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  1. I'm in a coding class now and I'm working on a final project, a faux fanfiction archive. I was hoping to get some advice on where to start and how to go about it and what you think should be included. It was suggested that I use php, take advantage of the bootstrap css file and to store files in a SQL database and I will admit, all of that together is... a lot and I'm not even sure where to start of what you include or whether or not storing 'stories' in a SQL database would even be the best option. I'm hoping that I might be able to get some advice on where to start or what I might need to make sure to not forget. Thanks
  2. bookworm51485

    You know what burns my ass?

    When someone whines about how people on government assistance are wasting her hard-earned taxes and then talks about how she has a desk job where she can sit and chat on gossip sites all day. When someone says that every hard-working person in the will be successful and that if you're not successful that means you're not hard-working. When I go to the mechanic and ask him to check my car because it stopped on the highway with me, and he keeps it overnight and then says that it's fine. Then it stops on the highway with me AGAIN.
  3. bookworm51485

    Bad Reactions to Constructive Criticism

    Definitely, yeah. Yes. Yup. All the time. Today in fact :-) I'm of a mind that a writer doesn't improve unless they receive positive AND negative criticism. No story is perfect, no writer is perfect and if no one ever points out things that need to improve, how will you? I know that it's possible to self-critique, but often it just doesn't work well. Myself, for instance, I've been known to write a completely nonsensical sentence and when reading it back, consistently read it the way I intended to write it instead of the way it was actually written. This is something that someone else reading it back would spot in a second, but my eyes missed it. So negative criticism is to be embraced, I know I seek it out because I prefer for my final products to be as high quality as possible. And I agree, even after that final product has been put out and completed, there's no reason why you can't go back and change something. I will admit that frustrates me with some authors. They'll spell a character's name incorrectly, a location incorrectly, make a canon mistake or even a mistake within their own established universe, acknowledge it when you mention it (sometimes even say that someone else already mentioned it, in a snide tone), yet refuse to go back and fix it... I don't get that. But yeah, I've had some pretty negative responses to constructive criticism. I think one of the funniest was this one author who had maybe... 20 or so profiles. Yes, it was pretty clear that this was the same person. All from Canada, all using the same format for creating story summaries, and all stories the same basic variation of the others (even using identical phrasing at points). And when you'd send criticism, the response would consistently be NASTY and if you mention the other profiles, yeah... Somehow on one of the Yahoo fanfiction groups a couple of us came together and started collecting a list of all the profiles this one person had... It was pretty interesting and it makes you wonder what they do all day, that they have time to put up all these stories, even if they were all pretty identical. I had another author once sic her readership on me for pointing out that rape is not a plot device leading to neverending love. Got nasty emails for awhile until they quit. I had an author tell me that I had mental issues because I made a play on words joke about one of the characters that she, as an author within the fandom should have picked up on, and pointed out a few negatives. In this case, I actually included several positives before hand, but I guess those negatives were too much for her, and she went off. Tried to report it to the site (AO3) and the Abuse reporter was even more ridiculous (i.e. she essentially said that if you dare to leave negative critique for an author, constructive though it may be, you better bend over and take it if they decide to get nasty) And just today, I had an author take offense when I pointed out that her Mary Sue was a Mary Sue and defend her refusal to label her OC character on her story, even though her OC was the main character. Something she neglected to mention in the summary or the warnings and that a reader doesn't figure out until a few chapters in because of how she chose to write the character's introduction. As if fooling you into wasting your time reading a story about an OC when you know you have no interest in reading stories about OCs (I specifically filter against them on because I'm not interested) will make you a reader for life. So yeah, it happens. And often you can't do anything about it. It's frustrating as hell, but you just have to ignore it.... and post their story title and url on various forums so other like-minded individuals know to avoid like the plague.
  4. bookworm51485

