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    Not Quite There Yet Story Thread

    Right. So, I never really vent write. It's not at all a personality trait I indulge much. However, it's been really bothering me and I think I'm going to have to say something before I implode. Please no one take this personally for I mean it quite across the board and mean no offense to anyone in particular. I just wanted to clear some things up for everyone. And then also give a bit of explanation at the bottom. Right then. Right off the bat I think it should be mentioned that I know I am not a great writer, in fact I wouldn't classify myself as even good. I write for the love of writing and for the hope that the practice will eventually aid me in becoming better. I do have trouble with my grammar a lot and I am absolutely awful with commas. It's actually comical because the habit started from a Professor trying to help me space my writing out. He gave me a tip of separating the sentence by inflection using commas and or dashes to aid me. It's sort of become a bad habit, quite ironically. I do apologize for that and though it may not seem like it I am trying to correct it. Okay, so I am not a grudge holder and I am never offended by someone's opinion/criticism. I have very tough skin. However, I have gotten some rather nasty emails/comments about my updating. I'm not sure how to say this without sounding like an asshole so I'm going to just throw it out there. I write this story for fun, because I enjoy the characters and their drama and the way they seem to exist together like oil&water in salad dressing. Not for any other means. I don't intend to publish it or sell it in any means. Posting it online was only for fun, I never thought anyone would really read it, and that so many have is astounding and touching to me. I understand how frustrating it is to read a story and then be stuck wanting to read more but the author doesn't update/have another book out. Truly I do understand that and I never intend for such long intervals to happen in my story. The thing is, this story is for enjoyment. My real life, personal and working life, comes first. When I started writing this I was not busy, I had double income coming in, and generally had more free time. Right now, not so much. So I apologize for the delay and I am sorry, but I can't always help it. Another thing is, I have had people really come at me for writing other stories instead of focusing squarely on NQTY. This is probably the one thing that actually slightly irritated me just the slightest. Sometimes I lose my focus on a story and it slips away from me. Sometimes I can't think about the characters, everything comes out sort of weird and the story doesn’t flow right. So the choice becomes, go with whatever is bogging down my mind or let the funk continue and write nothing. A lot of times I toss out whatever stories I come up with, some I don’t post, and some I do. It’s usually the ones I find most interesting for any reason. I am sorry if this bothers you or offends you but I can honestly say that if I didn’t write some of these other stories I’d probably eventually peter out altogether. Hmm, other things. Oh one thing I wanted to explain before the end, not anything I’m upset about or anything like that but just wanted to be clear about. It’s pretty obvious that so far in this story there aren’t any positive females. And yes, I did do that sort of on purpose. The reason is, and I understand if this bothers you, I frankly absolutely hate stereotypical slash stories. Every story I ever read basically went like this- gay boy with faghag best friend, best friend manipulates/uses her wily charms so that her gay best friend can not say no to her-etc etc. Part of the reason I never read slash stories anymore is because I was so sick of this. And, I know part of it is based on truth and part because so many females write slash. Not that there’s anything wrong with this! I mean I have girl friends, this isn’t an anti-girl story. It’s just that I really get sick of that sort of theme. I mean