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  1. SirGeneralSir

    Incubators/surrogate (living creatures)

    lol you guys always crack me up Thinking on both the sides of real world and real ish movie etc world, this has been a topic that always interested me on a number of levels. There is a Indie movie (dont know the name) where an alien race had invaded earth and was using women as incubators for different breeds of alien troops etc. Though it did not say in what way, if it was just an embryo implanted like a normal pregnancy or if it was a kind of egg that just needed a warm place to sit. It also got me thinking, if this method could be used to increase populations of X species and bring them back from the brink of extinction or what have you.
  2. So using movies etc as an example, women are sometimes used as incubators/surrogate for the offspring of X monster/alien. For some reason I am now thinking about the actual possibility of it. COULD! a female of a mammal species incubate the offspring of a different one? (with in reason) For example, could a Human woman incubate/surrogate lets say kittens/puppies, meaning of course artificial insemination of the correct eggs that are then implanted inside the woman. Or would the body see it as something strange and attack them, would they even connect to the uterus or simply die out. I am 99.9% sure it would not work at all, its more just an odd thought and I would like to see what other people think.
  3. SirGeneralSir

    Elvin buildings

    indeed, its just how to articulate it so that what you are seeing in your mind is what they see too..
  4. SirGeneralSir

    Elvin buildings

    Ive referenced that page a lot for the world lore, but I was thinking on a more personal level for this character. (still developing her) her home could be a granny smith tree, because she puts on that she is every ones grandmother because she is more than old enough to be and likes to give the kids apples. (Irish folklore says apples are for health, youthfulness and rebirth) just trying to figure out how do I articulate that the “house” is X size but its a tree to.
  5. SirGeneralSir

    Elvin buildings

    lol thanks BW. I still have to work out the process, but my thinking is that a special seedling or something would be planted in the ground, if a specific tree type was desired, they would add the seed of that tree (Apple, Maple etc) then combined with the mind of the “owner” they would communicate what the desired type of home is, it would also be unwise if you were an uninvited guest like a thief as doors and walls etc could move and increase or decrease in size kind of like a haunted house but any ways, I need a home for an elder elven sage, something that would say not a witch but still dont fuck with her if that makes any sense.
  6. SirGeneralSir

    Elvin buildings

    its more like as the tree grows, it branches out, splitting the trunk etc and weaving the vines here and there to make the shapes of the house. if it needs to grow bigger, like if there are children etc, it sprouts more branches and other things. It can take on house like features, im just not sure how doors and windows would work. My elves are normal sized, all fairy tale creatures are going to be the standard sizes as depicted in most myths and or fiction. Magic is used to grow named tree to X size and …… weave it? but the trees are not exactly “normal” but more like I think there called treants or etens……. kind of like Grout only stationary.
  7. SirGeneralSir

    Elvin buildings

    So I am working on a actual original story, in my world the elves make houses/buildings by growing trees, they dont use nails and boards etc. I need to describe a simple home made from an apple tree but not make it sound like a small tree = a normal sized one, anyone got any ideas?
  8. SirGeneralSir

    mage rank/title

    humm guess I will have to play with it a bit more, but over all I think you guys have given me some good suggestions, thanks. What about Mage Lord (Name ) Here come the Mage Lords. Oh look kids, its Mage Lord (Name again)
  9. SirGeneralSir

    mage rank/title

    lol. The twelve were once a team ….. justice league ish but not. I am thinking a title that could be used singular for one or collectively for all of them.
  10. SirGeneralSir

    mage rank/title

    So I have 12 mages, ATM I am calling them Grand Mages title wise. But it feels too low grade for these mages, there supposed to be almost on the level of Gods, their all over a thousand years old, even the demons of the 9 realms dont want a direct conflict with any one of them, let alone all 12. Does anyone have an idea of what could be a title for a mage of that level?
  11. SirGeneralSir

    what do you call it?

    yeah unless someone can come up with a better name, im going with a Hamlet
  12. SirGeneralSir

    what do you call it?

    my thought was something like a …... not a town, there is maybe 5-6 farms, 1-2 shops but nothing too major, if you didnt know it was there you would walk right past it kind of place.
  13. SirGeneralSir

    salt water needed for life?

    this world is a kind of alternate Earth, 90% of the life here is there and then some extra ones (dragons etc)
  14. SirGeneralSir

    salt water needed for life?

    in this other story im working on, a thought has come to mind. does a planet need an abundance of salt water to create life like our planet, or could a planet exist that has very little salt water, sort of an inversion of earths salt and fresh water
  15. SirGeneralSir

    I need a poison

    lol the setting idea is that these Goblins use all these methods, depending on their needs. if they want to capture you, my thinking is either darts or gas bombs. if they want to kill you, depending on the how, either something in your food (threw something over everyone's head and into the pot it went) or its on standard weapons. could also be on a dart to kill a really powerful enemy. the Kill poisons would have to be ok to eat the “target” after its been killed. (traveling trader has guard with him, guard goes down, goblins eat guard (cooked or not) while trader runs off) in some ways its kind of like the Manga “Goblin Slayer” just different…… kind of