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  1. killerman83ca

    Trinity Seven

    Does anyone know if there is any Trinity Seven stories? I would really like to read a few of those. If there is could you please post or PM links to me so I can read them?
  2. killerman83ca

    Recent Site Outage: An apology and explanation

    Don't worry about it. I was scard that something was wrong but now I know you two are working to keep this site going because I love reading the stories people post. Mostly Love Hina and a few Pokemon one's. So please keep up the good work you two.
  3. killerman83ca

    Having trouble logging in

    I have tried what you have asked of me and I still can't get access. So please tell me where I can get an new password set up because I can still log into the forum and that is about it.
  4. I have an account but I can't get access to it. I would like to know what is going on. I haven't recieved anything in my inbox about my account. I logged in yesterday but now I can't get access to it. Can you please help me?
  5. killerman83ca

    Having trouble logging in

    I have tired to log in but nothing is working. I have an account here on the forum's and in the Story site also but I can't get access to the story account that I have please help me with this problem.
  6. killerman83ca

    Love Hina

    I am trying to find that story also. I would like to know where it went also. I would love to read that one again.
  7. killerman83ca

    Love Hina

    I am looking for a story that invole's all the girl's but one at a time. It start's with Keitaro and Naru alone in her room and she ask Keitaro about the first time when they meet and she touched him and she ask's him if she want's to do that again. It turn's out to be all the girl's getting a chance to have Keitaro Masturbate them one at a time over the whole day. and ending with Haruka. Please give me the link if you know where it is. I found it. It is called 'A hard day for Keitaro' Sorry for posting something ike this