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Looking for 2 Teen wolf stories


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1) The first is a peter/Stiles and all I remember is that Peter is a sexbot from halecorp but No one but the hales know and he meets stiles at a party stiles is helping cater for. Oh and stiles is in college on a halecorp Scholarship. 

2) the second is a teen wolf/ sentinel crossover.  It's a Derek/Stiles pairing. I don't remember who is the sentinel and who is the guide but I do remember that Derek's spirit guide is a horse of some kind and stiles is a fox, and they meet in a clearing in the Preserve. 

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Guest LadyDrak

Okay. For 1) it's called The Spark of Love by DarkJediQueen. The Story. Its pretty good story. 

Now for 2) it's called Meant to Be by DarkJediQueen as well. The Story. Again very good.

DarkJediQueen has many 100's of stories in several fandom.

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