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  1. I am going on hiatus. I’ll write and stuff...and finish updating what I need to update...but my sister passed away sometime today, and I need to be here for family. 

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    2. Melrick


      I’m really sorry to hear that.

    3. kagome26isawsome


      so sorry to hear that! :Hugs:

    4. Desiderius Price
  2. I’m wicked excited! Not only do I have a couple days to myself since Jojo is with Nana this week, but my parents bought me my first KISS merchandise! Love my parents! Definitely gets my rear in gear for my Scooby Doo/KISS fanfictions!

  3. Hiatus. Laptop charger shit the bed on me and I’ll have to write stories by hand until I can get a charger and put it online. 

  4. Nano time! Hopefully I can actually finish this year. Get it done and then tell Andy I finally finished one! 

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    2. Shunskitten


      I have never finished a Nano. Every time I try, something happens. My duaghter was born, parenting, no time, other things, Andy dying. Hopefully this month I’ll  nail it.

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Maybe you could channel your grief (re Andy) into the story, dedicate it to him?

    4. BronxWench


      I have faith in you, sweetie! This is your year! :hug:

  5. That moment you finally upload a chapter to SOMETHING. Goodness.

  6. That moment you know you can stop worrying and support your child @o@ Now I can focus a bit more on writing.


    1. BronxWench
    2. Shunskitten


      Let me tell you it was a massive relief. I swear since Andy died, one of my biggest worries was how I was going to afford things for her. DOn’t have to worry about it no more, just gotta worry about when the hell they get going on it on their end.


  7. Hoo boy have I been overwhelmed, but I’m officially moved out and living in this town again. It’s been a month, time to just dawdling cleaning, making dinner and stuff, and all that. 

    Still hurting’s been a month...but still hurting...I miss you Andy… Thank goodness family supports my writing.

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    2. Shunskitten


      It has been something I tell you. In exactly 1 month, I learned he died, saw his body, picked out his cremation package, mom picked his urn, buried him, called and talked to all the bills about his accounts with them, started the moving process, packed, moved, and yesterday I moved the last of my items and here I am here. 

      I just hope things will get easier :( this isn’t easy at all. 

    3. Melrick


      If you don’t mind hugs from random strangers, then… :hug:

    4. Shunskitten


      I don’t mind *hugs* thank you. It’s just been something. Now that family knows that I just want them to respect the fact I’m Little J’s mother, it’s been a bit better. Plus I finally got some assistance for the month. This has been something. I’m still hurting though...I have no idea when this will stop.

  8. Taking a hiatus...I’m sorry...I lost my husband last night. I need time for me and our daughter.

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    2. GeorgeGlass
    3. DemonGoddess
    4. KoKoa_B


      I will keep you and your family in my thoughts; I’m so sorry to hear that

  9. Shunskitten

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Roman’s 16:19 – FSM Band (what? i sometimes listen to religious music)
  10. Shunskitten

    Count To Infinity

  11. Shunskitten

    How do you think you'll die?

    Pretty sure I’ll die of a heart attack at the hands of my two year old...
  12. I usually use a random name generator. Behindthename is my absolute go to. I can pick not only the gender, how many, a last name, but it lets me pick where the name originates. Helps so much with Japanese and other names. I tend to use his or her partners name as a reference, so like, if they’re name is Japanese, or Arabic, or even Russian, I can plug those in and get the characters name. I’m a bit lazy, I know, but honestly it’s helped. Used to make them up, then I found out one name I use, that I thought I randomly got, happens to be a actual name (Thanks Saki...)
  13. Hey hun, haven’t heard from you guys for a while so I’m concerned. Told myself I’d wait until Sunday to post to your wall. Hope to hear from you soon!

  14. Bahahaha. Nope not into Zombies, ghosts, yes XD Got me there.
  15. It’s all fun and games until you lose your mind Though I will admit, despite giving birth early, since I’ve been pregnant, gone through labor and birth, the aftercare, being a mother, it’s made me a better writer in that area, mainly because now I know what I’m writing about, I’m not second guessing it too much.