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  1. LisaT2525

    author; dedicated quill or Petra wolfe

    So, Kendra changed her username to Void? I am sooooo excited to see this back up!!!!! Omg, thank you for posting the link, Plum!!! This made 2020 all worth it!!!!!
  2. LisaT2525

    Can you help me find a story

    I remember that story! It was really good, and I think the author wrote a sequel with Mark’s best friend and this redhead he met in the first story. I can’t remember the author’s name, though.
  3. LisaT2525

    It Starts With the Eyes - CoraDemby

    Omg, that was one of my favorites too! I agree with you about it being an unfinished story. I remember refreshing the page various times during the day (back when I didn’t work), hoping for a new chapter. If you find it anywhere, Boots, let me know!
  4. LisaT2525

    M/M Ballet

    Yes, Ian Alvarez is the dance instructor. (Sorry for the late response; I just saw this now.)
  5. LisaT2525

    M/M Ballet

    And thank you for the update on this story’s update! Lol
  6. LisaT2525

    M/M Ballet

    Hey, Meghan! There’s Beginner’s Friday Nights that’s about a dance instructor, but you already asked about that story. Lol
  7. LisaT2525

    Loser by SweetSurrender

    It was finished. I think there were 50 chapters. She did say she was going to take it down not too long after she finished it. She was going to go through it all, re-edit it and hopefully publish it.
  8. It sounds like Beginner Friday Nights by Selah-Serarfi (I think that’s her username). It’s an awesome story, and the two young men are Will Bloom and Ian Alvarez. Her last update was July 2019.
  9. LisaT2525

    Loser by SweetSurrender

    Unfortunately, she never responded to my email. I’m assuming she has a whole new email no one here knows about. It’s true she has a legion of fans, and I hope she’s ok and just working on getting her great story published.
  10. I haven’t been on AFF in a while, but I just posted a review, and I realized I can’t read anyone else’s reviews. Are we not allowed to read story reviews anymore?

    1. BronxWench


      Hi, Lisa!

      As far as I know, there haven’t been any recent tweaks to the archive that would lock readers out of seeing other people’s reviews. It shouldn’t matter if you’re logged in or not. The reviews should appear for everyone.

      I’m trying to think of what could be happening. I know once I’ve posted a review, I have to close that tab/window,  because it doesn’t display any reviews once I’ve posted, including mine. Then if I go to the review board link from the subdomain home page, I see all the other reviews as well as my new review.

  11. LisaT2525

    M/M Space Epic

    Hmm, I have no idea! I hope you find it, though!
  12. LisaT2525

    M/M Space Epic

    Hey, so would you be thinking of London Lampy’s Exit series?
  13. LisaT2525

    m/m Delivery series?

    IKR? Actually, I miss reading period. I’m working 60 hours per week (no lie; my boss told me yesterday I hit the 60 hour mark), so I don’t have any time to do any reading anymore.
  14. LisaT2525

    m/m Delivery series?

    Ah, you’re right, Bronx. Why did I think it was rainsong?