in all honesty I can say that the females in my life so far have been a hell of a lot crueler and less accepting than the males( which is saying something.) It bothers me the way some authors portray females, so I really wanted to make it clear that I didn’t like it. But, actually there is a character besides Edith who I have written into the story who is female, who I adore. Her name’s Lucey and she’s really quite awesome. Probably would have been in chapter 13 of this version. One other thing I wanted to sort of add. Some people find the husbands to be abusive. This kind of threw me for a loop. I mean I understand they can be bastards, sort of ignorant and obtuse all around, but abusive? I don’t see it. A little bit of all my husband’s I’ve instilled in them a personality trait from each of the men I’ve ever truly cared about (I mean friend or boyfriend) and some of these traits aren’t positive. They are selfish, self-centered, and egotistical. Yet, they’re loyal, brilliant, and genuinely good people. They’re men, they are big thinkers, over confident, and frankly just not used to people with glass hearts. A lot of people don’t know how to handle fragile hearted, sensitive people, it’s not a lie. When you aren’t used to people feeling afraid or low on self-confidence you generally don’t know how to treat them. The other thing too is that I wanted my characters to be real. In all frankness I can say that I as a Human being can act in the most bipolar way, and I’m nowhere close to being bipolar. I’ve met less than five people in my life who actually acted in the same manner, the same way, the same stage of mind, the same everything, everyday. Most people sort of are neurotic in their own way. Everyone has mood swings, temperamental moments, moments where they act one way and do a different thing the next. To me, I’d rather read a story about a character who is almost dysfunctional rather than one who is perfect, cookie cutter, text book case. That goes for any type of character too, because you can have textbook case abuse victim, perfect boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. Maybe this is my fault because they’re the sort of characters I like and maybe I should try to adapt them more. This story is really a big first draft. When I would have had finished I’d planned on going back and doing a major overhaul, cutting a bunch of the story and revamping some of the scenery. This story really started out as a fun challenge for myself, a story that was whirling around my brain for a while at the time. Part of me wanted to try to write so many characters, and the funny thing is that they were the easiest part. I don’t always like it, most of the time I find myself wanting to take it down and toss it out. Well. I hate being like this, and I hate to do this but I think I am taking down this version of NQTY. Not sure if I will repost this version of it again. I will leave it up for a few more days and then yank it. Feel free to email me for a copy or save a copy. Please don’t try to steal it or write your own version. I just got a review and then an email today that made me realize how shitty it was, and how my long lapses really effect the flow of the story. Not blaming/punishing or anything, I just realized that it really is pretty rubbish. I’ll put it back up after I get around to rewriting it. Though I don’t know when that will be. I’ll probably start soon on that. I hate to make those who like it suffer but it’s also really disheartening to try to reread it. It’s just sort of shit to me. I’ll try to rewrite and add the first chapter soon after I pull it. I should have done this sooner, before it got ridiculous. I am terribly grateful for those of you who did still enjoy it and like to read it. I am touched by your overlooking my sort of choppiness and trying to find something enjoyable in it. Thanks so much for your support, it really helped me keep going. It’s just time for a fresher I think, before it gets any worse than it is. Pretty shamed by the story, to be honest. Love always, Jamesy<33
  2. yourfacekillsme

