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  1. hitagashi

    Delete account??

    Thank you!!
  2. hitagashi

    Delete account??

    So I haven’t been here in a very long time and I’m getting rid of extraneous things. http://members.adult-fanfiction.org/profile.php?no=1296872772 profile is here, account is hitagashi I’m pretty sure I deleted all my stories but if not, feel free to nuke them. Happy moderating, guys!!!
  3. I am the Oddish Queen, bow before me.

    1. BronxWench


      ::giggles and bows::

    2. DemonGoddess


      ::bows and smacks yer head!::

  4. Ah- Sie müssen STRG & C verwenden. Wir haben nicht die Funktion müssen Sie. Danke für Ihre Zeit, hitagashi AFF Archive Moderator 20 Februar 2012 19:43
  5. Guest; Entschuldigung. Mein Deutsch ist nicht mehr so gut. Alle deutsche Geschichten sind in der non-english (Deutsch ist hier) Teil des Archivs. Für die Suche, blick auf die Zusammenfassung Menü. Verwenden Sie nicht den Tag-Menü. Sie müssen in der NE-Abschnitt sein. Danke für Ihre Zeit, hitagashi AFF Archive Moderator 19 Februar 2012 18:44
  6. Hello, Guest-- Just to be clear, I am the only one who speaks any German whatsoever. Unfortunately, my German is a bit rusty and I'm not quite grasping what you're saying here. From what I can understand, you don't much care for the change. This has something to do with your stories not being there (and possibly your profile). IF this is the case, please be aware there are various reasons for that. If you were under the age of 18 when you posted your stories and signed on, you were, sadly, deleted. This is a site run in America and therefore follows American laws. However, if you're only referring to the old profile editing features, then no, you can't update or change anything. As the old profiles are obsolete, amending and making them nice isn't going to happen. If neither of these are your problems, it would be better to speak in English so we don't get confused over what you're saying in instances like this.
  7. hitagashi


    I would share the recipes but they are top secret. And beautiful. And family. But if you bother the mother beast she'll consider it. But here, pictures. This is our spanakopita. It's a Greek spinach pastry. And here's kolacky. Which is a Polish shortbread cookie. Fillings seen: peach, apple, poppy seed, and blueberry. This is called kourabiedes. You might have once seen it bastardized on Kitchen Nightmares. Baklava. All ours. No sharing. Ours. Ours, ours, ours. So yeah. Be jealous.
  8. Hello sweetie. If ya need help you know ya just gotta buzz me on messenger. XD

  9. ITS YOU! HAH! *clingstothefamiliarperson* I`m new in here.. O.o everythin i strange and confusing and NEW! You must be my guide in this path of newness! *noms on*

  10. is flabbergasted by this amazing man's voice:

    Like the YT version of... Sekihan... -dies-
  11. Time to draw porn. :T Not going to be doing any writing for a bit now. :T

  12. hitagashi

    silly youtube stuff

    I have one word for you all before you watch: DESU Now let me explain, Kagami Kawaiine is a parody of all recolor "weeaboo" Vocaloids made by sango312 (aka Cover-P) on YouTube. This includes the Pitchloids, where the entire song is pitched and not the Vocaloid voice only in a song. She's used to make fun of all the Mary Sue recolors that show up. Her voice is in Gakupo's g5 range with a gender factor of -64 (which inverses the masculine tone), breathiness of -30, brightness of 30, clearness of 30 and opening of -15 to give her the most amazing chipmunk voice you will ever hear. Her catch phrases are: "I am kawaii", "desu", "I'm better than Miku", "Miku sucks ass", anything having to do with insulting Miku and "Neko desu" (with a variant being "kawaii neko" or "kawaii neko desu"). I think that's all I can say other than: DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU
  13. You will fall on a stick and lose an eyeball for this comment. :T

  14. hitagashi

    silly youtube stuff