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    Table Top RPGs, NeverWinterNights, novels, short stories, art, anime, Star Wars, gaming in general, medical related things, politics, religion, technology to a certain extent, chocolate, flowers, science related things, nature, and a good bit more,

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Likes: Table top RPGs (also called pen and paper at times), chocolate, movies, politics, religion, history, nature and the sciences, literature, card games, board games, religion, humour, travel, and people in general.

Dislikes: Physics, math to a degree, computer problems, logistics, statistics, and things of a more unpleasant nature in general.

Well, now that those are out of the way, I suppose you could say I can be a slightly controversial person at times. happy.gif More of I believe that everyone possesses the right to be offended at any point in time over something and that they can be mature enough to deal with the issue in a more proactively responsible fashion- i.e. mention that it is offensive and perhaps ask that things like that not be done/said/etc in their presence- yet that free expression is also respected at the same time with a respect of other people's rights and preferences.  Maybe I am an idealist. happy.gif;; So that probably should be a fair enough warning on that part I guess....

Other fun facts that you probably weren't that bothered by.... XD I am a card-carrying Libertarian and Catholic. Also I am happy to debate and discuss topics like this at whim with almost anyone. I am a fan of many different genres and things as well as an avid table-top gamer who has enjoyed some forum games as well at different sites. I am also trying to stumble my way through NeverWinter Nights, so any advice is helpful... So far I have a half-elven ranger.