    Not Quite There Yet Story Thread

    Hey everyone. So I told you all I'd be revealing a bit about Ria, and I will give you that. =] His form is an Amur leopard, with a distinct pattern. His eye color is supposed to of the Central Heterochromia sort, the edges of his eyes are a deep purple, the inner eyes a darker amethyst and the inner ring around the pupil an indigo blue color. That's how I pictured him, along with his hair color. So. I'll try to find the picture of him I have saved-the one of the A.L. that made me think of he and then post it here. <3
  3. yourfacekillsme

    Not Quite There Yet Story Thread

    Hey! I feel so bad for taking so long to answer reviews, and I got so behind that I decided to just restart from this last update. I am sorry for that, I hate ignoring them of sorts. Please know that I honestly do appreciate them and without your supports I’d probably stop posting them all together. I’m terribly neurotic about my writing, so it really touches me that so many people enjoy reading it. Sorry again <33 Jamesy ~*~* Reviews as of 19/March: Clovermax: Thanks for reviewing :] The hubbies problems aren’t that they aren’t understanding, but that they’re not really used to insecure/no confidence sort of people. They’re definitely used to high quality, groomed for the position, extremely self-assured and self-confident people. Dreamer27: Thanks for the review! I appreciate it immensely! <3 I’m glad you liked the chapter, I felt odd about it. I can’t guarantee a fast update but I’ve started 13 already. ^^ I like to try and make the hubbies as confusing as normal people, so I hope they don’t seem too odd. Thanks again and see you soon I hope :]] Midnightsscream: Hey there. Thanks for reviewing, I appreciate it a lot! I’m glad you liked the party, I was worried no one would like it or that it’d be boring or trite. Don’t worry too much about Cai, ^^ he’s a tough ole kitty aha. I shall try to get it up soon, though sometimes I need a fire lit under my arse. =o) Js: Thanks so much for reviewing! It really makes my day to have a review. Sometimes I get so caught up in the words and can’t feel the scene anymore, so I am glad you liked it! Don’t feel too badly, Cai’ll get there aha. Thanks again! Sen_Nightshade: Awww, I’m sorry the chapter made your cry. Cai can really be angsty sometimes, sometimes too much aha. Don’t worry though, the angst eventually goes away! ^^ Thanks so much for reviewing my story! I’m extremely grateful <3 Reader: Thanks for taking the time to review<333 I appreciate it so much. Don’t worry, I’ll update ASAP. Nlogue: I’m thrilled that you’re liking the story :] Thanks so much for reviewing too, I really appreciate it a lot. I always worry that Cai comes off as sort of a wimpy assed whiner, so I’m glad you don’t think so! His husbands really really don’t get insecurity/low self-esteem problems. It’s sort of like they understand what it is, but not how much it affects someone who suffers from it. They’re really not good at relating. But they do mean well. They’re just all so used to relying on one another yet being independent in their bond as well. If that makes sense? Sort of like they all know what to do and why, and in a situation what each should do. And the mind talking thing, I had originally written a page or so with it in, and it just didn’t flow as well. It seemed too unlike what they would do, and more of what they should do, to really keep it. They kind of assume a lot aha. :] Glad you liked it, and hope this answers somethings? Thanks again, I truly appreciate the review. <3 Sayoko: I’m sorry for the cliffhanger, I had to cut the chapter somewhere and it is was the only place I thought would fit well there. Thanks for the reviewing! <33 I’ll try to update as fast as possible. NekoSinn: Ahh I feel so bad about the cliffhanger now aha. I didn’t realize how much it really was one until after I uploaded it. Sorry about that, I’ll try to update soon! Thanks so much for reviewing and glad to know you like the story =]]] <33 Dekorx: Hey there. Thanks so much for taking the time to review, I really appreciate it immensely. I’m happy you liked the update, it was my longest chapter so far.=] I’ll try to update quickly. Thanks again, and glad to know you haven’t given up on my story haha. <333 Seiba: Hey there. =] Thanks so much for the awesome review, I was really touched by it. It’s always amazing when someone likes your story, especially one you feel unsure about. Sometimes I feel like my characters are too wooden/stiff/unrealistic so I’m ecstatic that you don’t think so. =] Aha, truthfully, with the leopard scene, I’d totally have run too. I kind of wanted that scene to show how ignorant both sides really are, of each other and other’s customs etc. =] I’ll try to have an update out soon, though I can’t guarantee it to be within a certain amount of days. :] Thanks again so much, your review made my day <33 Vick1500: Hey thanks so much for the review! I appreciate it a lot! I’ll try to update as soon as I can, I’m hoping it won’t take me as much time as last time. Thanks again<33 Thanks again for reading and reviewing<33 As a treat I thought I’d give a freebie away about the story. I’ll post a separate post with Ria’s eye color and his Form later today <333 Thanks again! Love always, Jamesy<3
  4. Happpy Birthhday<3333 *huggggs*

  5. yourfacekillsme

    Not Quite There Yet Story Thread

    I am quite terribly sorry with how behind I am in everything. I just wanted to let you all know I will be posting review responses asap. xD You are all amazing <33 Hope you enjoyed the update. I'm never giving up any of my stories, ever. xD <33 Jamesy
  6. I am pretty sure that the male ratio on AFF is about a 1:300 haha. =] Glad to know I'm not alone. I've only met one other male besides you so far. xD Aww, thanks so much! I'm glad you're liking them! =]

  7. Another fellow male! I don't feel so lonely any more. Love your works I'm reading Somewhere Greener, Over and Past There, And Not Quite There Yet. All wonderful pieces!