    Goodbye Microsoft Word + politics

    I got my current laptop on the Black Friday just after they released Windows 8. It took me forever and I spent a bit more than I would have for an equivalent laptop with Windows 8, but I found a Windows 7 laptop at HHGregg. I'd thought about WIndows 8 but I went to Best Buy and test drove it and knew there was no way in hell I'd be willing to spend my money on that. I have a Windows Surface tablet and that's the closest you're going to get me to Windows 8.
  5. First time I've been back on my computer and on this website in while. But school is finally out, so I can finally relax and it's such a nice feeling. I'm definitely not suited for elementary schools, the little ones. They're exhausting. I don't think I'll ever stop reviewing completely, but I likely won't do it nearly as often. Every time one of these situations comes up, it usually ends up reducing my will to review just a little bit. I still try to keep it up, especially when I find an especially receptive author (there is one on AO3 who is pretty awesome in that no matter what you say, she takes it in stride and will sometimes even use it to shape how she directs her story: bluedemon92), but I'm feeling less and less inclined. I've gotten a few requests from people to beta and I have one author who saw one of my reviews and PMs me on periodically asking me to read and review her story. The problem is I read it and it's not horrible, but it has a lot of issues and I'm not sure I want to deal with the potential response I might get if I give constructive criticism (even though she is asking for it). Eh, it's a hard thing, made harder by sites that refuse to do anything about the really nasty authors out there. Someone suggested that instead of a petition that likely wouldn't make any difference, I should just take personal action against the author and post her information so people would know what kind of author she is, so since I posted one good author above, I post her link as well: InnercityIsis. What's sad is that the story isn't all bad, it's mainly just the end where she completely jumps the shark (and of course there's the fact that she's a raging bitch as well:-P).
  6. I get the other word that rhymes with witch :-P Though sometimes I got a really nice note from an author thanking me for a well thought out review and then expressing frustration that all they get usually are ones that are frivolous and butt-kissy. That's the only reason I bother anymore, otherwise I would have quit reviewing a long time ago. But even now, I don't review nearly as often as I used to. My reply to the author did get deleted though. I responded with exactly why her overreaction made her look like an idiot and she deleted that one, though left the others. I guess she didn't want the reviewers already rushing to her defense to see that one.
  7. bookworm51485

    Property Tax Cut In Fl

    Wow, I wrote this post 6 years ago :-) It's interesting to see where we are now. Last year, the tried to close almost all of our libraries and cut the hours and staff severely at the rest, as well as giving them a pretty much non-existent acquisitions budget. We barely managed to save it after a LOT of protest. And we're coming up on the new fiscal year where they will again be looking to close almost all of our libraries... Yay, wasn't that tax cut worth it. Most people are still losing their homes, our schools are in the toilet, but we saved $200 a year and the idiot who was the main backer of this idea is now looking the run for president. Oh, and I almost forgot, they also tried to close a number of fire stations as well. This went over just about as well as the idea of closing all but 7 libraries (down from over 40)
  8. bookworm51485

    Bottom's in Slashfiction...

    I'm reawakening old dead topics, sorry. I will admit, this is kind of the reason why I hate bottom Sasuke fics, mainly when paired with Naruto. He's got such issues with himself and other people and such a massive inferiority complex that I just can't see him being on the bottom, at least not with any regularity. I think a lot of it is knowing the characters you're writing for and not just how you'd view the issue or how it usually exists in gay relationships, but how they'd view it. For some, it's a non-issue, for others it's a big issue. My two cents.
  9. bookworm51485

    Goodbye Microsoft Word + politics

    I have it set to notify but I'm usually pretty good about doing it. I think I last updated it some time in this past week.
  10. bookworm51485

    Goodbye Microsoft Word + politics

    I will do that as soon as I get back on my computer. Thanks. Hopefully that will work, though I guess I won't know for a bit. It does it almost every week and a half, almost like clockwork. It's weird.
  11. That's my attitude in life. When I did my Comps, I sent my paper to multiple people and told them to be brutal, to rip it to shreds and let me know every little thing that they saw that was wrong. I didn't agree with everything and some things I left as they were, but ultimately my final draft was a lot better than the one I initially sent out. Criticism is the life blood of improvement. I love it. I just don't understand when/why it became a bad thing.
  12. bookworm51485

    Enough is Enough!

    Was reading this comment and thinking this would be the perfect place to post this: Not had issue with this site with this issue, but other archives aren't doing so well. I just wish more people posted here in the Fandoms I follow, then I wouldn't be stuck going elsewhere.
  13. bookworm51485

    Goodbye Microsoft Word + politics

    I'm still on Windows 7 (I plan to avoid Windows 8 for as long as humanly possible). I'm only moderately tech savvy, better than your average person but definitely not knowledgeable enough to be called a techie. I've had my virus scan check the computer and I've backed it all up, just in case, but wasn't really sure where to go from there. To check the driver, would I be uninstalling/reinstalling?
  14. And that's the best policy to have. It makes sense, it doesn't act like one side of the puzzle shall always remain blameless. Sometimes I'm a little blunt, but I just don't think I deserved to be called an odious human being or a pedophile. I do try to make it habit of either logging in or leaving my username with whatever reviews I give so a person can be free to respond (in a mature manner hopefully, I've had more than a few authors who've disagreed with my criticism and let me know, no name calling involved, and I'm okay with it), though I'm not in the habit of flaming (I don't see the point of wasting my time). Nothing I hate more than someone who's perfectly willing to spew all kinds of crap but doesn't have the guts enough to get the response.
  15. bookworm51485

    Goodbye Microsoft Word + politics

    I'm mostly lucky with Word. It doesn't give me too much trouble most of the time. But then, I rarely use it these days (thank God for graduation). I actually use WordPad most often. I'm actually having more issues with Windows itself than Word. Computer keeps blue screening at completely random points and I can't figure out why :'(