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  1. BoredStraight

    Anyone participating in NaNoWriMo this month?

    Did you finish BronxWench? I didn't this year.... not even close. But oh well, it got me back into writing regularly again after a loooooooong break so it was worth it!
  2. BoredStraight

    Anyone participating in NaNoWriMo this month?

    Good luck ladies! And congrats on finishing two years in a row BronxWench! As for me it's the 8th already and I have 0 words so far
  3. Hi all!! Not sure if there's another thread about this but I was just wondering if anyone else is participating in NaNoWriMo this month? It's my first year attempting it and with a full time job, 4 month old son, and 0 inspiration I probably won't make it but I'm going to give it a shot! Who's with me?
  4. Wow, haven't been on this site in like two years. No one will remember probably but I'M BAAAAAAAAACK!

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    2. WillowDarkling


      Who could forget that name :D welcome back.

    3. BoredStraight


      Awww I can't believe you guys remember me! Thanks!

    4. DemonGoddess
  5. BoredStraight

    Secrets in the closet

    Chapter Three up!
  6. You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals so let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel

    1. ApolloImperium
    2. Techno-Ninja


      Do it again now! :3

    3. Shadowknight12


      No, I don't think the Discovery Channel is the one that's going to be filming it...

  7. Why doesn't my boss and professors understand that I would much rather be at home working on my writing than being at work or school???

    1. Shadowknight12


      Because so would they, and they don't get the day off. :(

  8. Its snowing like a mofo here!! Hopefully I will get a snow day and not have to go to classes tonight. Is 23 to old to hope for that??

    1. ApolloImperium


      NEVER! I'm 27 and still hope for it :D

    2. Shadowknight12


      Nope, you're legally bound to hope for snow days regardless of your age.

    3. BoredStraight


      No snow day after all last night... **cries** But at least I'm not the only one hoping for one!

  9. BoredStraight

    Writing or typing?

    Well it's good she likes it so far! I would be so nervous about her reading the smutty parts! Keep us posted!
  10. BoredStraight

    Writing or typing?

    Wow you are braver than me! Keep us posted on her reaction!!
  11. BoredStraight

    Secrets in the closet

    Chapter two now uploaded!! Thanks to everyone who reviewed and rated! I really appreciate it!
  12. BoredStraight

    Writing or typing?

    I've never been brave enough to show anyone the erotica I write. I've only shown a few people some of my tamer stories, but I haven't given anyone my archive link. I guess I'm afraid they would judge me or just pretend to love it. Its hard to get honest opinions about your writing from people you know.
  13. Looking foward to two blissful days of not having to go to work or school.....

    1. Techno-Ninja


      I hope ya have fun. :3

    2. Onihime


      I would love a day off from work. Being a parent means you don't get time off though. lol

    3. BoredStraight


      Tech: Thank you!

      Oni: I know, most of my friends have kids and I don't know how they do it all!