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  1. SirGeneralSir

    When A Heart Cracks

    I have posted a few, and will be posting a new one very soon …..2-3 days?
  2. SirGeneralSir

    Female warrior classes

    no that is true, I dont want forced names or anything, it would have to be ones that would be metaphorical in some way or another, it would have to have the right feel for who and what they are.
  3. SirGeneralSir

    Female warrior classes

    Not for the Crossover either BW I will still have to look up and make a list of insults that would work and sound bad ass in some way or another, still a lot of research to do for it.
  4. SirGeneralSir

    Female warrior classes

    found out why my blog page could not be seen, was my user links because i was logged in.
  5. SirGeneralSir

    Female warrior classes

    lol oh this is not part of the Naruto story I have been working on, this is something …… different. my thougth process would be kind of like how …. black people will call each other or themselves the N word, something to mock (according to some) how it was used as an insult. just making up a term for this, but if a unit/class of warrior women were called …….. the …….. Iron Wenches ….. (might use that actually) where the term Wench is an insult but its used as a warning of “These bitches will fuck you up” or something.
  6. SirGeneralSir

    Female warrior classes

    humm i find that very odd that it wont let me share my blog page …….. oh well. Never heard that name for any ww2 pilots, and ww2 is one of my fave subjects. ive also been looking at derogatory terms/insults for women that might be considered more offensive than “butch” in other languages, something to indicate either strength or something, a kind of play on words if you will.
  7. SirGeneralSir

    Female warrior classes maybe this one will work? indeed and thats the problem I was facing with finding the classes too. Thought it would be interesting to have “units” here and there that were the different from what the “norm” is/was just like the WW2 red-tail fighter pilots It would add more diversity, open doors for conflict of cultures and ideologies, keeping things interesting. But thank you very much for the information and chat, I just hope it’s enough for what I am trying to do
  8. SirGeneralSir

    Female warrior classes

    Yes modern weapons and armor 80lbs easy (also Canadian, also tried for military health prevented it) Time line is anything pre gunpowder age …..pre 1500’s – 14’00s? and as far back as the Babylonian empire. The world its self, is more or less taking our WORLD history, twisting it, and our mythology, twisting it and adding in fantasy elements (orcs, elves, etc) My Spartans for example would be from ….. spartania instead of sparta. (just an example) So if I could find a “class” or name used for female warriors that differentiates them male counterparts just like a Spartan and Knight are different because in this world there are many different cultures where it is very Amazon esk, or there are other elements that make the men and women take different military roles (religion) keeping in mind that these are supposed to be ancient culture mentalities in other respects.;postID=7686718755387116722;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=1;src=postname rough version of the world map
  9. SirGeneralSir

    Female warrior classes

    indeed. traditionally, I would not see many women being the same kind of warrior that men are only because of the difference in our body types with bone structure and musculature giving both genders different abilities “GENERALLY SPEAKING” standard plate armor is about 80 lbs, give or take. I am searching for a class system for female warrior types to give as much diversity as I can, as with magic users its less of a pain to set that up.
  10. SirGeneralSir

    writing and posting a cross over

    as always BW you are very helpful to us
  11. SirGeneralSir

    writing and posting a cross over

    I was thinking of doing a new story …. eventually, crossing the Naruto and Avatar universe, smashing them into one. I would say it would be 50/50 more or less.
  12. I was just wondering, is there a way to post a story in both fandoms without having to upload them in each section separately.
  13. So I have an idea for a world that combines world history (pre-gunpowder age), mythology and fantasy (not 100%) I think I have all the classes for main warrior types, Knights, Samurai, Spartan etc that are 90% male and some that can be either gender, but I would like a few female only class of warrior. So far I have the Valkyrie, Amazon and Bushi (female Samurai) but I feel that there could be much more. I could just create some off the top of my head, but if anyone has any I could add to my list, it would be really appreciated. preferably nothing trademarked
  14. SirGeneralSir

    cant log in main site

    sent the info
  15. SirGeneralSir

    cant log in main site

    in the drop down, i see either me username or email. using my email and two password, no change. trying my username with passwords, hitting the button not “enter” has the same result I could not make the new password, the email link kept telling me that it was no longer valid, even though I had only had the email for three min or so. It would be nice if we could avoid her help, less on her plate the better ….. but I dont know what to do …….. PM you my info?