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  1. Ayato

    insane sexual fantasy

    Crazy is really based on perspective. What’s ‘crazy’ for you? Tentacles? Incest? Incest with tentacles during an apocalyptic orgy involving underaged sex slaves? Cannot help you with that suggestion, if that’s what you consider crazy.
  2. I have a new, experimental story! Check out The Others if you need a little something from me to get you through. 

    1. JayDee


      I can’t look. I was banned from wordpress after an incident involving a large jar of peanut butter, a mutated horse-man, a piece of the true cross and the last wafer thin mint in the box.

    2. Ayato


      Ouch. I’m only using that format to remind me to keep it more like journal entries and less like writing a story from first-person perspective. Maybe I should consider posting it here too… 

  3. Ayato

    Post apocalypse

    Yes, it’s still being published. Having a little struggle with some edits but I still have plans to get this done. Maybe I should do that since the words are dried up and I have no other story to work edit...
  4. Ayato

    I Can't Believe it's not BABBLE!

    I’ve got half a page of almost squat. Yay… slowest writing time ever.
  5. Ayato

    I Can't Believe it's not BABBLE!

    my spoilers aren’t quite spoilers anyhow. So there’s that. Mr. Beard is off getting drunk because it’s St. Patty’s day so I don’t even have him to talk to.
  6. Ayato

    I Can't Believe it's not BABBLE!

    I saw you posted a chapter. I posted my chapter, went to make certain it showed up all right and proper and your story was above mine *pouts* I’m kidding, of course. Apparently, I enable AFF forums to push notifications to me, so for me this is kind of better than Babble. I can tell when someone posts, it pops right up on my screen.
  7. Ayato

    I Can't Believe it's not BABBLE!

    I’m trying to write angels and I’ve been stuck on page one for … about two hours. Because I’ll get stuck and wander the freaking internet instead of just bouncing between the work and Babble.
  8. Ayato


    We should make a forum thread to wander into in the mean time, I just don’t know where it would go…
  9. Ayato


    ah, see I just made an assumption. It’s apparently been out for 24hrs. Or at least, that was the last post.
  10. Ayato


    I actually thought it might be down for repairs.
  11. Ayato


    I’m trying to think of alternatives in the mean time to give DA some of that good chat drug she needs, but all I’ve got for ideas at the moment is making a thread in miscellaneous or something and “chatting” away there. So I’ve tried on my mobile phone, not certain of the browser as it’s just titled “internet” and then on my desktop with Chrome. Both just pop up with that cannot connect to node, I saw no bug report button. I tried the pop up window through Chrome and nothing changed besides having a new window telling me that there was no connection.
  12. Ayato


    I just discovered the same problem, then I saw the timestamp on DA’s last response was at 19hrs ago and I figured it must be an all over problem, or they had pulled the node to do bug repairs. The error that I got on the mobile version is the same one that pops up when I try to send two messages without refreshing, “Babble cannot connect to the node, contact the administrator.”
  13. Ayato

    What screen res?

    Think I'm doing this wrong, but… Samsung S5 neo Screen resolution 1080 x 1920
  14. Sounds like you’re talking about my story, Partner: Mik is in a government program to care for a creature of the Sidhe race, an intelligent species they share the world with who appear to be going extinct because of the intervention of Mik’s human like race. (the story expands into a universe where they actually meet humans). Stuff happens, a popsicle is involved and stuff goes so very, very wrong. It’s massively long and there are something like twelve other stories from that world, including Companion, which was sort of a flip on the Partner idea. Link for Partner: http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600100373
  15. Ayato

    Contract Taken

    The delve into Romance/Erotica has begun! A big thank you to Chrissy for her help with the covers. Isabella Martin was born a hundred years after an economic crash, which changed the whole world. Countries fell, and others rose up in their place. Debt is now genetic. There is no escaping one's family without special dispensation. With the help of a few patrons, the government began a Program which oversaw private contracts between the rich and the poor, contracts that would pay off chunks of debt, or even allow a person to remove themselves from their family and hold a private debt. Each contract has very clear terms dictating what is to be expected of those who sign it. Each one has several escape clauses. The government employed private workers to check in on the contracts to prevent abuse of power. Isabella was a tomboy. She worked as a labourer alongside her father and brothers until she was hurt in a workplace related accident. The other skills she developed in the slums were not exactly marketable, leading her to the Program building in search of a contract to bring her family's debt down any way she could. She was presented with a 'blank slate' contract. No rules, no guides, no escape. This is her story. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LAEH2W8