  8. yourfacekillsme

    Somewhere Greener

    Review Responses for Somewhere Greener: Oo: Thanks so much for reviewing! I appreciate it immensely! <3 I think I thought it was short because my chapters are usually in the 12-45 page limit haha. So as a chapter went, it was short. xD I’m glad you’re intrigued. Can’t answer your questions really in depth. But, his Dad did it for a business swindle, and nope his mom didn’t know. Thanks again! I’ll be updating soon! Oo: Haha, I did change the summary, and I will take out the I hate summaries part. It’s like a self-concious thing, to put that statement, and I always seem to add something like that. =] Thanks for telling me =] Vanessa: Hey! Thanks for reviewing XD I re-read this and cringed a bit at all my mistakes. I was like what was I thinking posting that, because after a few days and I re-read it, I was really really O.O XD <3 Susan: Aww <3 You’re sweet! I’m glad you’re interested in the story! I really appreciate your feedback. Hope you enjoy the coming update <3 Sky: Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it! I was worried no one would be interested in it. =] AnObserver: Hahaha, for like seriously 5minutes, I was SO confused. I was like I didn’t have a baby in the story…I finally asked my boyfriend what he thought of it and he was like You tard, you said the story was your baby. I felt so low. Ahh, the moresome comes soon, I always write m/m/m or m/m/m/m/m/m/m/m/m/ hahah. I am glad you thought it interesting! And thanks <3 I appreciate your reviews a lot! (NQTY is more fun to write than SG if only because it’s more ‘fresh’ of an idea. Plus, though I love Anxo, Cailean is way cuter x] ) Anon: Thanks so much! Glad you liked it! Kayya: Aww, thanks! I’m glad you like my stories. It’s always reassuring to hear that I’m not just writing fruitlessly. I mean I’d still write and probably post, but it helps to hear people appreciate it too. =] <3 So thank you. Also! Thanks so much for that. Sometimes I forget with POV I’m in since I switch around so much. Thanks again for the review <3 Hope you like the coming update. Andrea: Thanks for taking the time to review! I am thrilled you are enjoying it =] I will be updating soon! NQTY is next and then SG. Thanks again! =] Michi The Third: You have amazing questions. =] I will answer them soon too. Probably in the next chaptero. ^^ I just have to update NQTY and then SG is next. Thanks for reviewing! I appreciate it so much, even if I take forever to respond. <3 Lisa: Thanks for taking the time to review! I appreciate it<3 Haha, It’s okay, sometimes I forget who I am talking about in my stories and get confused. His name is Anxo Uxio and it’s pronounced: Sort of anshaw/anshow it depends on who says it and then Uxío is the oo sound in goober, she-uh. Like that. Does that help? If you google Forvo, you can type the names in and they both have pronunciations for free. Sorry, I fail at phonetics. <3 Thanks again! SneakySpy: Thanks! I’m glad you liked the beginning. You’re not already!? Joking haha. >.< Anxo may not be as cute as Cailean is to me, but he is fun to write if only because he has such a sarcastic/cynical side. =] Thanks so much for taking the time to review! I appreciate it a lot! Anon: Ahh, well, if I gave all my secrets away, it wouldn’t be much of an interesting story, eh? Thank for the review! I hope the story pans out in a way you find interesting! Aleks: Your review made me smile like forever. I think you’re the only one who liked my Your Mom joke. =] Made my day that you thought so haha. =] Thanks so much for the review! I appreciate it loads! <33 Ryn: Thanks for reviewing! XD I appreciate it loads. And, I’m glad you like my stories, it means a lot to me! I’ll be updating NQTY probably like today or tomorrow. Just gotta edit through it. =] Thanks again! <3 1likerice: Thanks for reviewing. I appreciate it a lot. NQTY always takes precedence over SG and OAPT so feel reassured that it’d be updated first. =]] Eien_no_Ren: One of the reasons I contemplated posting this was because I wondered if people would find Ano immature and juvenile and not like him because of it. He has very good motive behind his reasoning, but I worried people would find him off putting. I’m glad you find him innocent/strong. One thing I like about this character is he’s one that will always find a way to adapt and grow instead of succumb to despair/depression. So, sorry I blabbed on and on. =] Thanks so much for the review! I appreciate it so much! =] =(: Sorry! I have been working on it like mad. The problem is that I have the Whooping Cough and since there isn’t a ‘cure’ for it, I’ve been on heavy meds that make me sleep a lot and really drowsy in general. So I have been typing, but not refining. I promise to update in moments of lucidness. Thanks for poking me xD Sorry I've been so lax in responding to reviews. Part of the reason I also have been taking longer than normal to update is because I feel so guilty for being behind in answering. So, I promise to get to them. And it's not that I don't appreciate and love every single review & comment because I do! I thank every single one of you for your support! <3 Jamesy
  9. yourfacekillsme

