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    Word Association Game

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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    the fan in the corner of my room. mezmerizing, really
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    Count To Infinity

    8494 That was fun. So we're at the 8000 mark, are we?
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    The People Above And Below You

    ^ obvious metal head, heavy drug user and worshiper of the Grateful Dead < never listens to the lyrics. V has to go to "" to understand metal lyrics.
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    The Anything Game

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    Happy Birthday ZombieDuke

    yes. Yes. Happy birthday, you depraved yaoi freak. I ought to spank you for that vision of Link you gave me.
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    Happy Birthday Knorg

    gar, missed it. That's what I get for being a junkie. Ah, well, from the paperless gutters, I salute you. You are at the worst age any man can be. Insurance rates will only get better. Wanna spank or two? I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I.
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    Characters and . . . Clothing?

    Some characters are defined by their clothes. (Superman, et al)
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    The Joys of the Service Industry

    It's Friday the 13th, hon.
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    Huckleberry Finn Chapter XL Never keep butter under you hat
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    Ah, yes, thanks for the focus, Agaib. You would be a formidable opponent in debate. I can't see it being legalized. But if anyone takes it to a higher court then, by all means. They may soon legalize prostitution in Canada. It was a reaction to all the murders in Vancouver. Canadian law allows it, but you cannot solicit it...but I digress. Law making is no fun, but I guess at one time, there wasn't that many restrictions. At other times, WAY too many. People change all the time.
  12. Interesting concept Tigerman. What came to mind then, (like a curiously faceted shiny thing) ARE Male and Female negative labels? I considered it as if they could be....nah...all that's coming to mind was that cheesy episode on STNG where Riker falls for this androgynous chick, and "her" people "fix" her so that she remains androgynous. I wonder if in reality (on another plane of existence) we are not male or female at all, but something entirely different. Like...friends. Yeah. I like that label. (and the Campbell's soup label)
  13. YOu are all having altogether too much fun! I insist upon spanking. SPANKING!!!! (Where are your sensibilities?) Ass pain is directly correlated to memory. Everyone knows that.
  14. StoryJunkie

    Hottest Male Character in FF Advent Children

    It's been a while since I saw it. Sephiroth, of course, (something about the way he looked at Cloud--the artists did a really good job getting that cold glare down right)...although it would have been Vincent if it wasn't for those ridiculous shoes and the strange way he held that child....although I guess it was all innocent and such, him being a dead guy. I got gooseflesh when Bahamut showed up. Incredible presence. The cell phone ring chime was priceless.
  15. I found Eve's post quite touching. While reading the thread all kinds of ideas and postulations came to mind, but it all went out the window. That was an awesome post. *gathers thoughts... Some of the comments made about labelling should be reconsidered in my opinion, since there is a difference in naming something or someone, and labelling, which is more like what bullies do in the playground ("Four-eyes!") (I got that alot. I could feel my status amoung others plummet, like a baseball falling from the sky.) Labels have the potential to damage as much as define. And I noticed "Amazon" wasn't on there (I probably wouldn't have picked it, but it came to mind when both Pixagi and Zombie stated that some of the things they do and like to do are male rather than female.) HIstorically speaking, however, "Amazon" in itself is a misnomer that in this society has become to be known as a tall, strong beautiful war-like woman with big breasts who prefer other women and submissive men. In reality, it was the name the Greeks gave a tribe whose women participated in war (to the Greeks it was taboo for a woman to participate in such things. Sparta was for MEN! so a war-like woman surprised them), by cutting off their right breasts so that their bow would be unimpeded. "Amazon" is Greek for "breast-less" Which is diametrically opposed to the modern day idea of Amazon. I blame "Wonder-Woman" for turning everyone's head into mush. The real Amazon did not love a submissive man, but....hang on, have I gone off topic...Oh...My...
  16. but there was something wrong with that sentence structure. Was it Saturday or the man who had tree branches duct-taped to it?
  17. StoryJunkie


    Think of the divorce rate, Pixagi. There would be more divorce lawyers than farmers if that were the case. Ideally, that would be nice. I could rely on one guy to work around the house, another to bring in the bread, a woman to clean another to cook and others to tend the children. But everyone may not be satisfied with that. Who decides who gets the car and what kind of car, and what color the kitchen should be and ...well, we all have different tastes, and some people don't like security, they like risk-taking. Some are very independent and would rather be hermits....I could go on about the differences and all the moving factors that will rain on your parade. I've been through a couple of estate messes, and let me tell you, guys fight over extension cords. Even old guys. The idea, though, of taking care of one another, now THAT is what we all yearn for. Some people have started whole entire communes regarding this sub-conscious need of ours to live communally. I'm afraid there are always going to be rules about such things, and well, there's an old saying: "You can please some of the people some of the time...." (Or is that "fool" some of the people....?) meh, I don't mean that to sound like an insult, I'm just wandering inside my head. What if what you want to attain was possible but only at the price of something precious? Ah, the premise of a wonderful story....
  18. sorry, Pixi girl, I hate labels too. Too often they delineate lines over which most 3 year olds want to cross, and then, KABOOM! Another world war is begun. I did not ever define myself as anyone but who I am. To learn words is to learn treachery. What others thought of me was never anyone's business. I keep to the shadows and dream of hunting the fox to but stroke his fur. Our imaginations are captured by things and we obsess with them, and in this, there is danger, possibly blood, and death. As soon as I think the things others think of me, or what I think other think of me, I am less of who I ought to be.
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    Keeheehee...Americans are the last to know. We've got those strange coins that get into unsuspecting American tourist's pockets, you know! that's how we know!
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    I'm a Homophobe 'cause WHAT?

