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  1. to me it just comes down to how the summary feels, how ever long you make it, confidence i dont think matters in that respect, either you have the right summary or you dont. did it give you enough of a tease to get people interested? did it give enough of a description of the general plot? did it communicate enough of a struggle for the characters? will there be pizza at some point?
  2. in ways yes, but its a part of his true feelings, only enhanced, but a one time thing.
  3. its your story, do what you think feels right for it.
  4. the easy way to explain what happens, would be that he is contaminated with something that adds to his disposition towards some people, but because of this stuff, it makes him react more to it. so he isnt “innocent” in the idea that he felt X ways about things, but the normal him would never have done it, I think would add to the world breaking feelings that happen to him.
  5. indeed, I think that this character would be more on the angry denial side of things, followed by his world coming crashing down.
  6. that would also be in there for a bit too
  7. thanks for all the ideas there my friends, this will help a lot. I think that going the denial, sobbing then anger followed by devastating acceptance would work for this character (Kiba from Naruto) having him refuse what people are telling him, then his sister confirms it because she saw it too, some slight self justification thats not intended on his part, then his world comes crashing down as he realizes whats being said is true. I figure then that he would probably become very detached from everyone and thing, avoiding people in shame, then snap out of it eventually and try to make amends.
  8. all you “need” to do is just give a quick blurb of what the story is, like what I did. you present a quick but not fully detailed snip of whats going on with the character or world, what may be standing in their way and how it really sucks or is something they are enjoying. also works well with chapter titles
  9. I find just doing a quick thing can work best. “A hero is late for dinner, hoards of zombies stand in his way but if he doesn't arrive soon, a darker fate awaits him at the hands of his mother/wife” no thought into that little blurb, but hey sounds interesting and funny right?
  10. humm, I think the character is the kind that will feel he owes something to the people he hurt, owes them any and everything, most of all for not being killed by the hero (thanks to sisters intervention, no she wasnt getting hurt just showed up) the guy was beat literally almost to death, were talking angry wolverine with no claws vs the mail man, should be dead beaten. I do think I need to expand on the current reactions, make it more drawn out and reactive. I think the drugs that are being used to keep him alive might not make him feel the things that he would under normal conditions though ….. maybe?
  11. i have it that the older sister of the character saw it happening and what lead to them being sent to the hospital via good guy showing up. the character is an arrogant, slightly selfish ass, but generally a good guy. ive been thinking of going the denial and weepy side before he has a little break down, i have some ideas of what to do with it later too.
  12. so a character just wakes up in the hospital, no idea how or why but their body is badly beaten etc etc, they then find out that they just committed a crime against some close friends. the kind of thing that “you” would never do to these friends, ultimately devastating the character. how would you describe the horror and emotional devastation?
  13. you also have to consider the time of year, i expect 0 during the summer months because people go camping, they travel to wherever, and generally try to do things they cant during the rest of the year. between summer and winter, ive seen more come in, based on the seasons.
  14. silence is annoying, but if you have X number of chapters, and the number of “dragon prints” is increasing, i tend to take that as a sign people like it.
  15. assuming that the person isnt just flaming you i try to take what they have to say into consideration, if its viable feed back, though some people can get heated over simple things too. one example i have is that in my current fan fic, I have characters that are somewhat out of character, and many people do not like that an established character changes in some of the ways that they are. “How could you write that X does A with out any remorse, thats not who they are” etc etc etc YOU as the writer have no obligation to listen to what anyone has to say ….. unless its legal based then, might want to listen a bit more. YOU have the story in mind, what direction you want to go in, what the characters are going to deal with and so on, the readers, unless they have inside info know none of it so realistically they can stick it. I try to listen to what people have to say though, make sure that their pov doesn't have a point, and even if it does, its still your story.