    Not Quite There Yet Story Thread

    AnObserver= Nomnomnom. So. I have to admit I totalllly loved your reviews. Well, at first I thought you were Flaming me, when I first started reading the first one. I somehow missed the first part that mentioned the things you liked, and all I saw was What I Didn’t Like. And I was like ouch. So. I do appreciate you critiquing it! I know I’m not very good at grammar and I know I have some serious flaws. So, I don’t want to ramble on and on about the stuff you do like haha, other than to say that I am glad you like the idea behind it and that you like the Main Characters. Yeaaah I was a little bit like ewww when I wrote the rich guy rescues poor guy part, but this is my first happy ending story so I figured it’d fit better. I’m glad you like the sock fetish thing. I love socks personally, although my character definitely likes them better. xD Soooooo. What you didn’t like: Character Depth: It’s kind of my writing style to reveal my characters in bits and pieces. But, I’ll try to reveal more, quicker than I have. I sometimes forget that though I am telling the story, the readers cant see inside my head. xD The Lack of Flow: Well, honestly, I never considered publishing this…I mean I don’t think anyone would ever want to pay to have to read it haha. I was writing it mostly for fun. But, when I do finish the story I plan on revamping it and tweaking it. I will definitely work on making it flow better though! =] The Summary- haha, honest to goodness, I truly do suck at writing a summary. I have never been able to write a ‘good’ summary that fit my story or helped ‘reel’ in readers. I have been working on it though xD I think I’m going to leave it for awhile, and then rewrite it when I bring the plot into the storyline. Haha, I really do appreciate your opinion. Con. Crit. Is very helpful for me. Although sometimes I forget, when I’m in the swing of writing, and sometimes I revert. Heh, it’s okay. I make typos all the time AND I think backwards when writing so sometimes my sentences are backwards. The fact you typed that all out on your phone is a big kudos to you. I can barely text on my EnV Touch. Ahh, I will throw in a scene about them not knowing each other and talk about the judgemental-ness they all seem to have. =] I gotta say, I think my heart stopped when I saw HOW long that awesome character detail was! Haha, but I will think about incorporating more stuff in my own. So. Part of my problem in writing is smooshing out my characters insides. I make these things I call Character Folders. Inside them I let their entire lives unfold. I place pictures/diary entries/things they’d like/etc inside. Basically it becomes my character. However, I like puzzles, and I find that by arranging pieces of my characters little by little, the whole picture comes out. SO, that’s kind of my bad habit. I think its also a mental block, because I personally loathe stories that describe the character all at once, or are stereotypical in their mannerisms and personality, and the author puts it all out there in one go. Like, one of my favorite sort of writing in a book like Les Mis. *one of my favorites* because of how the character description is and the way that the image of the character is distorted though he is essentially good. I can’t explain my thought process very well. But, I will try harder to give more info about them in the future. =] The history thing, well I will come around to that eventually. I guess I like to scatter the story around a bit too much. So, for that I’m sorry, it must be a little confusing. Haha, it’s okay about the comment about the boyfriend name thing. I got whatcha meant =]] Wow, your researching is epic. I research off and on as I write. Good luck on that though! I do appreciate con.crit. It helps me realize my strengths/weaknesses and truly shows me what Readers thing on it. So! Most of those questions will be answered in time…I mean this story will most likely be fairly long, well at least well into the 20s chapter wise. I haven’t gotten to the plot yet haha, and I’m on chapter 8. Yet, I do realize that the longer I hold off on answering these questions the more people will think I’m avoiding answering them. I will definitely try harder to be better at writing. =] I tend to write as I’m thinking at the moment, so sometimes it comes out sporadic. I apologize for the crude ness of the writing. I’m glad you liked Cai’s form and the update xD I am glad I did better this time xD I don’t mind your critique, it helps a lot. I think, nothing against you, that critique in general sometimes comes out more harsh than one intends, and then people feel like the author is being attacked. Thank you so much for taking the time to analyze&respond on my story. I appreciate it a lot, really. I know I say that a lot haha, but I truly am fully grateful! Quick add: I am so so so so sorry I didn’t add this sooner. I totally thought I had posted this. I opened my file for Review Reponses and it was just sitting here. =] Sorry!
  10. yourfacekillsme

