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Ron/Ginny, Harry/Hermione

Guest Synapsor

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Guest Synapsor

I thought about 2 scenarios with this.

  1. would be that said pairs would become real (known) pairs, which im fine with.


the second would be that the characters would cheat on the Canon partner with said other Person….but keep the affair hidden (there can be some suspicion with….lets say Ginny thinks that Harrys cheats on her….whether she does know it or just believes it doesnt matter….or maybe she knows that he cheats on her but it doesnt matter with who), so more canon Compliant. THis would be take to a possible further degree by Lily Potter being the Daughter of Ron and Ginny….while Rose Weasley the Daughter of Harry and Hermione. Not sure about James. Can be also Harry/Hermione or Harry/Ginny.

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