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  1. you also have to consider the time of year, i expect 0 during the summer months because people go camping, they travel to wherever, and generally try to do things they cant during the rest of the year. between summer and winter, ive seen more come in, based on the seasons.
  2. silence is annoying, but if you have X number of chapters, and the number of “dragon prints” is increasing, i tend to take that as a sign people like it.
  3. assuming that the person isnt just flaming you i try to take what they have to say into consideration, if its viable feed back, though some people can get heated over simple things too. one example i have is that in my current fan fic, I have characters that are somewhat out of character, and many people do not like that an established character changes in some of the ways that they are. “How could you write that X does A with out any remorse, thats not who they are” etc etc etc YOU as the writer have no obligation to listen to what anyone has to say ….. unless its legal based then, might want to listen a bit more. YOU have the story in mind, what direction you want to go in, what the characters are going to deal with and so on, the readers, unless they have inside info know none of it so realistically they can stick it. I try to listen to what people have to say though, make sure that their pov doesn't have a point, and even if it does, its still your story.
  4. LOL No you are correct that there are some writers of the other gender that do a GREAT!!!! job writing characters of the other gender. Now that book you mentions about the pirates, the way you described them just calls out to me, woman wrote it in that typical, obvious feminine gay characterization. Just watch this episode of Johnny Test. I think its harder, because there is that different mind set, that yes some characters will fit that bill perfectly, but others will never fit it, but many people write it that way.
  5. I would beg to differ on that actually. Granted I dont have a lot of experience with it, but I have seen and heard many men and women presented a situation of X and most of the time, men and women react differently. More about perception, and yes upbringing does play a part in it. Writing a woman as a man, or man as a woman, I really dont think that works out. typically, men do tend to be more brash, direct and charge in to take care of the “problem” with my wife and daughters, I really dont see that in them at all, more analytical, emotion based reactions and actions. I guess a good example is Stephenie Meyer, she wrote Twilight, to me as a guy, it felt very obvious that a woman wrote it. not saying anything against her, but when you read something, I find that there are little things that tend to stand out and that makes dialogue more complicated I find. hell it could just be me, its how I see it.
  6. another thing that ive noticed, is that cross gender writing doesn't always work right. as a guy, I can know what is supposed to happen in my story, but if the character is female, I do find that what I may have her say, feel or think, doesn't always feel right unless it was a guy. granted this doesn't apply to EVERY ONE, but you can tell when its a man/woman writing about the other gender at times when things feel …… off. stereotypes do work and can be true, as unfair as it may or may-not be
  7. Kin then looked up at the clone, her eyes bulging out as she devoured him with her lust filled eyes. “Oh yeah mommy wants big boys…..” ”Holy fuck look at this baby maker, he can make mine any time”
  8. yeah it does depend on how long your persons conversation is, a short little thing I personally find having a few periods expresses a delay and I think many people can understand that due to media, like video games that dont have actual dialog, or even subs for anime thats not translated, unless the translation is really bad (Naruto) There is proper methods that can be used, then there are the accepted ones that people just understand in the context of what they are reading, so you do have some options to play with.
  9. Ive used this method. But….Sir...The…. Pizza…. then indicated how the person is speaking as Bob said with his stuttered speach
  10. lol the “holy ovulating ovaries” was just an extreme example I was using. I was orginally leaning towards something like “ oh ….. bed me baby me now” I cant think of what might be a better word to use before “Bed” part, didnt think “oh baby, bed me baby me now” because there were 2 babies and i dont want it to sound like she is asking him to baby her as in spoil her. I know that women can be just as dirty as men, but its more about what terms a women might use instead of a man kind of thing that I want to make it somewhat believable.
  11. I dont think I would label it as Lazy, because honestly you could do that with anything. its just another tool in the tool box, like the tragic loss of a child to make a character heartless and cold. the betrayal of a lover to make one distance them self from anyone that might try to love them.
  12. well its typical what a guy might say/blurt out when he sees a sexy woman he wants to fuck. so im trying to figure out what a woman might say to a guy, or what would pop in her head of the same nature, only its blurted out.
  13. To me Rape is like any other element, it has a place and should be put in these places because it fits. You use it as a means to either …. 1: haunt them (hes still out there somewhere) torment them (I can never love again) and generally shatter the person they were, but thats not to say the person can not become stronger in spite of it. its about the how and why. 2: give another character as the rapist, motive, revealing hidden parts of their personality if needed, expressing the kind of monster they are/are not and just painting the picture of the level this “bad guy” would go to. 3: explains why a character is where they are now, if it happened in the past and is a driving force, give a character a traumatic experience that is used to drive them. 4: TERROR!!! mostly used when dealing with actual monster monsters, demons and aliens, that this THING did THAT to me and now im …...
  14. lol actually i was thinking that too as i was writing it. I just hope it translated to what im trying to write. any thoughts on how i could write something for a woman’s POV to blurt out something? “Oh thats what I like, he can bed and baby me now” ?
  15. as an example, this could be something she might say. “HOLY OVULATING OVARIES I WANT HIS BABIES” then a few seconds pass and she realizes what she just said.