    Not Quite There Yet Story Thread

    Hey! I was in the middle of responding to the last few Reviewers when my friend emailed me these. I just uploaded them and thought I'd share! I adore them. These are all her Manips. of Cailean's Form. She couldn't pick just one so she did multiple. Cailean 1 Cailean 2 Cailean 3 Cailean 4 Kitten Cailean cuute
  11. yourfacekillsme

    Not Quite There Yet Story Thread

    Responses: Janx= Glad you’re enjoying the story! The library is one of my favorite parts of the mansion too. The bookshelf stairs…*melts* Thanks for reviewing! I appreciate it! NightRoseFox= Ooh, I don’t know who that may have been. *innocent face* I am thinking of starting a mailing list actually, so if you’d like me to add you to it… I could. Well I’m gad this story is holding your interest. I think that’s a good thing x] Actually, I have this one story I’m writing that I have to admit, the character is scarily like me, without it being intentional. I just haven’t posted it because well I don’t know why. Ahh Maël, haha, he’s such a crazy fun character because he’s such such a Cancer*horoscope* I’m glad you liked that description! I’m not a big fan of silence, can you tell? =] I hope you continue to enjoy the story and that it continues to pique your interest. Thanks so much for the review, I enjoyed it a lot xD Sorry for being a creepy stalker authour. *facepalm* I admitted it. It was me! Aoe= Haha, I’m glad you liked the update! Aww, I’m sorry you have to spend an entire day working/researching. That absolutely sucks. I hate days like that. Haha, yes you made #100! I can’t believe how well my story is doing, I really thought it’d bomb in the first days. Thanks again for the reviews! Anon= Ah Cai’s form is of an Ocelot. xD It’s one of my favoritest small Big Cats. I did think of making him a wolf but the Ocelot call was greater. I’ll ask her to. Or I’ll upload the pictures I used as a reference for his description. Thanks for the review! I appreciate it a lot! <3 Seiri= Maël really is a sweet man at heart, he’s just really possessive/protective of his family. I answered what he looked like in Chapter 7. He’s an Ocelot, and they’re stunning. Some of his appearance will change since the Block on his Form had caused a lot of his problems. But, not over night. =]] Ahh, his Aunt is an antagonist in the story, but not the main one. She’s more of a background problem for Cai. She will definitely be popping up again soon though! =] SecretQuill= Thanks! Glad you’re liking it! Eien_no_Ren= Ahh yes I wondered if people might get confused about that. His changing was so painful because they are meant to change when they are young. The older they get without changing the harder the change is. It’s like a 1 out of 200 Changelings that doesn’t change before 18. Ah yes. It depends too though on the blood sugar thing. They tend to run low into the doubles only, but some pure blood Noemadas have naturally high blood sugar, somewhere in the 200s. His was too high though. He needs his to be around 80-100. I’m glad you’re enjoying this! I hope you enjoy the update. =] Midnightsscream= Hey there! Ah, well no he didn’t always have a tail and cat ears xD A Block is just what it sounds like really. I’ll write more about them in the future chapters. I like the bond they have because they can’t always help but want to help him/protect him. I’m glad you’re liking it! I’ll try to update as regularly as possible! NightRoseFox= LOL. My boyfriend has a shirt with the saying about Stopping Anorexia One Piece of Cake at a time. I never heard the floor&ninja one! I totally giggled like a school girl over that. Thanks for sharing with me! <3 Nymph Nyx= Thanks so much for the review! I’m happy