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  1. When A Heart Cracks

    ive updated some more of the chapters, up to 17 now. I’m hoping it corrected all the mistakes, probably not though. hope you all enjoy.
  2. chapter list?

    ah yeah, it took a while for it to drop down, tested it out on my own story and a few others, longer list takes longer to show up, smaller is almost instant. connection issue?
  3. chapter list?

    is it auto enabled or does it have to be turned on?
  4. chapter list?

    I don’t know if this is an option or not, I haven't seen it. having an option to select the individual chapters of a story in a drop down list, instead of having to hit the arrow/next to get to the next chapter would be useful for stories that have a large number of chapters in them. if this option does exist, how do I enable it?
  5. ForgetMeNaught's Replies - (This is the Truth)

    I agree, wasnt too sure what to make of this but after the 5th time reading it (Yes I did) because something felt off, it sounds like to me that someone has high opinions about things and feels they are icky and sick, well guess what buttercup, thats the real world. So you told someone it was ok to do bad things ….. your a dick, even if you told them to do good things, its still their choice to or not to do it. Fiction is just that, fiction, its not real but can use real world things in any number of ways. Its up to the reader/viewer to understand that it is just a story/show/game, if you can not tell the difference, you need to have your head examined. Frankenstein, Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, The three billy goats gruff, all just stories I have a story that is and will involve torture, does not mean I want people to suffer from it or to do it myself, its all about plot and story, if anything in a story makes your skin crawl, and its that kind of a story, good job. if its something simple and just a life style thing or what have you, thats too bad. there is nothing wrong with making content that is shocking, dismaying, hurtful, appalling, or outrageous. once a pon a time, it was seen as scandalous if a woman showed her ankles, look at the world now. if you are emulating something from a movie that is hurtful to people or yourself, physically or mentally, yeah get help, but if its just the narrow minded views of someone else, the world will eat them for lunch.
  6. ForgetMeNaught's Replies - (This is the Truth)

    umm ….. who are you? that might help along with what stories you are talking about. in my experience as a half assed writer, your comfort does matter but thats not all that matters. not trying to inspire you or anything ….. because not sure who you are, just take it as a lesson of life, that you will not always succeed, that you will fail but thats part of learning.
  7. when to use them?

    ive see it also used as a pleased sound (just red a story) like if someone is getting something they really wanted they mewed in pleasure.
  8. when to use them?

    ive only heard female character use it, but yeah never understood its ….. context?
  9. when to use them?

    what about mewed and other versions of it? I actually never understood its literal meaning in the context of <The girl mewed>
  10. when to use them?

    good points all around. so what are some other sound words that might be used (generally speaking) that could be hard to place? cooed we kind of covered, but what are some other ones that could be used to create a feeling of expression from a character? grunting, groaning, growling (all G’s? ) are easy I think, so what else?
  11. when to use them?

    Yes, I personally had a hard time with writing because I was a descriptive writer, you knew about every crack in the wall, the dripping of blood etc etc etc. it was easy for me to make 1 chapter into 75 – 100 pages long, now ive set to no more than 20, 15 being the actual goal.
  12. when to use them?

    @_@ soo many choices now. I think something shorter than what you showed there pippy would be more my taste. <She said in a purring voice>? <She quietly purred>? <Her satisfied voice purred>?
  13. when to use them?

    its just normal girls, so how would you make it sound more figurative than literal?
  14. when to use them?

    indeed. so after mind blowing sex, indicating that while she might enjoy a …..8th? round of it, would purr to decline? “you fucked my dry, I couldnt take another round with you” she purred. ???
  15. when to use them?

    purred ive seen work as when someone lets out a pleased …. hum? most of all related to sex. cooed had kind of confused me because as said above, its used to make children feel better but ive also seen it used for sexual acts too but not sure how to convey it correctly.