    I guess what I was thinking at that moment was this: some dark and dreary night, and within a cheerily-lit building, a party of the 1930's sort going on,....with a three piece band, and foot-stomping polkas in which, if a woman was short a male partner, she just up and grabbed the next nearest women, and no one in the place was any freaked. I would imagine that if two men got up to dance, there'd of been a bloody nose or two, or at least a great deal of teasing. Two women dancing together...even as a child in the sixties, this was not an unusual thing in our community. No one knew what "Lesbian" meant (that's for the higher ups: those with classical education, not us peasants) At any rate, as I was growing up, men didn't dance together, but it was totally acceptable for women to dance together. Mind you, this was at a time when it was still okay for a 30 year old man to marry a 14 year old girl.
  21. StoryJunkie

    I'm a Homophobe 'cause WHAT?

    Does this have anything at all to "You caught teh gay" thingy that was happening in some random Game thread? meh. Lets see. If I've met any gay person, I certainly had NO clue whatsoever, since I don't ask people when I meet them: "are you gay?" or, "are you straight?" I did stare at a gay guy once, who had come to church, and was clearly very ill, and his partner was practically carrying him everywhere, and I finally clued in after a bit, the wheels of my mind slowly turning: "Hey, is this guy gay or something?" But it was sad, really. All I wanted to do was hug him, but only because he was so ill. HOwever, it is not in my nature to actually hug people (amazing how I gave birth to five children, I must tell you that story sometime) I'm totally clued out as to why people are the way they are, or why they choose to label themselves and one another in such ways. To me, homophobia is something only men suffer from. I've never heard of a woman suffering from it But perhaps I am wrong. Do I suffer from it? Maybe I do. I've never been tested really. The world is all about me, you know, not anyone else. HAHAHAHAHAHA! <- maniacal laughter. And the term? Well, you heard me. No idea. How about Queenaphobia for those fearful of transvestite queers? or Flamingqueenaphobia for those fearful of flaming fags? Or how about Fagophobia, just for the succinctness of the word rolling off the tongue?
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    Happy BirthDaz!

    Do I have it? I think they start merging or some damn thing. The repercussions could be lugubrious. (is that a word?) (And oops, we weren't quite in Van at the time. Just near Hope)
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    SUCKS! My neighbor (from long ago) had dual citizenship, so her and her husband and boys had no problem moving to Washington (State), so they could both be near their parents. (Her parents in Oakbank (I think) and his parents in Abbostford) He's a psychology prof and she's a bookkeeper. She lived in Indonesia for a while too, (her parents were missionaries) But I've never thought of her as American really. Full fledged California girl, yes. Man, I miss those Richard Scarry books I used to read to her kids. "BAd Pie-rats!
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    Happy BirthDaz!

    ah. I LOVE sushi. I was on my way to Van on the 21st, and happened to buy sushi around the time you were. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!! ARGH!!!! we're starting to be like sisters!!!!!
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    Of Hospitals and Kidney Stones

    Quit being so sick, you sickie! I'll spank the damn things out of you, that ought to fix the problem! SEriously, did the doctors tell you to keep away from rhubarb and spinach? That's what they told my dad when he had that. (The cyst is a mystery to me. I've never had one and I know nobody who has had one) (So no free advice from me, eh?) When my gall bladder kept spewing out stones (they were cholesterol based, not mineral based) I looked up some info in my Biology text and it said something about minerals and cholesterol coming out of precipitate, so I wasn't drinking enough fluids. Kidney stones are usually mineral based, so you are probably taking too much minerals. BAck off on those vitamin supplements. I know you're taking them!!!! If you are not anemic, you don't need iron. Most stones are calcium based though, so if you are taking calcium....well, just ease off there, dudette. Calcium goes right through you if your body decides it doesn't need it or it can't metabolize it (works in conjunction with Vitamin D) Oh, and heads up on the scar tissue. You will probably have to pass that as well. Another "Oh", I'm Catholic, and there's always a very good reason for suffering. If not for you, then for the world. The spiritual plane is one intimately tied to the physical one. You have to take that suffering and use it for a purpose. You have to find that purpose and cling to it. It is the only way. And you are never a burden. YOu are indeed one to whom we owe many things, which we cannot fully appreciate at this moment, for this realm is grey. The realm to come will be the one full of vibrant color, made so by the hooves of many horses.