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  1. I can read other peoples stories and get excited, some times even if the story is “bad” but the image they placed in my mind is all thats needed, sometimes i do get myself too in my own story, but thats never the “goal” until editing is done.
  2. personally i find that its not exactly about my taste, but does the character/s fit it? an example, lets use Batman. would BW/BM (Bruce Wayne / BatMan) be that sadistic dominating person in the bedroom, or would he be something else? of course you could argue what universe of Batman, but lets just go with standard Batman, considering his personality I would probably write him as a tender lover, even though that might not do it for me, its about the story and the character because if you break who the character is in your story out of character, without a reason, i find it detracts from the story. BUT again thats all in how you write it. BM might be the dominating kind if paired with X character, or the submissive kind to another one.
  3. what i would recommend, is pick the name of the character as a test, make sure it fits your world then do this, just to test it out. “James walked into the …… and looked around the dark room, his eyes adjusted and he could see …..” “Thor walked into the …….. and looked around the dark room, his eyes adjusted and he could see …….” “Tiny walked into the …… and looked around the dark room, his eyes adjusted and he could see …….” make it longer than what I did, but used this as a test to your character name, does the name you have in mind as you run the first parts of the story fit, does it have the feel that you want? does “James” sound like the name of your character for what they are going to do, in the world they live in. it might help you find the name that you want.
  4. very true, but a name can help make the character memorable, for better or worse.
  5. i use names of characters/heroes and then re arrange some letters to kind of sound like someone but not exactly. Thor – Thorn – Tholon etc Zeus – Zelus helps ti give a mental image in my mind of who im thinking of as reference.
  6. good points, that should help me out a lot. now i just have to figure out what and how to do it
  7. another thought, the body would also be weak too right? having never actually worked out, they would have the strength of an infant more or less, would they be able to get up out of bed and walk etc? or are they screwed? at the moment im using comatose people as an example for that
  8. humm well the mind would be informed, but the eyes would not be used, i am basing this thought process off the first matrix movie in regards to Neo’s muscles. I would think that the eyes would need some time, a day or 2 with soft light or what have you to tune themselves for actual use. maybe?
  9. yeah that sounds like a better question. now what if the mind of the clone, was fully up to date with the age of the person cloned? your cloned and your age … 25, the clone is aged to 25 and has the same mind from point A but you are point B because its not a constant …… memory update? would the mind fill in the blanks etc or would they eyes still be that of an infant, and would they be clouded the first time they are opened? that vision isnt clear but iffy
  10. so i have some people that were cloned, they were just released from the “vat” how well would their eyes work in terms of “normal” people and them selves just using their eyes for the first time though being fully grown at age 16 – 19 body they are in, but probably only being like 3 days old or something.
  11. that could work for one of the girls, she is actually a cook for his fav food, so her “proposal” could be along that line, or her fathers to him.
  12. the MC has rescued, saved and helped many women (canon) im trying to make it that some of these women want to help him with something personal of his, and being married would help (to multiple women) for political reasons. like offering him …… the sword of a father, swearing to keep it for all time etc etc = accepting marriage proposal……. hey there’s one
  13. i remember one like that in Stargate SG1 it is a possible option, would need a name for that tradition because i think its a greek one
  14. i should also point out, its the guy that is the clueless one
  15. im looking for some odd traditional marriage proposals. something that a person could agree to while not actually understanding what it is they are accepting, like in OOT (legend of zelda) when link gets the water spirit stone. possibly something that could originate somewhere in Asia?