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Killer Bee x Naruto

Guest Hira

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During their training trip Jiraiya sent Naruto to Killer Bee to train under him, but Jiraiya doesn’t know is that Killer Bee is more pervert than Jiraiya himself, and because of this Killer Bee tricks Naruto into turning into his female form(Sexy Technique) during his time with him on the island as part of his 'training', but the truth is that Killer Bee horny only wants to enjoy sex taking advantage of Naruto's Sexy Technique.

Killer Bee x Naruto

  • Naruto is idiot and naive, he believes everything that Killer Bee tells him.
  • Killer Bee makes Naruto turn into a female, gives him blowjob, and sleep in Killer Bee's bed before he fucks Naruto, all of this while Naruto believes that it is part of the training.
  • With time Naruto start to enjoy his new life as Killer Bee's woman, for example gives Killer Bee blowjob without Killer Bee asking, or asks Killer Bee to fuck 'her'.
  • At the end of the training after being fucked by Killer Bee's big cock for a whole year Naruto accepts his new life as Killer Bee's woman.
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