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  1. Animedevildog

    Chuck something at the next person

    Catches key in midair and tries it in the motorcycle... dont work so tosses it away. Throws piles of Inu/Sess yaoi pics at the next person and yells for the fangirls takes cover to NOT get caught in the stampede
  2. Animedevildog

    The 2011 AFF Calendar is here!

    Hmmmm.... that store appears quite promising. Maybe I shall be ordering a calander I thinks
  3. Animedevildog

    New arcade installed

    Babe Jump... would not go past the loading screen
  4. Animedevildog


    Banned for picking on me cause my balls look like smurfs!!! QQ
  5. Animedevildog


    Banned cause my balls are blue
  6. Animedevildog

    Manga collector sentenced to six months jail

    Just a couple things I wish to ponder... things that are sending up warning flags. One thing I have to ask is WHY the mail was opened by customs officials in the first place? What reason did they have to tamper with a citizens private correspondance? Now, last I knew, law enforcement officials needed a warrent to open the mail of a citizen of the United States, unless it was clearly something that posed a clear and present danger to the security of the U.S. What kind of national security threat would a collector of manga be? I suspect that there is a lot to this story that has not been heard yet. Either somehow, the Feds have heard that he had been making purchases from a known dealer of contraband material (which they can watch for via the dealer's own records) or they have decided to randomly target collectors. Another thing that bothers me. It seems that the scope of these laws is ever increasing. One thing that I noticed is that one of the citeria mentioned is "what the community would find offensive". By WHOM within the community are they going to make that judgement of what is and is not offensive? I do happen to know numerous people who would find the mild (by today's standards) publication Playboy, to be highly offensive. A lot of these same people would rate a high percentage of the stories within the archives offensive. And, you have to admit, a certain percentage could fall under the scope of some of these laws coming out. What will all of this mean for us? And, more importantly, what will it mean for the 1st Admendment rights of everyone in this country? We now stand upon the threshold of a dangerously slippery slope. A slopw which has a lot of sharp daggers waiting for us at the bottom. I for one pray that reason prevails, but I am fearful that it may not.
  7. Animedevildog

    Opting Out try that... you get to hunt tofu...
  8. Animedevildog

    Nocturnal folks?

    lol, we should chat sometime, if your on and bored... My MSN is my Yahoo is jpemeryusmc and my Skype is animeusmc
  9. Animedevildog

    silly youtube stuff

    PRICELESS!!! Ok, since the bosslady likes Yugi abridged... Theres too many for me to want to keep posting here...
  10. Animedevildog

    Anyone here on Facebook?

    I do Facebook, and I have three accounts. Three accounts because that gives me more to do in Farm Town lol Justin P. Emery Justin Emery Trevor Michaels (this was my stealth account lol)
  11. Animedevildog


    Band because I cant shove a running chainsaw up the bunghole of the guy who made a certain annoying and addictive game in FB
  12. Animedevildog


    Banned because you assumed it was me lol
  13. Animedevildog


    Banned because I found some bellybutton lint that looked like you and I thought... "there is suddenly too many of here... and the bellybutton lint version hasn't tried to ban me..."
  14. Animedevildog

    I Am...

    I am a gluttonous pig, I had four large bowls of chicken stew for dinner and two slices of cheesecake with chocolate ghramm cracker crust, pecans, and caramel (lots of caramel) I am thinking I will do the Inu subdomain tomorrow I am thinking that archiving IS (as my wonderful boss said) tedious and time consuming work I am thinking I am finally doing something useful
  15. Animedevildog

    Opting Out

    Imasuky and... *nosebleeds*