiality, and make sure all your antivirus/malware protections are up to date. You can also report the Bitcoin wallet from the email to this site: https://www.bitcoinabuse.com/  

      For the record, Melrick is a Forum Admin, and questions regarding archive issues are better directed to our Tech Admin, @DemonGoddess who is a full site admin, or to me, as Lead Archive Moderator, since I’ll have a better idea of any archive issues than Melrick will.

    2. Melrick


      What she said.

  2. Just a heads-up, it looks like some users' passwords may have been compromised by a data breach of some sort. Earlier in the summer I got warning e-mails from a "hacker" that he'd gotten into my account on an unrelated writing site and had infected my computer with a self-deleting virus, took control of my webcam, and now had compromising video of me which he intended to release to my friends/family if I didn't pay him in Bitcoin. Now--the only part of that which was true was that he had my password. My webcam's been taped over for years and I never do anything compromising like he'd mentioned. There wasn't even any evidence my account had been logged into. Many others on the site received the same message and the webmaster notified us of the data breach. We changed our passwords and aside from another threat e-mail with the old password in it, nothing more happened. Well, I just got the same message today--with my AFF password in the subject. Meaning AFF has been breached at some point and other users may have their passwords compromised. I haven't been here in years so I don't know how active site administration is, but I got no warning e-mail from site admins, so maybe they're unaware of the breach. :/ I thought others should know, though. THE E-MAIL THREAT ITSELF IS FAKE. You are NOT infected with anything, there is NO compromising video, they probably haven't even logged into your account. But you should still change your password since there's obviously been a breach of some sort. If you get an e-mail from a sender name like "I Know" or "Save Yourself" or something like that, with a subject like "Seen everything [your password here]" or "Video of you [your password here]," you know your account info has been compromised. (Check your Spam and trash, it may be in there--mine was.) Please change your password immediately. Make it a strong one. (To be safe, do so both on AFF and here on the forum.) Don't click any weird links. You don't even need to open the e-mail threat, just ignore/delete it. Sorry if I'm overstepping here but I couldn't see a general help forum or any official notification about this and I really think everyone should be safe. :/ And I do hope admins look into this immediately. EDIT, I finally saw some comments on an admin's page that indicate this may in fact be related to a "hack" that occurred a year ago, and others have been getting this message since July. I got no e-mails regarding that, so I wasn't aware it had happened. There may be some other users still out of the loop like me. Please move my thread to a more appropriate subforum if needed since this one is rather barren, thank you.
  3. I'm considering editing the thread I have dedicated to providing the author's notes for my stories (since they're too lengthy to post on the stories themselves). In the case that the URLs for the forum change yet again, I think it'd be more convenient that links to the individual notes/posts could be provided in the introductory post of that thread, a sort of "table of contents." That way I would not have to keep editing the individual post URLs provided in every one of my stories, I could just have one standard URL, that of the entire thread. (Yeah, people probably never read author's notes, but still... ) I checked out the little links you click to provide you with the hyperlink to individual posts. On another forum I belong to, these take two forms. First is a link that brings you to that individual post's location on the entire page of posts. (Sort of like using the "#" function in creating hyperlinks to take you to a certain location on a page. A page jump, I believe it's called.) That's the kind of links I see on this forum. Second is a link to JUST that post--the rest of the thread doesn't show up, except perhaps as a link on that page. I wished to provide the second kind of links so one would not have to load the entire page of posts for each table of contents link (plus, it's just a really long cumbersome link), but I can't seem to find that option; the only hyperlinks I get are for that individual post's location on the entire page of posts. This happens whether I click on the "#Number" link or the weird little "<" next to it. Is there any option to link to individual posts only, or must you link to the post as it's located in the entire rest of the thread? Hope this made sense.
  4. tehuti88

    Story ratings + outdated links?

    Thank you both so much for the answers! You guys are always so helpful whenever I come in here all confused. (Which is...like every time I come in here. ) I hate that I can say it but I know that feeling a little too well. ;_;
  5. Is there anywhere from our profiles where we can view the ratings our stories have gotten? (By ratings, I mean how well/poorly readers have rated them.) Since the profile revamp I'm unable to see ratings there. :/ Also, I have a thread in the forum where I post intros/author's notes that are too long to post in the stories themselves, as per site rules. To make it easier for readers to find that thread, I included a link to it (actually just a text URL) in my stories. I notice the forum and site have changed URLs since my last uploads, so I believe the URL in my stories is out of date. Will I have to edit each story individually to update the URL...? Oh. Lastly. It's been a long while since I've uploaded anything here. (Three years, I think!) My last time here, if you used Internet Explorer there was a special procedure you had to go through to get your stories to post properly. I think that's no longer necessary, but I'm not sure. I'm using IE11, do I need to do anything special to post stories or is it pretty straightforward now? ...Jeez, I hope I'm in the right forum. ;_;
  6. tehuti88

    Bittersweet October - Fall is upon us

    Thank you.
  7. tehuti88

    Bittersweet October - Fall is upon us

    Hello, where does one find the workaround? (This is totally new news to me, and yes, when I attempted making a "mock" story, the field where the text should go isn't there. I'm on IE9 and Windows 7.) ETA, uh-oh, when I decided to see what would happen when I edited an existing chapter, I clicked edit, then without asking me to do something else, it said it was successfully edited. o.o I didn't even want to edit anything! Well...the edit date is still the same so obviously it didn't really edit. All right, shutting up now, thanks.
  8. tehuti88

    Disclaimer/author's note length limit?