you’re enjoying the story! Sayoko= Heyy x] He’s an Ocelot. I can tell you since I already updated xD I’m glad you’re finding it exciting! Aww I’m sorry he ended up being born 1992. At least Maël is a 1991. xD Hope you enjoy the update! *and you don’t squeal in front of yer sister! ^^* Fallout-Angel= Hah, they definitely do need sensitivity training ASAP. Ah, he’s a mix between small and big, but he’s way way adorable. And, his eyes, hmm, it’s a mutation of his breeding. But, I’ll bring it up in the story. I really do sometimes forget that people actually CANT see inside my head. xD Thanks for the review! <3 Susan= Thanks so much for the review xD I have to admit though I don’t mind constructive criticism too much. I appreciate it because it really helps me as a writer, to grow. I mean, heck, I know I’m not perfect. x] I think that AnObserver didn’t mean to come off as rude/nit picky so much as telling me what they would do in my shoes and trying to help me with pointing out my flaws/good points. I’m glad you’re enjoying the way I am writing it though! I tend to start my stories in a weird way, because I normally write in a way I’d like to read if I was a reader. I do have most of it planned out in my head, but a large part of it is still floating in my subconscious throwing popcorn at me and laughing. xD I am so glad you’re enjoying the updates! I hope you enjoy the new chapter! nivell= No, I don’t mind at all. It’s something for some odd reason I do a lot. I think it’s because in my head when I’m writing I am thinking of the character doing/saying it, so I tend to think of it backwards, and accidentally write it. It rarely even sticks out to me much now because I am so used to seeing it. I remember in 12th grade my teacher made us write a fifty page short story as our final project, and her most cross outs were exactly that. You’d think I’d learn huh? I’ll definitely keep it in mind though, sorry about that. I’ll definitely keep it in mind. *writes a note* Also, I totally understand about the Main Character thing. I think I need to incorporate more of them into the story. I didn’t want to just jump randomly into a different POV until I had Cai where I wanted him, but then I realized I was making them 2D instead of 3D. So I apologize for that. I mean, honestly, no one wants to read about flat boring characters. I’ll definitely try to throw more of their personalities out there. I’m not saying this as an excuse but I have to wait awhile before editing because I could read it backwards/forwards/sideways and my brain won’t see the typo/grammar error. I have to wait at least a few days, or else my brain skips right over it. For example, I read every chapter at least 10 times before uploading it, and for some reason I still can never see them. Then I upload it, and the next morning I am like How did I miss that it’s blaringly obvious!? So. I will definitely spend more time editing then. I guess more time editing, less time writing. =] Sorry for the long arse review answer. Ayamxam= Thanks for the review! I appreciate it. I’m glad you’re enjoying the story. I’ll try to update soon! Kayya= I’ll definitely post a few soon! Yeah, Guard was kind of an asss. And yeah, Lee is such a slimeball guy. Thanks for taking the time to review! I appreciate it! <333 Sen_Nightshade= haha, were you surprised? I adore Ocelots! Someday when I’m rich *ha ha ha ha this means never* I am totally buying a $20,000 Ocelot. They are sold by some Breeders, but I’d never purchase one illegally*putting it out there!