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inspired by Reaching for a Dream by Noodlehammer

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An idea that is inspired by Reaching for a Dream by Noodlehammer, but unlike Reaching for a Dream Naruto is a female by the name and Naruko is Kurama is a male with a human form.

Kurama meets Naruko while she is young and groom her into his mate. 

Kurama turn Naruko into a succubus so that she can survive after releasing Kurama in the future when she is stronger.

To become stronger Naruko needs to have sex with other men to gain power as a succubus.

Every night while sleeping Naruko meets Kurama in her mindscape where Kurama teach her the art of seduction and how please a man in bed.

As a demon Kurama doesn’t care if Naruko sleep around with men, instead he encourage her to be fucked by stronger men to become strong as a succubus. 


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