    Thank you very much. (This is what happens when I'm away from the site for so long, I forget the rules! )
  9. tehuti88

    Cookie reset, slight url change

    Oh my goodness, wow! :clap: Thank you so much! ETA, there's supposed to be an enthusiastic clapping emoticon there--and a blushing emoticon here-->
  10. One more question for the night. ;_; I just noticed the new(?) rule regarding rewritten stories being merged with their older versions. I'm currently rewriting one of my short stories and the new version (a multipart novella) will be so vastly different from the original that they're practically different stories. My original intent was to leave the old one up and eventually post the new one, so readers could enjoy and compare/contrast both. Under the new rule, is this not allowed? Would I still have to delete the old version? Alternately, would I be allowed to include the old version as a chapter/section of the new version instead? Or would that be breaking rules? If that wouldn't be allowed, what of posting the old version to my "Explanations & Disclaimers" thread (which I currently use for author's notes that are too long to post to the archive)? Sorry for all my questions. :/ (Sorry also if this posts twice, I'm having trouble.)
  11. I wish to be refreshed on the rule on how long a disclaimer/intro/author's note is allowed on fics in the archive...? I know there was a certain word count or something allowed, and if a user's intro/disclaimer/author note went over that, they were advised to post the intro/note to the forum and link from there. I can't find this rule now and I can't remember the limit so would appreciate being reminded of it. (I figured this didn't belong in the Disclaimers section as I'm not reporting on anything nor have I been reported.)
  12. tehuti88

    Cookie reset, slight url change

    Never mind I found it. ;_; I do wish there were an easier way for users to find their previous posts from their profiles. BTW, it looks to be possible but I wish to be sure, can we edit our posts from 2011? Since some info in my forum posts might need to be updated, too. (I have the old site links to my stories and need to change those...I notice the old emoticons aren't working as well.) Anyway, now I have a lot of editing to do.
  13. tehuti88

    Cookie reset, slight url change

    I need some help and I'm not sure where to post this request. I had a thread entitled something like "Explanations & Disclaimers" where I included lengthy disclaimers/intros to my fiction that wouldn't fit in the fiction itself, per site rules. I had the URL of this page saved in my browser-- www2.adultfanfiction.net/forum/index.php/topic/26469-explanations-disclaimers/ --but with the URL change, it forwards me to the main page of the site, and not to the original post in the forum. I went to my forum profile to try to find the post there but it only shows a link to my most recent post (a help request from some time ago). I really need the link to that forum post to update my profile and...ugh, I just realized, to update all my stories here, since each one of them with a long intro includes that link to the forum. Oh man will this take a lot of work. Is there any way I can find that old post? Oh man will this take a lot of editing... ;_;
  14. Thank you for the clarifications. This is what happens when I stay up online this late.
  15. Sorry if I'm in the wrong place. I haven't logged into the site in months and so had to go through that new logging-in system and see that the members' page has changed. I can access my profile page (I can't get rid of the red X that marks where my avatar used to be :/ ), but I've encountered a problem. When I give out my link to people who want to know where to find my adult work, I always handed out these two links, since I have stories posted in both the Original and Books sections of the archive: http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/authors.php?no=19457 http://books.adult-fanfiction.org/authors.php?no=19457 I notice these pages seem to be the older version of the site, not the new one (I can't edit the bad paragraph formatting on the latter, and updating my profile on the new version of the site hasn't translated to the above two pages). I went looking around for newer versions of my archive pages to hand out to people asking for them, but can't find them on the new version of the members' page. In fact I have no clue how to get to my published stories from the new members' page, all I see are links to edit/add/delete stories from there--and my stories don't seem to be listed/linked on my new profile page. :/ So I went looking for myself by username (tehuti88) in the members' directory, and...I'm not listed there. I've been a member since 2006, I believe, so I can't understand why I'm not there. I realize this seems to be a lot of different problems which is why I'm confused. What are the new links to my archives that I should be using? Why are my stories not listed on my new profile page? How to get rid of the red X on my new profile and/or fix the paragraph formatting on my old profile? And why am I not in the members' directory? Sorry for all the confusion... ETA--ergh, I just found the "Stories Written" link on my new profile... ;_; Are these the new links I should be handing out to readers? http://members.adult-fanfiction.org/profile.php?no=19457&view=story&zone=original http://members.adult-fanfiction.org/profile.php?no=19457&view=story&zone=books Or are the old links valid too? This new format confuses me with it being broken into numerous pages and not showing things like ratings (where do you find ratings now?)... And I'm still perplexed about not being in the members' directory. ETA--for cripes' sake...just found myself. ;_; I guess the formatting of the members' listing is weird and I missed it. Sorry for my idiocy though further clarification on my other little issues is appreciated. *hides head in shame*