* I’m glad you liked him! I hope I didn’t make him too kitten-y but I figured it’d be like a newborn baby since he wasn’t used to it. LOL I love Motorcycles, can you tell? I threw the names of the cycles out there, and just called the car Flash cars. I will name them eventually buut, I have to do some research on the names first. Glad you liked the POV changes! I will definitely try and do some more! Thanks for the review! I appreciate it always <3 Anon= Thanks for the review! I don’t think they meant to come off as rude though. I’m glad you’re enjoying the story! I hope you enjoy the coming updates! Gslinger= Howdy again. x] Maybe Cai will talk somedaaay. Then again maybe not. It’s like…a 50/50! I’m so dense, that was a no brainer there. Anyway. I’m glad you’re like kitty Cai, and I am thrilled you’re enjoying the story in general. Thanks so much for the review, I’ll write as fast as I can. =] Midnightsscream= Thanks for taking the time to review! I always appreciate it a lot. Cailean is really too cute for his own oblivious good. =] Aren’t they just the most precious thing ever??? I adore Ocelots. Ocicats are cute too. He’ll definitely be going through adaptations soon. Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying the story. =]]] CharredK= SQUEE I’m glad you liked it! XD I’m with you on the Cailean needing Spoiling! He’s destitute in lovage. And it’s totally okay! I’m grateful you left one at all! I’ll definitely update ASAP. Thanks so much for the review! <33 Sae= Thanks for taking the time to review! I’m glad you’re liking the story! It is actually harder for me to remember to put dialogue in! Sometimes I forget and I’m like Um James, this is getting booooorrrinnnnggg. I’m glad you think I’m balancing it well. It helps to hear what the readers think! Thanks again! Ym= Thanks for the review! Thrilled that you’re enjoying it! Thanks again! Deathsangel= Thanks for the review! I’m glad you like the Form thing. There will definitely be more of them in their Forms soon. I promise. I adore Ocelots, probably why he became one! Haha. Anyway, thanks again so much! I hope you enjoy the coming updates! Thanks to allllll my reviewers and silent readers! I appreciate each and every single one of you! Thanks for the support&I loooove you all! <33 ^^ [[AnObserver I’m doing a separate post to answer yours because it’ll probably be loonnng x] ]]
  12. Hey, I don't know if this was reported or not before, but I found this story posted twice in POTC Jack/Will section. Just thought I'd report it in case it wasn't yet! Second Story Second Author I don't think it's plagiarism, just the same author under a different account. First Posted Story First Posting Author
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    Not Quite There Yet Story Thread

    I recognized you as soon as you said the age thing. Sorry, he's younger xD I like both of your names, btw.
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    Not Quite There Yet Story Thread

    Haha, The only one I really noticed was your fools/follows, but I don't think I saw the others. Hey, I just wanted to let you know I totally appreciate your in depth reviews! I know some others thought they came off really rude/nit picky but I really appreciated them a lot. I'm typing up my review responses but they're taking me a little while because I'm easily distracted. Just wanted to let you know real quick though. Anyway. Oh right. Yep. I calculated it as being 2012 (for some reason I keep thinking it is already 2012) and so I decided to just write it as in the present but the present is 2012. Although, technically this part of the story is the past, so we can say it's 2011 in the story now....xD
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    Not Quite There Yet Story Thread

    Sorry it was a typo. Cai's birth year was supposed to be 1992, I accidentally typed 1991. Cailean's the youngest.